Deathfire Grasp

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Deathfire Grasp
Deathfire Grasp.png
Effects:+120 Ability Power
+10% Cooldown Reduction
Active:Unique: Deals 15% of target champion's maximum Health in magic damage and increases all subsequent magic damage taken by target 20% for 4 seconds (90 second cooldown).
Cost:3,100g (680g)
Sell Value:2,170g

Deathfire Grasp.png
Needlessly Large Rod.png
Fiendish Codex.png
Deathfire Grasp is a legendary item in League of Legends.


  • It is best used at the beginning of a mage's combo, so that the player may best utilize the maximum amount of damage possible from an abilitiy power nuke.
  • A champion such as
    is a prime example of someone who would use this item at the beginning of their combo.


  1. Magic > Ability Power
  2. Magic > Cooldown Reduction

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  • When Deathfire Grasp was originally added, it was far too powerful on some champions and was temporarily removed.
    • It was originally added in v0.9.25.24 with the following functionality: "Unique passive: When you hit a unit with a spell, you damage it for 10% of their current health(5% for multi target spells). Deals reduced damage if your last cast was fewer than 4 seconds ago."
  • The item was reimplemented in v1.0.0.61 with a new functionality.
  • Abilities such as
    's Diplomatic Immunity or
    's Torment will increase the damage dealt by Deathfire Grasp.

Patch History


Deathfire Grasp's cooldown has gone up

"Pre-warning: this context is going to get nerdy

Deathfire Grasp amps up a lot of existing low-interaction gameplay (ie: huge burst with no opportunity to react) without adding more skill to the mix. While this is a larger problem we'll have to tackle in the future, we felt that it was important to at least increase DFG's cooldown so that it's more appropriately balanced against a lot of 'anti-burst' spells / items (ie: exhaust, heal, Zhonya's Hourglass, etc). If we don't have to worry about DFG turning a champion into a one-shot wizard (hello Lissandra), it also means we can potentially give healthy assassins better tools to work with."

  • COOLDOWN: 60 seconds ⇒ 90 seconds


  • New icon


  • Combine cost reduced to 680 gold from 880 (total cost reduced to 3,100 from 3,300)
  • Cooldown reduction reduced to 10% from 15%



  • Now builds from Needlessly Large Rod and Amplifying Tome
  • Ability Power increased from 80 to 100
  • Now grants +15% Cooldown Reduction
  • Unique Active changed to "Deals 15% of target champion's maximum Health in Magic Damage then amplifies all magic damage they take by 20% for 4 seconds (60 second cooldown)."
  • Cost adjusted from 2,600 (975) to 3,000 (965)


  • No longer grants Cooldown Reduction
  • Active base damage reduced to 15% current Health from 25%
  • Ability Power ratio increased to 5% per 100 Ability Power from 4%


  • Now builds out of Blasting Wand and Kage's Lucky Pick (total cost reduced to 2,600 from 2,610)
  • Now grants 80 ability power and 15% cooldown reduction, from 60 ability power, 12 mana regen per 5, and 15% cooldown reduction
  • Increased cast range to 750 from 650
  • Active base damage changed to 25% (+4% per 100 AP) of the target's current health from 30% (+3.5% per 100 AP)
  • Tooltip now updates dynamically


  • Ability power reduced to 60 from 65
  • Mana regeneration per 5 reduced to 10 from 15
  • Max HP% damage increased to 30% from 25%
  • Ability power ratio increased to 3.5% from 3%


  • Deathfire Grasp added


  • Deathfire Grasp added, removed shortly after

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