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2014 Season

Latest News
April 6th
Gpllogo small.png
Gold.pngTpa std.png Taipei Assassins Silver.pngAHQLogo std.png ahq e-Sports Club Bronze.pngTaipeiSnipersLogo std.png Taipei Snipers Copper.pngSjlogo std.png Saigon Jokers in 2014 GPL Spring.
Gold.pngTeamImmunitylogo std.png Team Immunity Silver.pngNvlogo std.png Team Nv in 2014 Oceanic RT Autumn.
Gold.pngDark PassageLogo std.png Dark Passage Silver.pngWFlogo std.png Wild Fire e-Sports Club in 2014 Turkish Champions League/Spring.
April 3rd
Mineskilogo std.png Mineski Kaigu and Snoy are released.
ISGlogo std.png ISG CHELitw steps down to become a coach. Tomex joins.
IPTlogo std.png IPT Kaigu and Snoy join.
Malogo std.png MLE Marky joins.
April 2nd
FGlogo std.png FG Tomex leaves.
Patch v4.5 is released.
March 27th
Deniallogo std.png Denial Denial.EU acquires the roster of Departed. Babunia, Kikis, niQ, Woolite, P3rmm join.
March 26th
Nacl small.png
Gold.pngLMQ TClogo std.png LMQ Silver.pngT8logo std.png Team 8 in North American Challenger League Season 2.
March 25th
Dignitaslogo std.png d scarra steps down to become a substitute/coach. goldenglue joins.
Complexitylogo std.png coL.Red goldenglue leaves.
March 24th
Milllogo std.png M Kottenx becomes the starting jungler.
March 23rd
Milllogo std.png M Araneae steps down as a starting jungler, coach Olly leaves.
March 20th
SHC XDlogo std.png SHC Moopz leaves, while Selfie joins.
Free Rotation and Sales

Kennen 4.jpgJarvanIV 5.jpgOrianna 1.jpgAhri 0.jpgEzreal 0.jpgSinged 0.jpg


Current Patch: v4.5

Featured Story


Strong finishes for top teams

It was an intense week of LCS, full of upsets and clutch finishes, and we have a new round of infographics available highlighting the most interesting statistics. This was the last week of the LCS Spring split, and the final rankings are out, with new challenger teams waiting in the wings to knock out the lowest LCS clubs. Finishing first for the second time since their formation last season, Cloud 9 delivers the rotational goods once again with a dominant 24-4 finish, and tying their previous win streak record of 13 wins in a row. After an exciting final tiebreaker between the two lowest ranked teams in the NA LCS, XDG falls to last place, inevitably facing the most highly anticipated challenger team that has been terrorizing the Challenger Series. For anyone that doesn't know, LMQ is a new team comprised of players from the season 3 worlds second place finishers Royal Club. Rumored to take wins off of the top NA LCS teams in skrims, LMQ has to win two more sets in order to secure their place in the NA LCS for the rest of the season! Navigate to the infographics on their respective pages or by clicking here for the NA LCS infographic , or here for the EU LCS one.

Apr 26 - Apr 27
  DreamHack Bucharest 2014
BMCup Small.png  
Apr 20 - Apr 21
  2014 BMC Spring NA
LCSlogo small.png  
Apr 18 - Apr 20
  NA LCS 2014 Spring Playoffs
Apr 18 - Apr 20
  Insomnia51 Spring 2014
Copenhagengames logo small.png  
Apr 16 - Apr 20
  Copenhagen Games 2014
LCSlogo small.png  
Apr 15 - Apr 17
  EU LCS 2014 Spring Playoffs
CS NA logo.png  
Apr 4 - Apr 13
  NA CS Spring Playoffs
CS EU logo.png  
Apr 1 - Apr 11
  EU CS Spring Playoffs
Mar 31 - Present
  EPS Germany Spring 2014
Ogn logo.png  
Mar 12 - May
  HOT6iX Champions Spring 2014
NLB Logo Small.png  
Mar 3 - May 17
  bigfile NLB Spring 2014
Sltv logo small.png  
Mar 2 - Apr 13
  SLTV StarSeries Season IX
TLC logo small.png  
Mar 1 - May 18
  2014 TLC Spring Series
Feb 27 - Apr 27
  YY Stars League 2014
VCS logo small.png  
Feb 22 - Apr 13
  VCS Spring 2014
LPLlogo small.png  
Feb 22 - Apr 26
  2014 LPL Spring
4Gamers logo small.png  
Feb 18 - Apr 19
  Yam Collegiate Champ. Spring
LSPL logo Small.png  
Feb 18 - Apr 24
  2014 LSPL Spring
Masters logo small.png  
Feb 13 - Jun
  SKT LTE-A LoL Masters 2014
Feb 6 - Present
  EPS NA Season 9
LCSlogo small.png  
Jan 17 - Apr 6
  NA LCS 2014 Spring Season
Jan 14 - Jul 1
  LVP Season 6
Gpllogo small.png  
Feb 12 - Apr 6
  2014 GPL Spring
Garena logo small.png  
Feb 15 - Apr 6
  2014 PGS Spring
Upcoming Match Schedule
2014 LSPL Spring RM RMlogo std.png vs Vicilogo std.png VG
2014 LSPL Spring AG AllGamersLogo std.png vs Woalogo std.png WOA
2014 LSPL Spring WE Acad Welogo std.png vs Kxlogo std.png Kx.Happy
2014 GPL Summer Taiwan Promotion HKA.P HKA.Plogo std.png vs Yoe.FWlogo std.png yoe.FW
Champions Spring 2014 SG Ozone Samsunglogo std.png vs SKT1Logo std.png SKT T1 K
2014 LSPL Spring Gamefy Gamefylogo std.png vs SPGlogo std.png SPG
2014 GPL Summer Taiwan Promotion ahq F AHQLogo std.png vs Energy Pacemakerlogo std.png EP.Y
EU LCS Fnatic Fnaticlogo std.png vs Alogo std.png A
EU LCS SK Sklogo std.png vs ROCCATlogo std.png ROCCAT
EU LCS CW CHWLogo std.png vs GambitLogo std.png Gambit
LVP Season 6 myR ES MyRlogo std.png vs K3logo std.png K3
LVP Season 6 PainG PainGlogo std.png vs Skullslogo std.png Skulls
2014 LSPL Spring Kx.Cash Kx.Cashlogo std.png vs Energy Pacemakerlogo std.png EP.O
2014 LSPL Spring AcFun AcFunlogo std.png vs TClogo std.png TC
2014 LSPL Spring YG YGlogo std.png vs DKlogo std.png DK
SKT LTE-A LoL Masters 2014 Jin Air JAGlogo std.png vs NaJinemfirelogo std.png NaJin
2014 GPL Summer Taiwan Promotion ahq F AHQLogo std.png vs HKA.Plogo std.png HKA.P
2014 LSPL Spring VG Vicilogo std.png vs VElogo std.png VE
2014 GPL Summer Taiwan Promotion Machi Machilogo std.png vs Energy Pacemakerlogo std.png EP.Y