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INTZ e-Sports
INTZ logo.png
Team Information
Location: Brazil Brazil
Number of Players: 11
Team Staff
Coaches: Peter Dun
Claudio Godoi
Managers: Vinícius Dutra
Caique Henriques
Team Captain: Micael "micaO" Rodrigues
Logitech G Twitch Playpad NVIDIA
Social Media Links
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Created: 2014-06-20
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INTZ e-Sports is a Brazilian multigaming organization that has 3 League of Legends teams: INTZ e-Sports, INTZ Red and INTZ Blue. INTZ e-Sports also fields rosters in Smite, Dota2, FIFA, and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.


INTZ e-Sports was founded in June 2014 and its gaming penthouse is located in São Paulo City, São Paulo. The League of Legends team was formed by acquiring Out of Position, after the Team UNITED disband.

On July 18th, 2015, INTZ e-Sports broke the record for the number of consecutive victories (14 in a row) in CBLoL.

During 2016 Season INTZ e-Sports finished both CBLoL Splits in the second place in the standings, however both times they came to playoffs stronger winning both Spring and Summer Splits. First victory earned them a spot at the International Wild Card Invitational tournament where team made it out of the group stage, but lost 0-3 to Hard Random in semifinals. However, the second victory gave INTZ e-Sports a shot at International Wildcard Qualifiers where after finishing 2nd in group team proceeded to win the Qualifier beating Dark Passage 3-2 and earning their spot at 2016 World Championship where together with Albus NoX Luna they will represent Wild Card regions of Brazil and CIS respectively.


Player Roster

ID Name Role
Brazil Ayel Marcelo Mello Top
Brazil Turtle Gabriel Peixoto Jungle
Brazil Envy Bruno Farias Mid
Brazil micaO Micael Rodrigues AD
Brazil Jockster Luan Cardoso Support

ID Name Role
Brazil Vert Álvaro Neto Top
Brazil Shini Diogo Moreira Jungle
Brazil Marf João Piola Mid
Brazil sNk Luan Almeida AD
Brazil Daniels Daniel Marcon Top

ID Name Role Next Team
Brazil Goro Diego Arruda Top
Brazil Knoxi Denys Campos Jungle
Brazil AlexKiD Alexandre Magalhães Mid
Brazil Mizuki Pedro Enrique AD
Brazil Sheldon Lucas Schumann Support
Brazil Tockers Gabriel Claumann Mid
RED Canids
Brazil Yang Felipe Zhao Top
Keyd Stars
Brazil Revolta Gabriel Henud Jungle
Keyd Stars
Brazil Espeon Martin Gonçalves Support
Brazil sNk Luan Almeida AD
Brazil Loop Caio Almeida Support
paiN Gaming
Spain Araneae Alvar Martin Sub/Jungle
Brazil Djokovic Thiago Maia Jungle
CNB e-Sports Club
Brazil Alocs Leonardo Belo Support


ID Name Position
China Peter Dun Head Coach
Brazil Claudio Godoi Mind Coach
Brazil Vinicius Dutra Manager/Coach
Brazil Cake1 Caique Henriques Manager

ID Name Position Next Team
United Kingdom Veteran Michael Archer Analyst
USA Abaxial Alexander Haibel Coach
RED Canids
Brazil Professor Matheus Leirião Coach
Team Enigma
Portugal Shakarez Renato Perdigão Analyst

Team Achievements

2017 Tournaments
Date Place Event Result Winnings
2017-03-25 CBLoL.png A33 - 4th CBLoL 2017 Stage 1 Playoffs 1 : 3
Keyd Stars
R$ 25,000
2017-03-12 CBLoL.png A11st CBLoL 2017 Stage 1 5-1-1 Group Stage/Round Robin (W/L)

2016 Tournaments
Date Place Event Result Winnings
2016-11-19 Esltumbnail.png A55 - 6th IEM XI Oakland 0 : 2
Unicorns of Love
$ 5,000
2016-10-28 Esltumbnail.png I1Q IEM XI Oakland Qualifiers 2 : 1
Chiefs eSports
2016-10-07 Worlds Logosmall.png B313 - 16th 2016 World Championship 1 - 5 Group Stage/Round Robin (W/L) $ 83,750
2016-09-03 Worlds Logosmall.png I1Q 2016 International Wildcard Qualifiers 3 - 2
Dark Passage
2016-07-09 CBLoL.png A11st CBLoL 2016 Stage 2 Playoffs 3 : 1
CNB e-Sports Club
R$ 15,000
2016-06-19 CBLoL.png A22nd CBLoL 2016 Stage 2 3-4-0 Group Stage/Round Robin (W/L)
2016-04-20 2016IWCI.png A33 - 4th 2016 International Wild Card Invitational 0 : 3
Hard Random
2016-04-02 CBLoL.png A11st CBLoL 2016 Stage 1 Playoffs 3 : 0
Keyd Stars
R$ 15,000
2016-02-28 CBLoL.png A22nd CBLoL 2016 Stage 1 3-4-0 Group Stage/Round Robin (W/L)

2015 Tournaments
Date Place Event Result Winnings
2015-11-15 CBLoL.png A11st CBLoL Post Season 2015 3 : 0
KaBuM! Orange
R$ 60,000
2015-10-18 A11st Xtreme League #5 2 : 0
R$ 5,000
2015-09-07 A11st Brasil Mega Arena - São Paulo 2 : 1
Keyd Stars
R$ 4,500
2015-08-08 CBLoL.png A22nd 2015 CBLoL Second Split 0 : 3
paiN Gaming
R$ 43,895
2015-05-02 A11st XMA Mega Arena 2015 - São Paulo 2 : 1
paiN Gaming
R$ 15,000
2015-04-25 2015IWCI.png A22nd 2015 International Wild Card Invitational 1 : 3
Beşiktaş e-Sports Club
R$ 50,000
2015-04-18 CBLoL.png A11st 2015 CBLoL First Split 3 : 0
Keyd Stars
R$ 60,000

2014 Tournaments
Date Place Event Result Winnings
2014-12-05 A22nd Arena GO4GOLD 1 : 2
Keyd Stars
R$ ????
2014-11-30 A11st Circuito Game 7 2 : 0
KaBuM! Black
R$ 8,000


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