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Mineski logo.png
Team Information
Location: Philippines Philippines
Managers: Arjay "Jay3" Orcasitas
Team Captain: Cedrick "Ced" Daez
Sponsor: Globe Telecom
Trippy Customs
Facebook: Mineski-League of Legends
Twitter: Mineskilol
Number of Players: 7
Created: Organization 2004-DD-DD
LoL Division 2012-11-17
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Mineski is a professional gaming organization based out of the Philippines. Founded in 2004, the organization is known as one of the premier Southeast Asian electronic sports group, boasting highly successful players across each competitive genre.


On 17 November 2012, Mineski acquired Team Nirvana.DK to form Mineski League of Legends team. Since the inception, the team has grown and been competitively solid, placing high in all minor tournaments they entered leading up to Season 3. Becoming known as a top contender of the Philippine scene, the team was able to participate in the Season 3 Southeast Asia Regional Finals after coming in 2nd at the Philippine qualifiers. The team would come from loser's bracket to face the team that sent them there in the finals, the powerhouse of Singapore Sentinels. In the grand finals, Mineski would beat the heavy favorite SGS to place first, granting them a coveted spot at Season 3 World Championship.

At the Championship, Mineski would face off against the world's best in their first big international tournament. Despite good efforts and becoming a fan favorite during groups, they would not advance to the bracket stage, going 0-8, finishing 14th and gaining good experience for their future endeavors.





Player Roster

2015 PGS Spring Roster
Left to Right: Tgee, Kaigu, Yume, Snoy, Exo


ID Name Role
Philippines Tgee Gerald Gianne Gelacio Top
Philippines Makulit James Calumpag Jungle
Philippines Yume Danyll Jann Balisi Mid
Philippines Exo Eric Allen Gubatan AD
Philippines Noel Noel Cruz Support
Philippines Ced Cedrick Daez Sub
Philippines Hamezu Hamez Santos Sub


ID Name Role Next Team
Philippines Exo Eric Allen Gubatan AD
Manila Eagles
Philippines Kaigu Jon Lance Hernandez Jungle
Imperium Pro Team
Philippines Snoy Elijah Joshua Guerrero Top
Imperium Pro Team
Philippines Shoot Dennis Librando Support
Philippines Ezra Wen Honrubia Jungle
CMStorm Gaming


ID Name Position
Philippines Jay3 Arjay Orcasitas Manager

Team Achievements

In Premier Tournaments
Date Place Event Result Winnings
2013-12-13 Gpllogo small.png A55 - 8th 2014 GPL Winter 0 : 3
Taipei Snipers
$ 8,000
2013-10-04 RpPoints.png B313 - 14th Season 3 World Championship 0 : 8 Group Stage (W/L) $ 25,000

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