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Background Information
Name: Jon McCulloch
Country of Birth: United States USA
Birthday: January 20, 1994 (1994-01-20) (age 23)
Role: AD
League Information
Peak League: DiamondLeague.png Diamond I (NA)
Alternate IDs: LgN Demunlul, Zedest, St Danny
Social Media Links TwitterIcon.png RedditIcon.png
Team History
??? - Mar 2012
RFLX Gaming
Mar 2012 - Oct 2012
Team Legion
Mar 2013 - May 2013
Azure Cats
Oct 2013 - Oct 2013
Team LoLPro
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Jon "Demunlul" McCulloch is a professional American League of Legends player who is currently teamless.


Demunlul was born in Maryville, Tennessee. During his teenage years, Demunlul would attend four different high schools; Heritage High school, an online school in South California, a public school in South California, and now he is finishing his senior year in an online school. Jon would frequently participate in his high school baseball teams as well as play football with his friends. Demunlul has been playing video games since he was 5 years old, starting on the computer. Growing up, Jon would mostly play computer games such as Titanic, Army Men series, and Medal of Honor Allied Assault. After Medal of Honor, Demunlul would become infatuated with shooting games, purchasing and playing the entire Medal of Honor, Call of Duty, and Battlefield series. Besides computer games, Jon would also play console games such as Tomb Raider, Spyro, and Kart Racer on the PlayStation 1 and Madden, Dead or Alive, and King Kong on the XBOX. After acquiring cable internet, Demunlul would begin playing MMOs, RPGs, RTS, and other strategy games on the computer. On March of 2010, Demunlul would be introduced to League of Legends through his friends.


Demunlul prefers a very aggressive style of play as an AD Carry, frequently trading hits with the enemy AD Carry, making engagements with his support, and taking several risks in lane. Demunlul is also a very versatile AD Carry, being able to play most ranged AD champions at a high level.

League of Legends Career

Pre-Season 1

Demunlul joined the League of Legends on March of 2010 after being introduced to the MOBA through his friends. He would play frequently until he reached level 20, where he took a break.

Season 1

After the launch of Season 1, Demunlul would get back into League of Legends, quickly getting to level 30 and hopping into ranked solo queue. Not long after, Demunlul would reach 1600 ELO and begin duo queueing with his friend Freak3r. Together, they were able to reach 1800 ELO, at which time they began to play ranked solo queue alone all the way to 2000 ELO. At this time, Demunlul was a highly versatile player, playing every role and lane at an even level. Around late Season 1, Jon would compete in several Go4LoLs and other minor tournaments with his team Grape Soda Gaming. Despite being a relatively unknown team, Grape Soda Gaming would be the catalyst to fuel Demunlul's interest in competitive League of Legends.

Season 2

On February of 2012, Demunlul would be invited to join Team Legion to play as their AD Carry, a role that Demunlul was found frequently playing as several months before being asked to join.

Together with his team, Demunlul would compete in the IPL Face Off: San Francisco Showdown. Coming into the event, Demunlul and Team Legion were considered the longshots of the tournament, and thus shocked many spectators by taking out the favored North American team mTw.NA 2-1 in the first round. Advancing to the second round, Demunlul and his team were able to upset the Chinese powerhouse Team WE by taking them out 2-1, cementing Team Legion's place as a high caliber North American team. Unfortunately, Demunlul and Team Legion would meet some heavy resistance in the next round, being taken out of the winner's bracket by Team SoloMid. Despite a strong performance, Demunlul and his team would eventually fall in the loser's bracket final to Curse Gaming 1-2 in a close series. Demunlul would end the event with an impressive third place finish.

Pre-Season 3

At the start of 2013, Demunlul would substitute for Azure Gaming, temporarily replacing Diamond, to compete in the Season 3 Championship Series North American Qualifiers.

Season 3

Throughout Season 3, Demunlul would play with the team Azure Gaming, in an attempt to qualify into the League Championship Series. Unfortunately, this was to no avail. After a devestating 0-3 loss to team Counter Logic Gaming at LCS Qualifiers.


  • His name Demunlul originated from the name of a character that his sister created in another video game back when Jon was 10. Due to his sister misspelling demon as "demun", Jon's friends would poke fun at him about it. Finding humor in it, Jon would add the "lul" as a substitute for lol at the end of his name, creating demunlul.
  • His two all-time favorite champions are
  • Favorite type of food is Chinese
  • Outside of League of Legends, he enjoys fishing
  • Considered HotshotGG to be one of his favorite streamers.


Date Event Result
2012-08-12 IPL Face Off: San Francisco Showdown Bronze.png
1 : 2
Team Curse