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Just Toys Havoks Gaming
Just Toys Havoks Gaming.png
Team Information
Location: Mexico Mexico
Number of Players: 7
Team Staff
Coaches: Gonzalo "Enatsu" Peredo
Managers: Andres "AndresX" Jamit
Zowie HyperX Just Toys International
Social Media Links
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Created: January , 2015(2015-01-00)
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Havoks Gaming is a professional League of Legends team currently located in México.


Havoks Gaming was conformed in January of 2015 by acquiring the roster and LAN Closing Cup spot of Satori.


Player Roster

ID Name Role Contract
Mexico Porky Gerardo Alonso Cuamea Top 11/20/2017
Venezuela Deps Santiago De Pool Jungle 11/20/2017
Colombia Hobbler Felipe Tobón Mid 11/20/2017
Chile Warangelus Fabian Llanos AD 11/20/2017
Mexico Keoo Yair Campos Support 11/20/2017

ID Name Role Contract
Mexico DCStar Carlos Méndez Mid 11/20/2017

ID Name Stream
Mexico Sunny Karen Garza Twitch.tv
Mexico The Harpaw Yéredi Fernandez Twitch.tv

ID Name Role Next Team
Mexico Mike Miguel Trejo Sub
Mexico LiquidDiego Diego Padilla Jungle
Gaming Gaming
Mexico xpng Iván Ortiz AD
Exceltec Predators
Mexico Soren Carlos Ibarra Support
Infinity eSports
Puerto Rico Anti Edward Rosario Top
Infinity eSports
USA EvanRL Evan Lawson ADC
Robert Morris University
Argentina Minibestia Jesús Coll Support
Robert Morris University


ID Name Position
Mexico Ruloxz Raúl Villareal Owner
Mexico AndresX Andres Jamit Manager
Chile Enatsu Gonzalo Peredo Head Coach
Mexico Cohenn Santiago Ruiz de Aguirre Head Analyst

ID Name Position Next Team
Mexico Yeti Rodrigo del Castillo Coach / Analyst
Gaming Gaming
Mexico Drako Yang Fernando López Manager

Team Achievements

2016 Tournaments
Date Place Event Result Winnings
2016-08-20 CLANorte.png A22nd 2016 LAN Closing Cup Playoffs 0 : 3
Lyon Gaming
2016-07-19 CLANorte.png A33rd 2016 LAN Closing Cup 5 : 5 Group Stage/Round Robin (W/L)
CLANorte.png A22nd 2016 LAN Opening Cup Playoffs 0 : 3
Lyon Gaming




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