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Background Information
Name: Zach Malhas
Country of Birth: United States USA
Birthday: July 1, 1994 (1994-07-01) (age 21)
Team: Team EnVyUs
Role: AD
League Information
Peak League: ChallengerTier.png Challenger (NA)
Alternate IDs: Nientonsoh
Quantic Nien
Quantic Nientonsoh
oRb Nien
MRN Nientonsoh
CLG Nien
Xflying penguinX
x L U F F Y x
Social Media Links
Livestream: Twitch
Facebook: Facebook Fanpage
Twitter: @T8Nien
Reddit: Nien's Reddit
Team History
??? - May 2012
nFear Gaming
May 2012 - Nov 2012
Orbit Gaming
Nov 2012 - Dec 2012
Quantic Gaming
Dec 2012 - Jan 2013
Cloud 9
Jan 2013 - Feb 2013
Azure Cats
Jan 2013 - May 2013
Team MRN
May 2013 - June 2014
Counter Logic Gaming
May 2014 - ???
Frank Fang Gaming
Oct 2014 - May 2015
Team Fusion Gaming
May 2015 - Oct 2015
Team 8
Oct 2015 - Dec 2015
May 2016 - Present
Team EnVyUs
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Overview   Champion Statistics   Match History    

Zach "Nien" Malhas is the AD Carry for Team EnVyUs.

Current Statistics

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Nien started out playing Heroes of Newerth, often with Scarra and he was ranked in the top ten. He also played World of Warcraft, where he was a rank 1 Warlock in PvP. After seeing Scarra's success in LoL and getting bored of HoN, he moved on to League of Legends. Being picked up by Team MRN as a substitute, Nien played a lot of Solo Queue, getting to the number 1 spot in Challenger. Team MRN then made Nientonsoh a starter, putting him at AD Carry, replacing Heartbeat, who in turn became the starting support player, forcing AtomicN to become a substitute. On May 26th 2013, Nientonsoh was named Top laner for Counter Logic Gaming, replacing HotshotGG.[1]

On April 23rd, 2014, Nientonsoh stepped down as top laner for Counter Logic Gaming and is now a sub.[2]


  • After nubbypoohbear's departure, Nien transitioned from AD to Mid for Orbit Gaming.
  • Nien was in the Season 3 Challenger Tier and reached a peak rank of number one with 1,001 league points and was the first player to achieve over 1,000 league points
  • Scored an unofficial Pentakill with
    against CLG during Riot Season 3 NA Spring Season
  • Nien was the first person eliminated from the Best Riven NA Tournament
  • Nien has played Mid lane, AD carry and Top lane competitively.
  • Known for his Elise especially during MLG Anaheim where he took 3 Inhibitors and got a triple kill against TSM, winning the game.
  • Was part of the Season 3 World Championship Analyst desk.[3]


Team Achievements
Date Event Results
2015-04-07 CS NA logo.png 2015 NACS Spring Bronze.png
2 : 0

Team Achievements
Date Event Results
2013-01-06 Tsm25.png Solomid NA Invitational 12 Bronze.png

Team Achievements
Date Event Results
2012-12-16 Tsm25.png SoloMid Series - Finals Silver.png
2012-11-18 Tsm25.png SoloMid Series - Week 4 Bronze.png
2012-11-11 Lone Star Clash 2 Bronze.png
2012-10-28 Tsm25.png SoloMid Series - Week 2 Silver.png
2012-10-21 Tsm25.png SoloMid Series - Week 1 Silver.png
2012-09-30 Tsm25.png SoloMid NA Invitational 11 Gold.png
2012-08-26 MLG-Logo-Small.png 2012 MLG Summer Championship Copper.png
2012-08-19 Tsm25.png SoloMid NA Invitational 7 Bronze.png
2012-07-08 Tsm25.png SoloMid NA Invitational 4 Gold.png
2012-07-01 LPLogoBook25x25.png Leaguepedia NA Invitational Gold.png
2012-06-24 Tsm25.png SoloMid NA Invitational 2 Bronze.png




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  3. Casters and analysts announced for Worlds