Gamania Bears

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Gamania Bears
Gama Bears.png
Team Information
Location: Taiwan Taiwan
Team Staffs
Sponsor: Tt eSPORTS
Social Media Links
Facebook: Gamania Bears
Created: LoL Division 2013-04-15
Disbanded: LoL Division 2013-10-15
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Gamania Bears is a participant in Taiwan eSports League, formed after the draft of TeSL Draft Season.


Since its formation in April, the team has achieved a lot of attention in the competitive scene. On June 16th, Gamania Bears placed second in World GameMaster Tournament 2013 after losing against Xenics Storm. Despite being a new team, Gamania Bears was able to claim the glorious spot to represent the Taiwan region in the Season 3 World Championship. The team placed first by defeating Taipei Snipers in the Season 3 Taiwan Regional Finals on August 29th. After that, the team participated in the Hong Kong Esports Tournament, placed first with their 2-0 win over Insidious Gaming Exile.

The Bears were automatically placed into the Quarterfinals at the Season 3 World Championship. Their first international match as a team on the big stage in Los Angeles was against the heavy favorited Korean powerhouse, SK Telecom T1. Gama Bears would be unable to take a game from the Koreans, losing 0-2 placing 5th-8th and gaining great experience through it.

On October 15, 2013, Gamania has been officially disbanded due to a new rule from Riot that all players must be 17 and above to participate in any official tournaments.



Player Roster

Gamania Bears Season 3 World Championship Roster
Left to Right: NL, Galala, Winds, Maple, SwordArt, Steak


ID Name Role Next Team
Taiwan Winds Chen Peng-Nien (陳鵬年) Jungle
Taipei Snipers
Taiwan NL Hsiung Wen-An (熊汶銨) AD
yoe Flash Wolves
Taiwan Steak Chou Lu-Hsi (周律希) Top
yoe Flash Wolves
Taiwan Maple Huang Yi-Tang (黃熠棠) Mid
yoe Flash Wolves
Taiwan SwordArt Hu Shuo-Jie (胡碩傑) Support
yoe Flash Wolves
Taiwan Galala Chen Kuan-Ting (陳冠廷) Sub/Top
yoe Flash Wolves
Taiwan IcefenG Chou Cheng-Yu (周政佑) Mid
Taiwan yaumo Huang Yu-Hung (黃羽宏) Top
Lee-Ming Institute of Technology



ID Name Position Next Team
Taiwan Leaf Zhang Yu (張宇) Coach
yoe Flash Wolves

Team Achievements

In Premier Tournaments
Date Place Event Result Winnings
2013-09-24 RpPoints.png A55 - 8th Season 3 World Championship 0 : 2
SK Telecom T1
$ 75,000
2013-08-31 HKES small.png A11st Hong Kong Esports Tournament 2 : 0
Insidious Gaming Exile
HK$ 120,000
In Major Tournaments
Date Place Event Result Winnings
2013-08-29 A11st Season 3 Taiwan Regional Finals 3 : 2
Taipei Snipers
2013-06-16 A22nd World GameMaster Tournament 2013 1 : 2
Xenics Storm
¥ 30,000

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