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Team Information
Location: Lithuania Lithuania
Number of Players: 0
Team Staff
Managers: Edvinas "Givacius" Lelionis
Social Media Links Team
Created: 2012-11-22
Disbanded: 2013-09-22
Share this Page is a Lithuanian organization which acquired a League of legends team in late 2012.


Forming in November 2012, GG.EU gained headway in the competitive EU East/Nordic servers, playing in leagues such as EMS Spring 2013 Nordic & East and coming in 3rd. They gained more notice by winning the Regional CIS Championship held in Russia in June 2013. This granted them a spot to play in Gamescom 2013 and the International Wildcard Tournament. Playing against the other winners of international areas, they were able to battle and claim 1st place over Brazil's paiN Gaming at the wildcard, becoming one of 14 teams granted to play at the prestigious Season 3 World Championship.

Fighting their tough road to get to the Championship in Los Angeles had facing off against the world's best on a big stage. Although becoming a a slight fan favorite with their positive attitudes towards their games, they would not advance to the bracket stage, coming in last in their group going 1-7, taking a game off Team SoloMid and going home in 13th place.

Right after being eliminated from the Championship, the roster of GamingGear would announce they would depart from the organization to search new ventures as a team.




Player Roster Season 3 World Championship Roster
Left to Right: Alunir,Inspirro, Nbs, Mazzerin, DeadlyBrother


ID Name Role Next Team
Lithuania Nbs Laurynas Kisielius Top
Team Ultra Vires
Lithuania Alunir Gediminas Navakauskis Jungle
Team Ultra Vires
Lithuania Mazzerin Džiugas Repčys Mid
Team Ultra Vires
Lithuania DeadlyBrother Edas Vasiliauskas AD
Team Ultra Vires
Lithuania Inspirro Mykolas Morkūnas Support


ID Name Position
Lithuania Givacius Edvinas Lelionis Manager

Team Achievements

In Premier Tournaments
Date Place Event Result Winnings
2013-10-04 RpPoints.png B313 - 14th Season 3 World Championship 1 : 7 Group Stage/Round Robin (W/L) $ 25,000
2013-08-23 RpPoints.png A11st Riot Season 3 International Wildcard Tournament 2 : 0
paiN Gaming
2013-06-23 RpPoints.png A11st Regional CIS Championship 2 : 0
Instruments of Surrender
$ 20,000
2013-06-16 DH-star.png A55 - 8th DreamHack Summer 2013 0 : 3 Group Stage/Round Robin (W/L) kr 10,000
In Major Tournaments
Date Place Event Result Winnings
2013-08-31 A11st TECHLABS Cup UA 2013 2 : 0
Ray of Deads
$ 6,000
2013-05-28 A33rd EMS Spring 2013 Nordic & East 2 : 0
Test Your Limits
€ 1,000
In Minor, Monthly, and Weekly Tournaments
Date Place Event Result Winnings
2013-05-13 A11st Go4LoL EU Nordic & East #141 1 : 0
Team Mistral
€ 300
2013-04-28 A11st Go4LoL EU Nordic & East #139 1 : 0
€ 300
2013-04-25 A33rd Black Monster Cup #1 1 : 0
Druidz E-Sport
2013-03-17 A11st Technorama Corsair Challenge #1 1 : 0
€ 400
2013-02-03 A11st Go4LoL EU Nordic & East #127 1 : 0
Counter Counter Clockwise
€ 300
2013-01-13 A11st ESL Baltics Season 1 LAN Finals 2 : 0
Seneliu Namu Vaikai
€ 400
2012-12-08 A11st Technorama Invitational League of Legends 1 : 0
Seneliu Namu Vaikai
€ 300

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