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Jin Air Green Wings
Team Information
Location: South Korea South Korea
Team Staff
Coaches: Han Sang-yong (한상용)
Chun Jung-hee (전정희)
Jin Air KoreanAir Viamonoh L.Point S-Oil Kaltour jejuwater.com Fashion-holic Ehanex
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Created: 2014-11-04
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Jin Air Green Wings is a Korean a professional gaming team and is one of the seven KeSPA teams. Originally, it was formed in November 2011 as a StarCraft: Brood War team when three Proleague teams - Hwaesung Oz, WeMade FOX and MBCGame HERO - disbanded, and was simply known as the 8th Team initially until South Korean budget airline Jin Air became its title sponsor in July 2013. It has a proud StarCraft, with its alumni including Lee Jae-Dong.


Jin Air Green Wings was formed when Jin Air Green Wings Falcons and Stealths merged in compliance with the LCK Rules at the end of 2014. The team's initial roster include TrAce, Chaser, Winged, GBM, Cpt Jack, Pilot, XD and Chei.

Season 5
In 2015 LCK Spring, the team finished 4th in the round robin stage and 4th in the playoffs, losing to CJ Entus (0-3) in the first round. In 2015 Summer, on the other hand, the team did not even make it to the playoffs, as they finished 6th with a 10W-8L standing. They, however, earned enough points to make it to the 2015 LCK Regional Qualifiers but lost against kt Rolster (1-3) in the Finals after winning against NaJin e-mFire and CJ Entus in the first and second rounds respectively.

Moving on, the team competed in the 2015 LoL KeSPA Cup. But prior to this, GBM has already left the team and so Kuzan became the starting Mid Laner. In said tournament, the team finished at 5th-8th place, winning over Incredible Miracle in Round of 12 but losing against CJ Entus in the Quarterfinals. The team then played at IEM X San Jose, but their run was cut short as they lost to Counter Logic Gaming (0-2) in the Semifinals.

After IEM, Chaser and Cpt Jack left the team to join Longzhu Gaming for the 2016 Season. Winged, who was the substitute Jungler then stepped up to replace Chaser, while Pilot also became the starting AD Carry for the team.

Season 6
The team's results for 2016 Spring was almost the same as their 2015 results. They finished 3rd in the round robin stage but failed to make it to the Finals, as they lost to SK Telecom T1 in the 2nd round of the gauntlet after winning over Afreeca Freecs. In 2016 Summer, they did not make it to the playoffs but the team had the chance to make it to the 2016 World Championship through the Regional Qualifiers. Then again, the team failed to make it out after losing to Afreeca Freecs in the first round of the tournament. Their KeSPA Cup results did not show any improvement as well. Just like the 2015 Cup, they ended the 2016 LoL KeSPA Cup at 5th-8th place, winning over Longzhu Gaming but losing against ROX Tigers.

In the off season, TrAce, Pilot, Chei, Sweet and Blanc parted ways with the team, leaving Kuzan, Winged and Teddy, who joined the team prior to KeSPA Cup, on the roster. The team then signed Raise, Team ROCCAT's former support player. However, this was followed by Winged's departure from the team. They then signed ikssu, SnowFlower and UmTi to fill the emptied spots and complete their roster for the 2017 Season.


  • January 13th, Coach Cheon Jung-hee and Jungler Umti are fined KRW 500,000 + 20 hours community service each for using harsh language.[1]


  • Jin Air has featured members of its StarCraft II team on one of its jets - specifically, a Boeing 737-800 that flies between Kimpo and Jeju.[10][11][12]

Player Roster

ID Name Role Contract
South Korea ikssu Jeon Ik-soo (전익수) Top 11/20/2017
South Korea Umti Um Sung-hyeon (엄성현) Jungle 11/20/2017
South Korea Kuzan Lee Seong-hyuk (이성혁) Mid Renewed
South Korea Teddy Park Jin-sung (박진성) AD 11/20/2017
South Korea SnowFlower No Hoei-jong (노회종) Support 11/20/2017

ID Name Role Contract
South Korea SoHwan Kim Jun-yeong (김준영) Top 11/20/2017
South Korea Raise Ji-hwan Oh (치한옿) Jungle 11/20/2017

ID Name Role Next Team
South Korea Winged Park Tae Jin (박태진) Jungle
CJ Entus
South Korea TrAce Yeo Chang-dong (여창동) Top
Samsung Galaxy
South Korea Pilot Na Woo-Hyung (나우형) AD
Paris Saint-Germain
South Korea Chei Choi Sun-ho (최선호) Support
South Korea Blanc Jin Sung-min (진성민) Mid
Paris Saint-Germain
South Korea Sweet Lee Eun-teak (이은택) Support
South Korea Chaser Lee Sang-hyun (이상현) Jungle
Longzhu Gaming
South Korea Cpt Jack Kang Hyung-woo (강형우) AD
Longzhu Gaming
South Korea GBM Lee Chang-seok (이창석) Mid
NRG Esports


ID Name Role
South Korea Han Sang-yong (한상용) Head Coach
South Korea Chun Jung-hee (전정희) Coach

Team Achievements

2017 Tournaments
Date Place Event Result Winnings
2017-04-02 Ogn logo.png A99th 2017 LCK Spring Split 4 - 14 Group Stage/Round Robin (W/L) ₩ 10,000,000

In Premier Tournaments
Date Place Event Result Winnings
2016-11-14 2016 LoL KeSPA Cup.png A55 - 8th 2016 LoL KeSPA Cup 1 : 2
ROX Tigers
₩ 5,000,000
2016-08-29 Ogn logo.png I1NQ 2016 LCK Regional Qualifer 2 : 3
afreeca Freecs
2016-08-06 Ogn logo.png A77th 2016 LCK Summer Split 7 - 11 Group Stage/Round Robin (W/L) ₩ 10,000,000
2016-04-15 Ogn logo.png A44th 2016 LCK Spring Playoffs 1 : 3
SK Telecom T1
₩ 20,000,000
2016-04-09 Ogn logo.png A44th 2016 LCK Spring Split 10 - 8 Group Stage/Round Robin (W/L)

In Premier Tournaments
Date Place Event Result Winnings
2015-11-22 Esltumbnail.png A33 - 4th IEM X San Jose 0 : 2
Counter Logic Gaming
$ 5,000
2015-11-09 2016 LoL KeSPA Cup.png A55 - 8th 2015 LoL KeSPA Cup 0 : 2
CJ Entus
₩ 5,000,000
2015-09-05 Ogn logo.png I1NQ 2015 LCK Regional Qualifiers 1 : 3
KT Rolster
2015-08-13 Ogn logo.png A66th 2015 LCK Summer Split 10 : 8 Group Stage/Round Robin (W/L) ₩ 10,000,000
2015-04-17 Ogn logo.png A44th 2015 LCK Spring Playoffs 0 : 3
CJ Entus
₩ 20,000,000
2015-04-11 Ogn logo.png A44th 2015 LCK Spring Round Robin 7 : 7 Group Stage/Round Robin (W/L)

In Premier Tournaments
Date Place Event Result Winnings
2014-06-08 Masters logo small.png A55th SK Telecom LTE-A LoL Masters 2014 2 : 4 Group Stage/Round Robin (W/L) ₩ 5,000,000


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