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Background Information
Name: Wong Xing Lei
Team: Taipei Assassins
Country: Singapore Singapore
Birthday: November 28, 1991 (1991-11-28) (age 23)
Peak League: ChallengerTier.png Challenger I (SEA)
Peak League: ChallengerTier.png Challenger I (TW)
Role: Mid
Facebook: Facebook Fanpage
Favorite champions:
Team History
??? - ???
??? - ???
Sleeping Giants
??? 2012 - April 2014
Singapore Sentinels
April 2014 - Present
Taipei Assassins
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Wong "Chawy" Xing Lei is the Mid Laner for Taipei Assassins.


Chawy started playing video games at age 12 - his first game was Neopets. From ages 13-17 he played competitive table tennis. He was on his school table tennis team, and during this time won the West Zone Champion. He quit playing competitive table tennis to focus on competitive gaming. His first experience as a professional gamer was with DoTA on Team Scythe. His parents were initially neutral about his decision to do professional gaming, but they allowed him to travel overseas to represent Singapore in Southeast Asian tournaments. After he started showing good results in the tournaments, they became actively supportive of his career decision. Chawy won third place in The International DoTA2 Championship (with a prize of $150,000 USD) before switching to LoL to try something new. [1] His a advice for DoTA players looking to switch to LoL is to "play with your brain, not just your hands". [2] He first tried League of Legends at the 2010 World Cyber Games. [3] Other than DoTA and LoL, Chawy also enjoys playing MMORPGs, like Perfect World. However, he prefers to concentrate his efforts and attention on his competitive gaming career. He is currently in Singapore's National Service and balances his time between training with SGS and his full-time Service work schedule. He looks forward to the completion of his Service so that he has no travel restrictions and can dedicate all of his time to gaming. Chawy has played both AP and AD Carry for SGS. He enjoys AP Carry the most because he likes to make plays and control the map. He brings his AP playstyle into his AD Carry role: he is very aggressive, spams spells, and aims to snowball his lane. Chawy believes this playstyle will help him to achieve his goal to be the best AD and AP Carry in the world. Announced that he will be a starter for TPA in the 2015 season.


  • Is known for his
  • Very physically fit and encourages others to be physically fit as well [4]
  • Has alternated between AD and AP carry for SGS
  • Picked Heimerdinger in a Garena Premier League match which was the first
    pick since 2012 MLG Pro Circuit/Spring played by Team MRN.
  • His favorite champion is
  • When he first started to play LoL, Chawy favored
  • His favorite food is Nasi Lemak [5]
  • He is fluent in English and Mandarin
  • His favourite pasttime is working out
  • His favourite pro player is Froggen


Date Event Result
2013-12-22 2013 The Legends Circuit Summer Playoffs Gold.png Singapore Sentinels
3 : 1
Insidious Gaming Exile
2013-08-18 Season 3 Southeast Asia Regional Finals Silver.png Singapore Sentinels
1 : 2
2013-08-12 2013 GPL Summer Silver.png Singapore Sentinels
23 : 5 Group Stage (W/L)
2013-07-28 2013 The Legends Circuit Spring Playoffs Gold.png Singapore Sentinels
2 : 0
Absolute Legends Singapore
2013-05-25 All-Star Shanghai 2013 SF.png Garena Team
0 : 2
China LPL
2013-04-21 2013 GPL Spring Silver.png Singapore Sentinels
22 : 6 Group Stage (W/L)
Date Event Result
2012-11-17 2012 GPL Season 1 Silver.png Singapore Sentinels
1 : 3
Taipei Assassins
2012-09-09 Season Two Regional Finals - Da Nang Silver.png Singapore Sentinels
1 : 2
Saigon Jokers
Date Event Result
2010-10-03 2010 World Cyber Games Grand Final Bronze.png AnotherStory
2 : 0





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