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Background Information
Name: William Hartman
Country of Birth: United States USA
Team: Phoenix1
Role: SubIcon.png Substitute Jungler
League Information
Most Played:
Peak League: ChallengerTier.png Challenger I (NA)
Alternate IDs: C10 Meteos, C9 Meteos, Short Dog, Long Dong
Social Media Links
TwitchLogo.png FacebookIcon.png TwitterIcon.png Instagram.png PlaystvIcon.png
Team History
Sep 2012 - Feb 2013
Team Normal Stars
Feb 2013 - May 2013
compLexity Gaming
Mar 2013 - Apr 2013
Apr 2013 - May 2013
Quantic Gaming
May 2013 - Feb 2017
Feb 2017 - Present
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Overview   Champion Statistics   Match History    

William "Meteos" Hartman is the SubIcon.png Substitute Jungler for Phoenix1.


Although he was born in Massachusetts, Meteos grew up in Fairfax, Virginia. He became interested in games when he was five after he used his dad's Game Boy. Before leaving school to play League of Legends, he was a sophomore at Christopher Newport University working towards a degree in Computer Science.

Meteos was introduced to League of Legends by his brother. His first earliest favorite champion was
. He played ADC in Season 2, but eventually switched to Jungle in April of 2012. He ranked up playing
, a champion that came to be associated with him. He favored Jungle
in Season 3.

Meteos played "High Elo" normal games for a long time, earning over 3500 wins. At some point, he and a his friends decided to form Team Normal Stars to compete in Go4LoL tournaments. Although they were able to win consistently, they disbanded before the first LCS qualifying games because their top laner was too young to compete. He became friends with WildTurtle, who asked him to be a sub for Cloud9. Since the team hadn't decided on a Jungler, he asked if he could join full time. Meteos joined Cloud9 in early March after subbing for them in the MLG Rising Stars Invitational and IPL 6 qualifiers.

His original in-game name was "Long Dong" before it was changed to "Short Dog" for being offensive. But after an inactive name sweep, his current account's name became available. "Meteos" was the name he used in WoW for five years -- it comes from a Nintendo DS game by the same name that happened to be on his desk at the time he created his WoW account.

League of Legends

On July 3rd, 2015, Meteos announced that he was stepping down as Cloud9's main jungler and shot caller. Following the announcement, Hai came out of retirement to fill in during the Summer Split Week 6. Meteos extended his thanks for the concern from the community — many wondered if he had a family/health emergency because of some ambiguously worded updates on social media. [1] Meteos said that the team was not playing at its best with him as the shotcaller; he thought that if he stepped back for the rest of the split to let someone else jungle, C9 might avoid relegation. Jack Etienne, the general manager of Cloud9 said, “Meteos is a huge part of Cloud9 and one of the most talented players on our roster.” Meteos is still actively involved in the C9 brand and will even sub for the new jungler as needed.

On May 9th, 2016 it was announced he would return to the active C9 roster as Jungler.[2]

Cloud9 started the split slow, with most of their matches going 3 games. Bunny FuFuu then stepped down from the starting roster, thus giving Smoothie the starting Support role. Cloud9 ended the season strong beating Team EnVyUs (3-1) in the quarterfinals and Immortals (3-2) in the semifinals, but dropping to Team SoloMid in the finals (1-3). They moved to the gauntlet for the Regional Qualifiers where they beat Team EnVyUs (3-0) and Immortals (3-1) giving them the #3 seed for North America in the 2016 World Championship. At Worlds, Meteos and Cloud9 are able to make it out of groups along with SK Telecom T1. They were seeded against Samsung Galaxy in the quarterfinals and lost 0-3.

On December 19th, Cloud9 announced that Contractz has joined the team as the starting Jungler. This means Meteos will be taking the substitute role for the 2017 NA LCS Spring Split.

Prior to Week 5 of 2017 NA LCS Spring, Phoenix1 made an announcement that Meteos will be subbing for Inori. However, TheScore Esports released an article stating that he was traded to Phoenix1 and is an official part of the roster and not just a temporary Sub.[3]


  • Never died during the NA LCS Summer Promotion thus holding a 45 KDA.
  • Known for his
  • In the NA LCS Season 3 Summer Split, he played Zac 7 times with a 100% win rate — his KDA with Zac was 49.
  • Appears in Riot Games - Road to the Cup Season 3 video as
    . [4]
  • Played the bassoon in high school and knows how to ride a unicycle. [5]
  • Known for being heavily sarcastic on his stream.
  • NA Season 3 Regionals MVP
  • 12.7 KDA in Season 3 LCS Summer Split, highest in LCS history [6]
  • Was once banned for elo boosting along with many other pro players such as Rhux, Xmithie, Nyjacky, DontMashMe, Aphromoo, Chuuper
  • Occasionally known to play uncommon junglers including
  • Got a haircut in February of 2016, leaving behind his trademark blond-dyed style

Current Statistics

2017 NA LCS Spring Playoffs

T 0 0 0 0 0 -
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Team Achievements
Date Event Results
2016-10-13 Worlds Logosmall.png 2016 World Championship A55 - 8th
0 : 3
2016-09-05 NA LCS.png 2016 NA LCS Regional Qualifiers I1Q
3 : 1
2016-09-05 NA LCS.png 2016 NA LCS Summer Playoffs A22nd
1 : 2
2016-07-31 NA LCS.png 2016 NA LCS Summer Split A33rd
12 - 6 Groups/RR

Team Achievements
Date Event Results
2015-12-13 All-Star Event 2015.png All-Star Los Angeles 2015 A11st
1075 : 875
2015-12-13 All-Star Event 2015.png All-Star Los Angeles 2015 - All-Star All-Stars A22nd
L : W
2015-12-12 All-Star Event 2015.png All-Star Los Angeles 2015 - Assassin Mode A11st
W : L
2015-07-26 NA LCS.png 2015 NA LCS Summer Split A77th
7 - 12 Groups/RR
2015-04-19 NA LCS.png 2015 NA LCS Spring A22nd
1 : 3
2015-03-29 NA LCS.png 2015 NA LCS Spring Split A22nd
13 - 6 Groups/RR
2015-03-13 Esltumbnail.png IEM IX World Championship Katowice A77 - 8th
0 : 1

Team Achievements
Date Event Results
2014-12-07 Esltumbnail.png IEM Season IX - San Jose A11st
3 : 0
2014-10-04 Worlds Logosmall.png 2014 World Championship A55 - 8th
1 - 3
2014-12-07 NA LCS.png 2014 NA LCS Summer A22nd
2 : 3
2014-08-03 NA LCS.png 2014 NA LCS Summer Regular Season A11st
18 - 10 Groups/RR
2014-05-10 2014Paris.jpg All-Star 2014 A33 - 4th
0 : 2
2014-04-20 NA LCS.png 2014 NA LCS Spring A11st
3 : 0
2014-04-06 NA LCS.png 2014 NA LCS Spring Regular Season A11st
24 - 4 Groups/RR
2014-03-15 Esltumbnail.png IEM Season VIII - World Championship A33 - 4th
1 : 2

Team Achievements
Date Event Results
2013-09-02 NA LCS.png Season 3 NA LCS Summer A11st
3 : 0
2013-03-17 MLG-Logo-Small.png 2013 MLG Winter Championship Summer Promotion Qualifier A11st
2 : 0
2013-02-20 MLG-Logo-Small.png Rising Stars Invitational #6 A11st
2 : 0
2013-02-13 MLG-Logo-Small.png Rising Stars Invitational #5 A11st
2 : 0

Team Achievements
Date Event Results
2012-11-18 Emssmalllogo.png ESL Go4LoL NA #88 A11st
1 : 0
2012-11-11 Emssmalllogo.png ESL Go4LoL NA #87 A11st
1 : 0
2012-10-07 Emssmalllogo.png ESL Go4LoL NA #82 A11st
1 : 0

Individual Awards
Date Event Award Team
2013-09-01 NA LCS.png [[Riot League Championship Series/North America/Season 3/Summer Playoffs


Playoffs MVP


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