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S3 clgdoublelift 2.jpg
Background Information
Name: Yiliang "Peter" Peng
Team: CLG
Alternate IDs: CLGNA Doublelift (KR), Triplelift, Quadralift, Pentalift, LiftLift, Peng Yiliang
Country: United States USA
Birthday: July 19, 1993 (1993-07-19) (age 20)
Peak League: ChallengerTier.png Challenger I (NA)
Role: AD
Livestream: Azubu.TV
Facebook: Facebook Fanpage
IRC: #Doublelift
Reddit: Doublelift's Reddit Account
Video archive: counterlogicgaming
Favorite champions:      
Team History
Mar 2011 - May 2011Clglogo std.png Counter Logic Gaming
May 2011 - Jul 2011Epiklogo std.png Epik Gamer
Jul 2011 - Aug 2011Unrlogo std.png unRestricted eSports
Aug 2011 - Nov 2011Crslogo std.png Team Curse
Nov 2011 - PresentClglogo std.png Counter Logic Gaming
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Yiliang "Doublelift" Peng is a professional League of Legends player. He is the AD Carry for Counter Logic Gaming.



Doublelift hails from Mission Viejo, California. Doublelift first discovered his love for video games through the classic Nintendo 64 titles Star Fox and Golden Eye. After his brother got a computer, Doublelift frequently used it to play Diablo 1 and StarCraft. Since Doublelift’s brother would buy a new computer every few years, Doublelift soon came to own his own hand-me-down desktop. This allowed him to spend more time playing computer games such as DotA, WoW, and HoN with his brother and friends. Eventually they all left these games behind and moved to LoL.

Known for his Blitzcrank, Doublelift gained the attention of HotshotGG and duo queued together in early 2011. He was asked to join Counter Logic Gaming as a substitute which he accepted, but soon moved to Epik Gamer for a starting position as Support. He then moved on to unRestricted, now known as Curse Gaming, to become their starting AD Carry. He competed for Curse at LAN events such as IGN Proleague Season 3 - Atlantic City and IEM Season VI - Global Challenge New York.

In November 2011, Doublelift rejoined CLG as their AD Carry after leaving Curse. [1]

LCS Statistics


  • Admitted in the CLG Documentary that owes him around twenty thousand dollars, because of his popular stream at the time as well as own3d's exclusive deal with CLG.
  • CLG's LCS Spring Season 3 strategy was often referred to as "protect the Doublelift".
  • Fans from China called him "Eldest Brother" due to his "Everyone Else Is Trash" T-shirt.
  • Formerly roommates with Travis "Tnomad" Gafford of State of the League.
  • Has a tendency to openly trash talk other players.
  • He represented North America as their AD carry at the Season 3 All-Star Tournament.
  • His dream NA All Star team includes Voyboy, Saintvicious, Scarra, Aphromoo and himself. [2]
  • Humorously quoted within the LoL community for joking "Money in the bank, pimpin' ain't easy" and "I'm the greatest. Everyone else is just trash."
  • In the 2v2 All Star Competition, he scored the winning double kill as  Varus in 1:47 minutes against Southeast Asia.
  • Known for his  Blitzcrank,  Poppy, and  Lee Sin early in his career.
  • Known for his strong mechanics as an AD Carry.
  • Primarily known for his  Vayne and  Caitlyn play.
  • Scored a pentakill during the Season 3 All-Star Tournament as  Ezreal.[3]
  • Scored two penta kills during IPL 5, one playing  Ezreal against Curse EU in Game 3 of the Winner's Bracket Quarterfinals, and another playing  Caitlyn against Fnatic in Game 1 of the Winner's Bracket Semi-finals.
  • The name "Doublelift" came from Yiliang's interest in magic tricks. The Double Lift is the name of a basic sleight of hand card trick.[4]
  • Was kicked out of his home by his parents after he had got back from DreamHack Summer 2011. At that time, he was 16 years old.[5]
  • Was part of the Season 3 World Championship analyst desk. [6]


Date Event Result
2013-05-26 All-Star Shanghai 2013 SF.png North America LCS NA LCSlogo std.png 0 : 2 KR Championslogo std.png Korea Champions
Date Event Result
2012-11-11 SoloMid Series Week 3 Gold.png CLG Prime Clglogo std.png 3 : 2 Pulse Esports std.png Pulse Esports
2012-11-07 National ESL Pro Series Season 4 Gold.png CLG Prime Clglogo std.png 2 : 0 Teamfearlogo std.png Team FeaR
2012-11-03 MLG Dallas 2012 Copper.png CLG Prime Clglogo std.png 1 : 2 CLGlogo2 std.png CLG Europe
2012-09-02 Season Two North American Regional Finals Bronze.png Counter Logic Gaming Clglogo std.png 2 : 0 Crslogo std.png Team Curse
2012-06-17 GIGABYTE Esports LAN Bronze.png Counter Logic Gaming Clglogo std.png 2 : 1 Teamdynamiclogo std.png Team Dynamic
2012-06-10 MLG 2012 - Spring Championship Silver.png Counter Logic Gaming Clglogo std.png 1 : 2 Tsmlogo std.png Team SoloMid
2012-05-27 Solomid NA Tournament Circuit Bronze.png Counter Logic Gaming Clglogo std.png 0 : 2 Tsmlogo std.png Team SoloMid
2012-04-08 IGN Proleague Season 4 - Las Vegas Silver.png Counter Logic Gaming Clglogo std.png 0 : 2 Tsmlogo std.png Team SoloMid
2012-03-09 IEM Season VI - World Championship Bronze.png Counter Logic Gaming Clglogo std.png 2 : 1 Aaalogo std.png against All authority
2012-02-18 Curse Invitational Silver.png Counter Logic Gaming Clglogo std.png 1 : 2 Dignitaslogo std.png Team Dignitas
2012-02-17 OnGameNet LoL Invitational Silver.png Counter Logic Gaming Clglogo std.png 1 : 2 MiGlogo std.png Maximum impact Gaming Frost
Date Event Result
2011-06-20 2011 MLG Raleigh Copper.png Team Curse Crslogo std.png 0 : 3 Blanklogo std.pngGroup Stage (W/L)
2011-06-20 Riot Season 1 Championship Copper.png Epik Gamer Epiklogo std.png 0 : 2 Tsmlogo std.png Team SoloMid

Video Blogs










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