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Background Information
Name: Yoon Ha-woon (윤하운)
Country of Birth: South Korea South Korea
Birthday: November 16, 1991 (1991-11-16) (age 25)
Role: TopLaner Icon.png Top Laner
League Information
Peak League: ChallengerTier.png Challenger (KR)
Alternate IDs: 3년만의휴식
Social Media Links
TwitchLogo.png FacebookIcon.png TwitterIcon.png YoutubeIcon.png
Team History
??? - ??? 2012
Extreme Dive Gaming
??? 2012 - Jun 2012
NaJin Shield
Jun 2012 - May 2013
NaJin Sword
May 2013 - Oct 2013
KT Rolster Arrows
Oct 2013 - Jan 2014
CJ Entus Frost
May 2014 - July 2014
paiN Gaming
Oct 2014 - Jan 2015
Team Fusion Gaming
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Overview   Champion Statistics   Match History    

Yoon "MakNooN" Ha-woon (윤하운) is a high elo player, who previously played as TopLaner Icon.png Top Laner for Team Fusion Gaming.


  • His favorite champions are
    , and
    , especially his impressive
    performance which is being called "Makdalee" among Koreans.[1]
  • First English learned on NA server was "WTF".
  • Had three accounts in the top 25 during season 1(MakNoon, Luise, and Unnamed PC II).
  • Was ranked number 1 in Warhammer 40k.
  • Has a rivalry with Locodoco.
  • Is known for his extremely aggressive play style and tower dives.
  • To get Chauster back for coming up with the name "Maknoob", Maknoon decided to learn English.
  • Is highly proficient in both top and mid, with a huge repertoire of champions. In addition to this, he was considered one of the best top laners of all time, losing the all stars vote to Shy by less than a percent.
  • Known for playing champions that were considered underpowered or underplayed in solo queue during Season 1, such as
  • Represented Korea at the Riot World Invitational held in Las Vegas.[2]
  • His parents began to support his gaming career after he beat MiG Frost (later Azubu Frost, now CJ Entus Frost) to become the Korean representative for WCG 2011 League of Legends. Before that, they were quite opposed to his dream of becoming a professional gamer.
  • His future goal is to travel the world after he retires as a pro gamer.
  • MVP at OLYMPUS Champions Winter 2012-2013, $ 9,195 award.
  • Is known for his trolling playstyle at the Riot World Invitational held in Las Vegas.[3]
  • MaKNooN means "The Last smile with eyes" in Korean.
  • He is known for his insane Poppy.


Team Achievements
Date Event Results
2014-01-03 Ogn logo.png PANDORA.TV Champions Winter 2013-2014 A55 - 8th
0 : 3

Team Achievements
Date Event Results
2013-12-01 Esltumbnail.png IEM Season VIII - Singapore A22nd
0 : 2
2013-06-14 NLB Logo Small.png emTek NiceGameTV Battle Spring 2013 A11st
3 : 0
2013-05-17 Ogn logo.png OLYMPUS Champions Spring 2013 A55 - 8th
1 : 3
2013-04-16 StarsWar logo.png GIGABYTE StarsWar League Season 2 A33rd
0 : 3
2013-02-22 ClubMastersLogoSmall.png OGN Club Masters A55 - 6th
0-1-1 Groups/RR
2013-02-02 Ogn logo.png OLYMPUS Champions Winter 2012-2013 A11st
3 : 0

Team Achievements
Date Event Results
2012-11-04 MLG-Logo-Small.png 2012 MLG Fall Championship A22nd
1 : 4
2012-10-13 Worlds Logosmall.png Season 2 World Championship A55 - 8th
0 : 2
2012-09-21 RpPoints.png Season Two Regional Finals - Seoul A11st
3 : 2
2012-08-31 Ogn logo.png Azubu The Champions Summer 2012 A33rd
2 : 0
2012-04-18 Ogn logo.png Azubu The Champions Spring 2012 A55 - 8th
1 : 2

Individual Achievements
Date Event Award Team
2013-02-02 Ogn logo.png OLYMPUS Champions Winter 2012-2013 Final MVP



  • CJ Frost (2013-2014 OGN Winter)
  • NaJin Sword (S2 World Championship)


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