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Keyd Stars
Keyd Stars.png
Team Information
Location: Brazil Brazil
Number of Players: 5
Website: Keyd Stars
Team Staffs
Coaches: Renan "Philip" Philip
Team Captain: Caio "Loop" Almeida
Sponsor: id820 Digital Arts
Exit Lag
Gamer Brand
Vivo Fibra
Social Media Links
Youtube: KeydTeam
Facebook: Keyd Team
Twitter: Teamkstars
Created: LoL Division 2012-11-18
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Keyd Stars is a Brazilian e-Sports organization, initially famous in StarCraft II. In November 2012 they acquired their first League of Legends team. Since 2014 formed the first "Super team" from Brazil, when they acquired SuNo and Winged. In 2015 the organization decided to create a second team called Keyd Warriors, to dispute the Brazilian Challenger Series.


Player Roster

ID Name Role
Brazil Mylon Matheus Borges Top
South Korea Daydream Kang Kyung-min (강경민) Jungle
Brazil takeshi Murilo Alves Mid
South Korea Emperor Kim Jin-hyun (김진현) AD
Brazil Loop Caio Almeida Support

ID Name Stream
Brazil YeTz Mateus Vieira
Brazil manajj André Rocha

ID Name Role Next Team
Brazil Shini Diogo Rogê Sub
CNB e-Sports Club
South Korea SuNo An Sun-ho (안순호) Mid
South Korea Winged Park Tae Jin (박태진) Jungle
Jin Air Green Wings
Brazil Snowlz Guilherme Neves Mid
Cyber Gamer e-Sports
Brazil Soulsilver Rafael Lanna Sub
Team awp
Brazil Holly Abraham Kim Sub
Brazil Haelz Raphael Nether AD
KaBuM! e-Sports
Brazil Revolta Gabriel Henud Jungle
INTZ e-Sports
Brazil MiT Gabriel Souza Support
Rising On Gaming
Brazil prZo Gabriel Hirota Mid
Brazil Jow Jonathan Nascimento AD
playArt Gaming
Brazil Anjinho Roberto Buzzoleti Support
playArt Gaming
Brazil Loky Vinícius Alves Top
playArt Gaming
Brazil DOP Daniel Costa Jungle
Brazil Volcan Diogo Neves Jungle
Insight eSports
Brazil brTT Felipe Gonçalves AD
paiN Gaming
Brazil Rafes Rafael Silva Jungle
Brazil MiT Gabriel Souza Coach
paiN Gaming

ID Name Role Replacing Tournament
Brazil Shini Diogo Rogê Top Brazil Mylon Arena GO4GOLD


ID Name Position
Brazil Kkanon Edu Kim Team President
Brazil Philip Renan Philip Coach

ID Name Role Next Team
Brazil Volcan Diogo Neves Coach

Team Achievements

In Premier Tournaments
Date Place Event Result Winnings
2014-09-28 RpPoints.png A22nd X5 Mega Arena - International Challenge 2014 2 : 3
paiN Gaming
2014-07-20 RpPoints.png A33 - 4th Season 4 Brazil Regional Finals 0 : 2
KaBuM! e-Sports
R$ 10,000
2014-06-08 RpPoints.png A11st Brazilian League - Champions Series 3 : 2
paiN Gaming
R$ 45,000
2013-07-20 RpPoints.png A55 - 8th Riot Season 3 Brazilian Championship 0 : 3 Group Stage (W/L) $ 1,250
2013-02-01 Esltumbnail.png A77 - 8th IEM Season VII - Global Challenge Sao Paulo 1 : 2 Group Stage (W/L) $ 2,500

In Major Tournaments
Date Place Event Result Winnings
2014-12-05 A11st Arena GO4GOLD 2 : 1
INTZ e-Sports
$ 10,000
2014-05-04 A11st X5 Mega Arena 3 : 0
KaBuM! e-Sports
$ 1,565
2014-04-19 A11st Selecter Cup 2 : 1
CNB e-Sports Club
$ 2,905
2014-03-23 A11st Brasil Gaming League Arena 3 3 : 0
KaBuM! e-Sports
$ 1,945
2013-11-10 A11st Brasil Gaming League Arena 2 3 : 2
CNB e-Sports Club
$ 1,945
2013-10-06 A22nd 2013 WCG Brazil Qualifier 2 : 0
0 : 2

KaBuM! e-Sports
$ 1,000
2013-06-09 A33rd Brasil Gaming League Arena 0 : 2
CNB e-Sports Club
$ 1,500

In Minor, Monthly, and Weekly Tournaments
Date Place Event Result Winnings
2013-08-10 A11st Solomid BR Invitational 1 2 : 0
CNB e-Sports Club
$ 1,000
2013-03-02 A11st Go4LoL BR 2013 February Finals 1 : 0
Nex Impetus
$ 750
2013-02-09 A11st Go4LoL BR 2013 January Finals 1 : 0
Nex Impetus
$ 750
2012-12-01 A11st Torneio dos Legends #01 2 : 0
World Wide Wipers
2012-08-28 A11st Go4LoL BR Cup #03 1 : 0
CNB e-Sports Club
$ 250

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