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Jason Kaplan
Background Information
Name: Jason Kaplan
Alternate IDs: ButButButILY
Country: United States USA
Birthday: June 17, 1988 (1988-06-17) (age 28)
Peak ELO: 1956 (NA)
Livestream: TwitchTV
Fan Page: Jason Kaplan's Fan Club
Twitter: @JKapLoL
Video archive: ButButButILY
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Jason Kaplan is a caster for the ESL who currently resides in Germany.


Jason, previously known as ButButButILY, is also known for his YouTube web shows "Ult in Ten" and "Rift Myths". Jason began his casting career back in the day casting for Counter Strike: Source. He started playing League of Legends on December of 2010 and started his League of Legends casting career on January of 2012. Recently, he was offered a position by ESL to become a main caster for them.


  • Jason is 6'6" (~1.98m)
  • Was previously a competitive Counter Strike, Left4Dead 2, and World of Warcraft arena and raiding player
  • His favorite champion is
  • Reached 1900 ELO in Season 1

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