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CNB e-Sports Club
Team Information
Location: Brazil Brazil
Team Staff
Analysts: Hugo "Galfi" Augusto
Managers: Cleber "fuzi" Fonseca
HyperX Twitch
Social Media Links
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Created: 2012-06-?? LoL Division
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CNB e-Sports Club is one of the biggest e-Sports organizations from South America. It has started 10 years ago with a team for competing in Counter-Strike events.


The organization picked up the roster of Nex Impetus in 2013 to create its first League of Legends team. Since its creation the team has been known as a high caliber Brazilian team, achieving multiple strong results, like the 2nd place in the Riot Season 3 Brazilian Championship and the 2nd place at Solomid BR Invitational 1.
Having one of the most loyal fanbase in Brazilian e-Sports scene, CNB e-Sports Club refers to their fans as "Blumers".
On 2015, following a trend among other Brazilian professional LoL teams, CNB e-Sports Club decided to create an alternate team. Differently from the other teams, CNB e-Sports Club surprised the scene with a program called "CNB - Preparando Campeões", where any player was elegible to apply. First they had to answer a question exam regarding strategy. All approved in this first heat advanced to the practical test. Then the head staff of the team decided between two top players of each lane. The most surprising aspect of these trials is the fact that any player of any elo could apply. There were situations where a Bronze division player was approved to the second phase of the trials while a challenger wasn't. PandaGoon, one of the approved players and the current alternate AD Carry is a Silver II division player.


  • January 10th, Djokovic is hired as efective coach. [10]
  • March 22nd, Electro retires from professional career. Kalec is released from the roster.[11]
  • April 14th, StoneD YoDa joins as new mid laner.[12]
  • April 20th, Woq joins as new AD Carry.[13]
  • May 13th, Woq is moved to sub, but he chooses to retire. Skyer joins as the new AD.[14]. CNB e-Sports Club announces their alternate line-up with the winners of "CNB Preparando Campeões" program: Daniquest, Richardooooo, SunGary, PandaGoon and GGNiko. Solo queue veteran AD Carry Pablo "pbo" Yuri is also added to he roster as sub AD Carry. [15]
  • May 30th, Daniquest decides to leave "CNB Preparando Campeões" project.[16]
  • August 11th, in a mutual agreement Skyer is set as alternate AD as he awaits for a proposal for another team to play for.[17]

  • August 9th, CNB e-Sports Club wins the very first League of Legends tournament in Brazil, with the following roster: Fox (top laner), Loky (jungler), prZo (mid), Jow (AD Carry) and Anjinho (support).[29]

Player Roster

ID Name Role
Brazil LEP Pedro Luiz Marcari Top
Brazil Minerva Gustavo Alves Jungle
Brazil TinOwns Thiago Sartori Mid
Brazil pbo Pablo Yuri AD
Brazil Wos Willyan Bonpam Support

ID Name Role
Brazil Yampi Yan Peterman Jungle
Brazil Gafone Pedro Ramos Support

ID Name Role Replacing Tournament
Brazil micaO Micael Rodrigues AD Brazil pbo XLG Super Cup 2016

ID Name Role
Brazil CMDay Tiago Semidei Top
Brazil Richardooooo Ricardo Tuness Jungle
Brazil SunGary Murilo Choquetta Mid
Brazil PandaGoon Wellington Sobrinho AD
Brazil GGNiko Nicholas Bocchi Support

ID Name Stream
Brazil Tecnosh Joseph Touma
Brazil SemDente Heitor Escabrós
Brazil Miss Giuliana Tiemy

ID Name Role Next Team
Brazil danz0r Daniel Mussoi AD
Brazil Marf João Piola Mid
Brazil Aoshi Franklin Coutinho Top
Operation Kino
Brazil danz0r Daniel Mussoi AD
Brazil Vash Guilherme del Buono Mid
KaBuM! e-Sports
Brazil Nappon Carlos Rücker Jungle
Keyd Stars
Brazil StoneD YoDa Felipe Noronha Mid
Brazil Skyer Felipe Gimenes AD
Brazil Daniquest Daniel Cerruti Sub/Top
Brazil Woq Rafael Andrade AD Retired.png Retired
Brazil Loky Vinícius Alves Jungle
Brazil Jow Jonathan Nascimento AD
Brazil prZo Gabriel Hirota Mid
Santos Dexterity
Brazil Anjinho Roberto Buzzoleti Support
Santos Dexterity
Brazil Leko Whesley Holler Top Retired.png Retired
Brazil Revolta Gabriel Henud Jungle
INTZ e-Sports
Brazil takeshi Murilo Alves Mid
Keyd Stars
Brazil esA André Pavezi AD
Keyd Stars
Brazil Danagorn Daniel Drummond Jungle
KaBuM! Black
Brazil DRAEK Rodrigo Oliveira Jungle
Brazil element Arlindo Neto Top
KaBuM! Black
Brazil Manajj André Rocha AD Retired.png Retired
Brazil Electro Lucas Dal Prá Mid Retired.png Retired
Brazil Alocs Leonardo Belo Support
Brazil Shini Diogo Rogê Jungle
Brazil Kalec Rodrigo Rodrigues AD


ID Name Position
Brazil Galfi Hugo Augusto Analyst

ID Name Role Next Team
Brazil Djokovic Thiago Maia Analyst
Keyd Stars
Brazil Piroxz Luis Chavez Analyst
Brazil Lunacy Diego Oliveira Coach
Brazil Philip Renan Philip Coach
KaBuM! e-Sports

Team Achievements

2016 Tournaments
Date Place Event Result Winnings
2016-12-04 Xlg super cup.png A22nd XLG Super Cup 2016 0 : 2
paiN Gaming
R$ 14,000
2016-07-09 CBLoL.png A22nd CBLoL 2016 Stage 2 Playoffs 1 : 3
INTZ e-Sports
R$ 8,000
2016-06-19 CBLoL.png A11st CBLoL 2016 Stage 2 4-3-0 Group Stage/Round Robin (W/L)
2016-03-13 CBLoL.png A77th CBLoL 2016 Stage 1 Playoffs 2 : 0
R$ 1,500
2016-02-28 CBLoL.png A88th CBLoL 2016 Stage 1 0-3-4 Group Stage/Round Robin (W/L)

2015 Tournaments
Date Place Event Result Winnings
2015-10-18 A33rd Xtreme League #5 1 : 0
KaBuM! e-Sports
R$ 1,500
2015-09-07 Brazil Mega Arena.png A33rd Brasil Mega Arena - São Paulo 2 : 0
$ 570,53
2015-07-14 CBLoL.png A44th CBLoL Post Season 2015 0 : 2
INTZ e-Sports
R$ 12,500
2015-07-12 CBLoL.png A55th 2015 CBLoL Second Split Playoffs 2 : 1
R$ 10,000
2015-03-22 CBLoL.png A55th 2015 CBLoL First Split Playoffs 2 : 1
Santos Dexterity
R$ 10,000
2015-05-02 X5MegaArena.png A44th XMA Mega Arena 2015 - São Paulo 1 : 2
Keyd Stars
$ ???

2014 Tournaments
Date Place Event Result Winnings
2014-07-26 RpPoints.png A22nd Season 4 Brazil Regional Finals 1 : 3
KaBuM! e-Sports
$ 11,175
2014-06-08 RpPoints.png A33rd Brazilian League - Champions Series 2 : 1
KaBuM! e-Sports
$ 5,587
2014-01-28 Esltumbnail.png A55 - 8th IEM Season VIII - Sao Paulo 0 : 2
$ 2,500

2013 Tournaments
Date Place Event Result Winnings
2013-28-10 A11st Brazil Game Show - International Challenge 2013 2 : 1
paiN Gaming
$ 15,000
2013-11-10 A22nd Brasil Gaming League Arena 2 2 : 3
Keyd Team
$ 3,000
2013-08-10 A22nd Solomid BR Invitational 1 0 : 2
Keyd Team
$ 600
2013-06-09 RpPoints.png A22nd Brasil Gaming League Arena 2 : 3
paiN Gaming
$ 3,000
2013-07-21 RpPoints.png A22nd Riot Season 3 Brazilian Championship 1 : 3
paiN Gaming
$ 15,000
2013-05-04 A11st Go4LoL BR 2013 April Finals 1 : 0
RMA e-Sports
$ 750
2013-04-06 A11st Go4LoL BR 2013 March Finals 1 : 0
playArt Gaming
$ 750


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