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www. www. www.euw.



Casters/Hosts [1] [2]

Riot (Lead Content Designer) (Senior Game analyst) (Web Content Specialist) (Senior Conceptual Artist) (CEO and Founder of Riot) (College Community) (Assistant Champion Designer) (Global eSports Manager) (League and Player Relations) (Associate Network Administrator) (eSports Coordinator) (Champion Designer) (Senior Spectator Operator) (Senior eSports Coordinator) (VP of eSports) (Operations?) (Game Designer) (eSports Manager) (Director of Player Experience) (Gameplay Videographer) (Game Designer) (Game Designer) (Associate Creative Designer) (Video Producer) (President)

Players? imPobelter

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Other Sources -Interviews with Riot Employees or Players -Videos featuring Riot Employees or Players -Images taken of Riot Employees or Players