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CJ Entus
CJEntus logo.png
LOCATION: South Korea South Korea
COACHES: Chae "ViNylCat" Woo-cheul (채우철)
Kim "MOKUZA" Dae-woong (김대웅)
Jung "Reach"Suk Park (박정석)
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CREATED: May 24, 2012(2012-05-24)
CJ Entus Frost

CJ Entus Blaze

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CJ Entus is a Korean multi-gaming organization originally founded in 2001 under the name "ProSuma." The team eventually changed to the name CJ Entus in April 2006 when Korean conglomerate holding company CJ Group became the team's title sponsor. Along with their League of Legends team, they also sponsor a StarCraft team with a proud Brood War heritage and strong current StarCraft II squad.


Player Roster

ID Name Contract
Top Laner South Korea Soul Seo Hyun-seok (서현석) Signed
Jungler South Korea Winged Park Tae-jin (박태진) Signed
Mid Laner South Korea Candy Kim Seung-ju Signed
AD Carry South Korea Veritas Kim Kyoung-min (김경민) Signed
AD Carry South Korea Avenger Yu Seon-woo (유선우) Signed
Support South Korea Pure Kim Jin-sun (김진선) Signed
Support South Korea Racoon Park Seong Ho (박성호) Signed

ID Name Role Contract

ID Name New Team
Jungler South Korea Reach Lee Joo-won (이주원)
1907 Fenerbahçe
AD Carry South Korea MoMo Park Min-sik (박민식)
Top Laner South Korea Shy Park Sang-myeon (박상면)
ROX Tigers
Mid Laner South Korea Sky Kim Ha-neul (김하늘)
SK Telecom T1
Support South Korea MadLife Hong Min-gi (홍민기)
Gold Coin United
AD Carry South Korea Ghost Jang Yong-jun (장용준)
AD Carry South Korea Kramer Ha Jong-hoon (하종훈)
afreeca Freecs
Mid Laner South Korea Bdd Kwak Bo-seong (곽보성)
Longzhu Gaming
Top Laner South Korea Untara Park Ui-Jin (박의진)
SK Telecom T1
Jungler South Korea Haru Kang Min-seung (강민승)
Samsung Galaxy
Jungler South Korea Bubbling Park Jun-hyung (박준형)
Jungler South Korea DayDream Kang Kyung-min (강경민)
DetonatioN Gaming
AD Carry South Korea Space Seon Ho-san (선호산) Retired.png Retired
Mid Laner South Korea CoCo Shin Jin-young (신진영)
Incredible Miracle
Jungler South Korea Ambition Kang Chan-yong (강찬용)
Samsung Galaxy
Top Laner South Korea Helper Kwon Young-jae (권영재)
Jungler South Korea Trick Kim Gang-yun (김강윤)
G2 Esports
Support South Korea Max Jeong Jong-bin (정종빈)
AD Carry South Korea Roar Oh Jang-won (오장원)
Incredible Miracle
Top Laner South Korea LongPanda Kim Yoon-jae (김윤재)
CT University
Support South Korea kkinsh Kim Beom-seok (김범석)
CJ Entus Frost
Mid Laner South Korea dade Bae Eo-jin (배어진)
MVP Ozone
Jungler South Korea inSec Choi In-seok (최인석)
KT Rolster B
AD Carry South Korea Space Seon Ho-san (선호산)
CJ Entus Frost
Jungler South Korea Eryuk Yoon Seung-taek (윤승택)
AD Carry South Korea emboob Kim Joon-seob (김준섭)
AD Carry South Korea Pecko Jeong Hui-cheol (정희철)


ID Name Position
South Korea Park Yong-woon (박용운) Director
South Korea ViNylCat Chae Woo-cheul (채우철) Head Coach
South Korea MOKUZA Kim Dae-woong (김대웅) Coach

ID Name Position Next Team
South Korea Reach Jung Suk Park (박정석) Head Coach
South Korea Cain Nuri Jang (장누리) Coach
South Korea Onair Kang Hyun-jong (강현종) Head Coach
South Korea Kezman Son Dae-young (손대영) Coach
South Korea Jung Je-seung Coach

Team Achievements

2017 Tournaments
Date Place Event Result Winnings
2017-04-25 Ogn logo.png NQ 2017 Summer Promotion 0 : 2
Ever8 Winners
2017-04-21 Challenger Korea Logo.png 2nd 2017 Challengers Korea Spring Playoffs 1 : 3
Ever8 Winners
KRW 12,000,000
2017-04-10 Challenger Korea Logo.png 1st 2017 Challengers Korea Spring Split 14 - 0 Group Stage/Round Robin (W-L)

2016 Tournaments
Date Place Event Result Winnings
2016-11-09 2016 LoL KeSPA Cup.png 9 - 14th 2016 LoL KeSPA Cup 0 : 2
2016-08-27 Ogn logo.png NQ 2017 LCK Spring Promotion 0 : 3
2016-08-06 Ogn logo.png 10th 2016 LCK Summer 3 - 15 Group Stage/Round Robin (W-L) ₩ 10,000,000
2016-04-09 Ogn logo.png 8th 2016 LCK Spring 8 - 10 Group Stage/Round Robin (W-L) ₩ 10,000,000

2015 Tournaments
Date Place Event Result Winnings
2015-11-14 2016 LoL KeSPA Cup.png 2nd 2015 LoL KeSPA Cup 0 : 3
₩ 20,000,000
2015-09-04 Ogn logo.png NQ 2015 LCK Regional Qualifiers 2 : 3
Jin Air Green Wings
2015-08-19 Ogn logo.png 4th 2015 LCK Summer Playoffs 0 : 3
KOO Tigers
₩ 20,000,000
2015-08-13 Ogn logo.png 3rd 2015 LCK Summer Split 12 : 6 Group Stage/Round Robin (W-L)
2015-04-24 Ogn logo.png 3rd 2015 LCK Spring Playoffs 2 : 3
SK Telecom T1
₩ 30,000,000
2015-04-11 Ogn logo.png 3rd 2015 LCK Spring Round Robin 10 : 4 Group Stage/Round Robin (W-L)
2015-03-14 Esltumbnail.png 5 - 6th IEM IX World Championship Katowice 0 : 1
Team WE
$ 5,000

2013 Tournaments
Date Place Event Result Winnings
2013-02-01 NLB Logo Small.png 2nd NLB Winter 2012-2013 2 : 3
₩ 2,000,000

2012 Tournaments
Date Place Event Result Winnings
2012-12-26 Ogn logo.png 5 - 8th OLYMPUS Champions Winter 2012-2013 2 : 3
Azubu Frost
₩ 12,000,000
2012-12-16 Esltumbnail.png 3 - 4th IEM Season VII - Global Challenge Cologne 1 : 2
$ 4,500
2012-10-17 5 - 8th Enter the Dragon 0 : 3
Team WE
2012-09-12 RpPoints.png 5th Season 2 Regional Finals Seoul 1 : 3
Incredible Miracle
2012-07-03 Ogn logo.png 9 - 16th Azubu The Champions Summer 2012 0-3 Group Stage/Round Robin (W-L) ₩ 4,000,000


Other Contents


  • 2016 LCK Summer
  • 2016 LCK Spring


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