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LEMONNATION.C9 lolesports.PP 0.jpg
Background Information
Name: Daerek Hart
Country of Birth: United States USA
Birthday: June 15, 1989 (1989-06-15) (age 27)
Team: Cloud9 Challenger
Role: Support
League Information
Most Played:
Peak League: ChallengerTier.png Challenger I (NA) 525 LP
Peak League: MasterTier.png Master (KR) 14 LP
Alternate IDs: C9 BananaNation, C9 HyperX Dora, C9 LemonNation, Nom Nom Lemon, Quantic Lemon NT, oRb LemonNation, ShawnOfTheDead, LemonBoy, 넌나한태오빠야 (KR)
Social Media Links
Livestream: Twitch.tv
Facebook: Facebook Fanpage
Twitter: @LemonnNation
Reddit: LemonNation's Reddit
Team History
??? 2012 - Apr 2012
Apr 2012 - Nov 2012
Orbit Gaming
Nov 2012 - Dec 2012
Quantic Gaming
Dec 2012 - Apr 2013
Apr 2013 - May 2013
Quantic Gaming
May 2013 - Present
Cloud9 Challenger
Apr 2016 - Present
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Daerek "LemonNation" Hart is the Support for Cloud9 Challenger.

Current Statistics

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Daerek was raised in Eden Prairie, Minnesota where he grew up playing video games.

League of Legends Career

As he progressed in League of Legends, he became known in the high elo ladders for being an only support player, actually playing solely
for a long period of time. He eventually reached rank 1 in solo queue in Season 2 using only support. It was during Season 2 that he was invited to join the team HOODSTOMPGRAVESGG, whose roster consisted of Hoodstomp, LiNk, Yoda, and Vech. This team soon after was picked up in April 2012 by the Orbit Gaming organization to actively compete. LemonNation and his team went through roster changes quickly after joining, however the team went on to pave a strong up and coming name for themselves, placing high in tournaments they entered.

In November 2012, Daerek with his teammates left the brand. Becoming a well known team by this point, they were acquired by Quantic Gaming. It was short-lived as the organization decided to disband. The players went on to compete under the name Team NomNom, which became Cloud 9. Still playing support, in January 2013, Daerek's team came close but were unsuccessful on becoming a team on Riot's new upcoming Season 3 professional competitive league, Riot Season 3 NA Championship Series. Adding new players to the roster after others had left, LemonNation and company were again picked up by revamped Quantic Gaming. This new team was discussed as one of the top amateur teams in the competitive scene, winning the 2013 MLG Winter Championship Summer Promotion Qualifier. Afterwards, the Quantic team achieved what they previously faltered on and won a spot at Season 3 LCS Summer Promotion, beating compLexity Gaming and becoming a new team on the LCS for the summer series.

In May 2013, Lemon and the team decided to part ways with the organization and reform to play under their old name, Cloud 9.

On October 23rd 2015, LemonNation moved from Support to a Staff position. [1]


  • Rank 1 in solo queue at the end of Season 2 and in Season 3 playing only support.
  • Only used
    in solo queue in high elo for large span of time.
  • He is the only remaining player from the team's original roster, which consisted of the members of HOODSTOMPGRAVESGG.
  • His name is derived from his middle name, Lemon.
  • Favorite support is
    , least favorite support is
  • Enjoys Magic: The Gathering.
  • Has a Master's Degree in Software Engineering from University of St. Thomas.
  • Pioneered AP
  • Looks up to Edward.
  • Known for being the first support
    in a competitive match.
  • League of Legends was his first MOBA game.
  • He created his first account, ShawnOfTheDead, on the 1st of January, 2010.
  • Made it into the LCS with Quantic Gaming (now Cloud 9).
  • Lemon's teammates claim he has a bad PR (Public Relations) filter, he has said things that could be considered inappropriate such as his suicide comment on the LCS stream.
  • He never uses skins for his champions.[2]


Team Achievements
Date Event Results
2016-07-20 CS NA logo.png 2016 NACS Summer Gold.png
3 : 2

Team Achievements
Date Event Results
2015-04-19 NA LCS.png 2015 NA LCS Spring Silver.png
1 : 3

Team Achievements
Date Event Results
2014-12-07 Esltumbnail.png IEM Season IX - San Jose Gold.png
3 : 0
2014-09-01 NA LCS.png 2014 NA LCS Summer Silver.png
2 : 3
2014-04-20 NA LCS.png 2014 NA LCS Spring Gold.png
3 : 0

Team Achievements
Date Event Results
2013-09-02 NA LCS.png Season 3 NA LCS Summer Gold.png
3 : 0
2013-03-17 MLG-Logo-Small.png 2013 MLG Winter Championship Summer Promotion Qualifier Gold.png
2 : 0
2013-02-13 MLG-Logo-Small.png Rising Stars Invitational #5 Gold.png
2 : 0
2013-02-06 MLG-Logo-Small.png Rising Stars Invitational #4 Gold.png
2 : 0
2013-01-18 MLG-Logo-Small.png Rising Stars Invitational #1 Gold.png
2 : 0
2013-01-06 Tsm25.png Solomid NA Invitational 12 Bronze.png
0 : 2

Team Achievements
Date Event Results
2012-12-16 Tsm25.png SoloMid Series - Finals Silver.png
1 : 3
2012-11-18 Tsm25.png SoloMid Series - Week 4 Bronze.png
0 : 2
2012-11-11 Lone Star Clash 2.png Lone Star Clash 2 Bronze.png
0 : 2
2012-10-28 Tsm25.png SoloMid Series - Week 2 Silver.png
0 : 2
2012-10-21 Tsm25.png SoloMid Series - Week 1 Silver.png
1 : 2
2012-09-30 Emssmalllogo.png SoloMid NA Invitational 11 Gold.png
2 : 0
2012-08-26 MLG-Logo-Small.png 2012 MLG Summer Championship Copper.png
1 : 2
2012-08-19 Tsm25.png SoloMid NA Invitational 7 Bronze.png
0 : 2
2012-07-08 Tsm25.png SoloMid NA Invitational 4 Gold.png
2 : 1
2012-07-01 LPLogoBook25x25.png Leaguepedia NA Invitational Gold.png
2 : 0
2012-06-24 Tsm25.png Solomid NA Invitational 2 Bronze.png
1 : 2


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