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Natus Vincere.CIS
Team Information
Location: Ukraine Ukraine
Number of Players: 6
Team Staff
Coaches: Kristoffer Rene Utama "Utama" Odland
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Created: 2015-12-29
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Natus Vincere (Na'Vi) is an Ukrainian multigaming eSports organization formed in December 2009. They currently sponsor players and teams for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, FIFA, StarCraft II and World of Tanks. It is particularly well-known for its DotA 2 team, which reached the first three grand finals of The International, won the very first one in 2011 and includes Danil Ishutin (Dendi), speculated as one of the DotA mid players who could compete in League of Legends. Dendi has also played League and was once rumored to be competing with Curse in an IEM League tournament in Kiev.


After announcing the formation of a Challenger team that will participate in the EU Challenger Series, Na`Vi announced on December 29th, 2015 the acquisition of the roster of Dolphins to participate in SLTV.


Player Roster

ID Name Role
Sweden Zvene Simón Gustaf Top
Russia Gumbeq Ruslan Pozdniakov Jungle
Poland niQ Sebastian Robak Mid
Ukraine aMiracle Vladislav Scherbyna AD
Russia skash Arthur Ermolaev Support

ID Name Role
Russia JustNo0b Egor Erohin Sub

ID Name Role Next Team
Russia Lasagna Ilya Melkumov Jungle
Russia VincentVega Egor Medvedev AD
Denmark Doxy Rafael Adl Zarabi Top
Lithuania Saulius Saulius Lukošius Mid
Sweden Zvene Simon Svensson Top


ID Name Position
Norway Utama Kristoffer Rene Utama Odland Head Coach

ID Name Position Next Team
Germany Liq Hans Christian Dürr Team Manager
Netherlands Daisyx Ruben Korte Head Coach
Galatasaray Esports
Russia dayruin Boris Shcherbakov Coach
Russia Genes1s Alexey Romanov Head Coach

Team Achievements

2016 Tournaments
Date Place Event Result Winnings
2017-03-25 LCL.png I1Q 2017 LCL Summer Promotion 3 : 1
2017-03-19 LCL.png A77th 2017 LCL Spring Split 3 - 11 Group Stage/Round Robin (W/L) 150,000 RUB

2016 Tournaments
Date Place Event Result Winnings
2016-08-13 LCL.png A33 - 4th 2016 LCL Summer Playoffs 2 : 3
Vega Squadron
625,000 RUB
2016-07-10 LCL.png A44th 2016 LCL Summer Split 8 : 6 Group Stage/Round Robin (W/L)
2016-03-28 LCL.png A44th 2016 LCL Spring Playoffs 0 : 2
Vega Squadron
500,000 RUB
2016-02-28 LCL.png A33rd 2016 LCL Spring Split 9 : 5 Group Stage/Round Robin (W/L)


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