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SK Nyph S4.jpg
Background Information
Name: Patrick Funke
Team: Alliance
Alternate IDs: SK Nyph, Neramun, Nyph
Country: Germany Germany
Birthday: March 11, 1990 (1990-03-11) (age 24)
Peak League: ChallengerTier.png Challenger I (EUW)
Role: Support
Facebook: Facebook Fanpage
Favorite champions:     
Team History
Feb 2011 - Jun 2011Gameddelogo std.png Team GAMED.DE
Jun 2011 - Dec 2013Sklogo std.png SK Gaming
Dec 2013 - PresentAlogo std.png Alliance
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Patrick "Nyph" Funke is the support player for Alliance.



Nyph is a League of Legends player coming from Kirchheim unter Teck (not too far from Stuttgart), Germany. The first game he ever played was The Legend of Zelda (the first installment of the Zelda franchise). He would go on to play games such as FIFA World Cup 1998, Anno 1604, The Elder Scrolls (Morrowind, Oblivion and Skyrim later on), Warcraft III (mostly the custom maps), World of Warcraft and Dawn of War.

He would play Dark Age of Camelot and Counter-Strike: Source semi-competitively. One of the friends he made in Dark Age of Camelot, along with friends, incited him to try League of Legends. At first, he was reluctant - even skipping the opportunity to play during the beta. He would eventually start playing the game when Nidalee was released (end of 2009 / early January 2010). He would reach level 30 along with hitting the Top 500 milestone before Ranked games were installed.

At the start of Season 1, Nyph would ascend through the Ranked solo-queue ladder by playing mostly supports - which led him to specialize in the role. Nyph took his first step into the competitive LoL-scene by joining the German squad from Gamed!de, which today he considers "one of the best European teams" at that time.[1] They placed 6th at the Riot Season 1 Championship. One of the highlights of his career was beating then-SK Gaming during the qualifiers leading to that event.

Nyph left the team eventually and formed SK Gaming's new bot lane together with his close friend Candy Panda in June 2011.[2] Within SK Gaming, he would experience the other highlight of his career: beating Counter Logic Gaming Europe during the Season 2 European Regionals and guaranteeing the team's place as a Top 2 European seed in the Season 2 World Championship.

He used to work as an electronics engineer while playing League of Legends professionally. He took the decision to go full-time in League of Legends in 2012.


  • During his World of Warcraft days, he would start the names of his characters with "Ny". One of his characters was named Nyphen. That nickname would eventually be shortened to Nyph. His Counter-Strike handle was "Nyt".
  • Used to play a lot of  Twisted Fate,  Annie,  Evelynn and  Taric (the latter as part of a Taric/Pantheon botlane) before the start of Season 1.
  • Nyph's first main champion was  Janna.
  • His fondness for champions that are focused on healing, buffing and protecting fellow team-mates stems from his background as an avid Dark Age of Camelot and DotA player.
  • Achieved rank 1 on the EUW Solo Q ladder in June 2013.
  • Used to play basketball competitively at a high level until the age of 19.
  • Likes to eat lasagna and spätzle. Likes drinking radler after an exhausting day.
  • Likes fantasy adventure books (such as Game of Thrones and Lord of the Rings).
  • Likes to watch comedy shows (such as How I Met Your Mother). Used to watch the basketball drama show One Tree Hill.
  • Watches Naruto and used to watch the Death Note anime.

LCS Statistics

    Champion Pick Statistic for the LCS Spring 2014 Season
    Champion Picks Wins Losses Win %
     Thresh 9 5 4 55.6
     Leona 6 3 3 50
     Annie 3 1 2 33.3
     Lulu 2 1 1 50
     Nami 1 1 0 100
     Morgana 1 1 0 100


Date Event Result
2013-11-30 DreamHack Winter 2013 Gold.png SK Gaming Sklogo std.png 2 : 1 KMTlogo std.png Kiedys Mialem Team
2013-11-17 EUW Challenger Series Week 15 Cup Gold.png SK Gaming Sklogo std.png 3 : 2 Tcmlogo std.png TCM-Gaming
2013-04-28 LCS Europe Season 3 Spring Playoffs Copper.png SK Gaming Sklogo std.png 0 : 2 Eglogo std.png Evil Geniuses
Date Event Result
2012-11-11 Tales of the Lane Copper.png SK Gaming Sklogo std.png 0 : 2 M5logo std.png Moscow Five
2012-08-19 Season Two Regional Finals Silver.png SK Gaming Sklogo std.png 0 : 2 M5logo std.png Moscow Five
2012-07-29 European Challenger Circuit: Poland Bronze.png SK Gaming Sklogo std.png 2 : 1 Crslogo std.png Team Curse Europe
2012-01-22 IEM Season VI - Global Challenge Kiev Copper.png SK Gaming Sklogo std.png 1 : 2 Dignitaslogo std.png Team Dignitas
Date Event Result
2011-10-16 IEM Season VI - Global Challenge New York Silver.png SK Gaming Sklogo std.png 0 : 2 Fnaticlogo std.png Fnatic
2011-10-05 IEM Season VI - Global Challenge Guangzhou Bronze.png SK Gaming Sklogo std.png 2 : 1 Ehlogo std.png EHOME








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