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Background Information
Name: Chenglong Wang
Country of Birth: China China
Team: Team Liquid
Role: Sub/Mid
League Information
Peak League: ChallengerTier.png Challenger I (NA)
Alternate IDs: Pro Nyjacky, Crs Nyjacky, Crs Veigar, chubbybear, Juror, kkkay11, NySunlight, L1ttle Asian Man, Crs Bear
Social Media Links
link=Twitch FacebookIcon.png TwitterIcon.png YoutubeIcon.png RedditIcon.png
Team History
??? - ???
Number One
??? - Aug 2011
unRestricted eSports
Aug 2011 - May 2014
Team Curse
Oct 2013 - May 2014
Team LoLPro
Jan 2015 - Present
Team Liquid
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Chenglong "Nyjacky" Wang is the Sub/Mid for Team Liquid.


Nyjacky is originally from China, and moved to New York, New York in the United States in 2007.[1] He used to play World of Warcraft and moved to League of Legends after getting burnt out. He then got on team Number One due to his high elo. Number One's team captain was TheRainMan. When Nyjacky was offered a spot for TSM's top lane, he declined and TheRainMan took it instead. Nyjacky later joined Curse Gaming. [2]


  • Known for his
    and lately,
  • His recent play in the North American LCS with
    Twisted Fate
    has been solid as he holds a 22 KDA with the champion
  • Is in the process of improving mechanics with champions such as
  • Has several smurfs in the top 100 (Crs Veigar, chubbybear, L1ttle Asian man, etc.)
    • Chubbybear is also the name of a stuffed bear that was given to Nyjacky by his mother. [3]
  • His English name (Jacky) originated as a nickname, based off the fact that his Chinese name (Chenglong) is shared with Jackie Chan.
  • His favorite games outside of League of Legends are Super Meat Boy, World of Warcraft, The Binding of Isaac and Minesweeper, which he plays at an insane speed. [4]
  • He is majoring in Computer Science.[5]
  • His favorite foods are Sushi, Korean BBQ, and Chinese food. [6]
  • Nyjacky's name is pronounced "En Why Jacky" the NY in his name stands for New York
  • Nyjacky has been banned for a short time for elo boosting along with many other pro plays such as Rhux, Xmithie, Meteos, DontMashMe, Aphromoo, Chuuper





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