Qiao Gu Reapers

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Qiao Gu Reapers
Team Information
Location: China China
Number of Players: 10
Team Staff
Coaches: Choi "BanBazi" Myung-won
Managers: Li "Linko" Lin-ke
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Qiao Gu Reapers is a Chinese team participating in the LP, founded in 2015.



Qiao Gu Reapers' first tournament appearance went well. The team finished 3rd in the 2015 Demacia Cup Spring Season, losing to Team WE 2:3 in the 3rd place match. Qiao Gu managed to get 1st place in the 2015 LSPL Spring Playoffs, defeating Vici Potential Gaming 3:1 in the finals and auto-qualifying for the Summer Split LPL. The team had an impressive first split in the LPL, finishing in 2nd place during the regular season with 7 wins, 14 draws and only 1 loss. In the playoffs, Qiao Gu was able to reach 2nd place only falling to LGD Gaming 2:3 in the finals. This meant that they had to play in the 2015 Regional Qualifiers for a chance to qualify to Worlds. Invictus Gaming proved to be Qiao Gu's undoing, defeating them 2:0 in Round 1 and 3:0 in the Loser's Bracket. As a result of this, Qiao Gu was unable to qualify for the 2015 World Championship. Despite not qualifying for Worlds, Qiao Gu attended IEM Season X - Cologne and defeated Team Dignitas and Fnatic to reach the finals. They would however lose to a surging Ever 2:3 in the finals, ending their run at the tournament in 2nd place. Soon after the event, the team was picked up by Newbee but they would remain as Qiao Gu Reapers instead of re-branding.


QG went on to attend the IEM Season X - World Championship but had a poor showing, falling to Fnatic 1:2 in Round 2 of the Loser's Bracket and finishing 5th/6th. The 2016 Season of the LPL started well for Qiao Gu. They went undefeated in the first 4 weeks of play winning 7 Bo3 matches and only dropped a single game. The remaining 6 weeks didn't go as well for them as they lost 5 series matches and only won 4. Despite their poor second half of the regular season, the team still finished 1st in their group and was automatically placed in the Semifinals. Their playoff run would not last long however. Qiao Gu was plagued with internal conflict and it was reported Doinb had problems with fellow teammate Swift. The team tried to bring back Dade to their line-up and play with him as starting mid laner but this was denied by the League of Legends Association of Chinese Esports. With their substitute mid laner Mortred suffering a hand injury and their other mid laner Borisal being unable to attend, Qiao Gu forfeited their Semifinal match vs EDG due to being unable to field a mid laner. The team was able to play in the 3rd place match with Peco as starting mid laner but they were swept 0:3 by Team WE.[1]

The team would then re-brand to Newbee for the Summer Split. In the off-season after Newbee Young qualified for the LPL, they re-branded their team to the Qiao Gu Reapers in order to compete in the 2017 LPL Season.


  • December 24th, Newbee acquires Qiao Gu. Uzi joins the roster while Hiro leaves.

Player Roster

ID Name Role
China Chen Chen Zhe (陈哲) Top
Hong Kong Kabe Kan Ho-man (简浩文) Top
South Korea Clid Kim Tae-min (김태민) Jungle
China xinyi Chang Ping (常平) Jungle
South Korea Doinb Kim Tae-sang (김태상) Mid
China Alone Wang Zijun (王子君) AD
China Candyseven Tang Xin (唐鑫) AD
South Korea LoKeN Lee Dong-Wook (이동욱) AD
China Cloud Hu Zhen-Wei (胡振威) Support
China Ali Liu Xudong (刘旭东) Support

ID Name Role New Team
South Korea Khan Kim Dong-ha Top
China V Bao Bo (鮑波) Top
South Korea Swift Baek Dae-Hoon (백다훈) Jungle
South Korea Dade Bae Eo-Jin (배어진) Mid
China Peco Yu Rui (喻瑞) AD
China Mor Zhang Hong-Wei (张洪伟) Support
China Uzi Jian Zi-Hao (简自豪) AD
South Korea Borisal Kim Yeong-hoon Mid
China Mortred Huang Zi-Kun (黄子坤) Mid
China Ss17 Xu Zhao (徐曌) Top Retired.png Retired


ID Name Role
South Korea BanBazi Choi Myung-won Coach
China Linko Li Lin-Ke (李林客) Manager

ID Name Position Next Team

Team Achievements

In Premier Tournaments
Date Place Event Result Winnings
2016-04-18 LPL.png A44th 2016 LPL Spring Playoffs 0 : 3
Team WE
¥ 300,000
2016-04-10 LPL.png A11st 2016 LPL Spring Split Group A 11 : 5 Group Stage/Round Robin (W/L)
2016-03-05 Esltumbnail.png A55 - 6th IEM X World Championship 1 : 2
$ 3,500

In Premier Tournaments
Date Place Event Result Winnings
2015-12-20 Esltumbnail.png A22nd IEM X Cologne 2 : 3
$ 11,000
2015-09-05 LPL.png A33rd 2015 LPL Regional Qualifiers 0 : 3
Invictus Gaming
2015-08-23 LPL.png A22nd 2015 LPL Summer Playoffs 2 : 3
LGD Gaming
¥ 400,000
2015-08-09 LPL.png A22nd 2015 LPL Summer Split 28 : 16 Group Stage/Round Robin (W/L)
2015-06-29 DemaciaCup Logosmall.png A99 - 16th 2015 Demacia Cup Summer Season 1 : 3
LGD Gaming
2015-04-09 LSPL logo Small.png A11st 2015 LSPL Spring Playoffs 3 : 1
Unlimited Potential
¥ 200,000
2015-03-29 DemaciaCup Logosmall.png A33rd 2015 Demacia Cup Spring Season 3 : 2
Team WE
¥ 50,000

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