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Background Information
Name: Zachary Scuderi
Team: Cloud 9
Alternate IDs: C9 StealthBomber, C9 Sneaky, d SnEaKyCaStRo, SnEaKyCaStRoO, Pulse CaStRo, Heathers Suka, AL SnEaKyCaStRo
Country: United States USA
Birthday: March 19, 1994 (1994-03-19) (age 20)
Peak League: ChallengerTier.png Challenger I (NA) 1164 LP
Role: AD
Facebook: Facebook Fanpage
Favorite champions:     
Team History
Apr 2012 - Jun 2012Ordinancelogo std.png Ordinance Gaming
Jun 2012 - Sep 2012Allogo std.png Absolute Legends North America
Sep 2012 - Feb 2013Pulse Esports std.png Pulse Esports
Feb 2013 - Apr 2013Dignitaslogo std.png Team Dignitas
April 2013 - May 2013Quantic std.png Quantic Gaming
May 2013 - PresentC9logo std.png Cloud 9
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Zachary "Sneaky" Scuderi is the AD Carry for Cloud 9.



Currently residing in California, Sneaky's hometown is Winter Springs, Florida. He played WoW competitively achieving highest rated mage rogue in 2v2's sometime in Season 6. He also played a lot of HoN, along with playing DOTA on the side. Prior to LoL, He was studying Computer Science for a year at Florida Atlantic University before entering the NA LCS.

He began playing League of Legends back in Beta after he received a Beta invite. However, his initial reaction was that the game sucked. This was because in his first game he had no map at all and could only see the champions, towers, and minions. He didn't get into LoL until a few months later when he became bored of HoN.  Gangplank was his first played champion, but he believes  Veigar was his first main. Sneaky's competitive LoL career was kicked started when he was first asked to join a team with jpak after being noticed in Solo Queue. He joined Absolute Legends North America along with jpak in hopes of gaining some competitive experience as well as having fun playing in tournaments. After the team broke up, he created a new team with Kenikth, Onionbagel, Kevîn, and Support Daddy under Pulse eSports. But after losing qualifiers at MLG and IPL and several roster changes, he began to lose confidence in his teams ability to qualify for the summer promotion tournament. Sneaky joins Quantic Gaming on April 6th, 2013 and proceed to qualify for the Summer Season of North American LCS.

Outside of League of Legends, Sneaky enjoys playing video games, along with watching good T.V. shows, such as: Dexter, The Walking Dead and Breaking Bad. In the event that he can no longer play LoL competitively, He might start coaching or go back to school. But if he is still good enough, he'll continue playing.

LCS Statistics

    Champion Pick Statistic for the LCS Spring 2014 Season
    Champion Picks Wins Losses Win %
     Caitlyn 7 7 0 100
     Lucian 6 4 2 66.7
     Sivir 4 4 0 100
     Draven 2 1 1 50
     Ezreal 2 1 1 50
     Jinx 1 1 0 100


  • Originally named SnEaKyCaStRoO, He changed his name to "Sneaky" because he learned the definition of his name on Urban Dictionary.
  • Known for his  Ezreal,  Graves, AD Carry  Jayce. He is one of the few pro players who pick Jayce as an AD Carry.
  • Played  Graves,  Corki,  Brand and  Ahri a lot in Solo Queue.
  • Plays League right-handed, though he writes with his left hand, and is also color blind.[1]


Date Event Result
2013-09-02 LCS North America Season 3 Summer Playoffs Gold.png Cloud 9 C9logo std.png 3 : 0 Tsmlogo std.png Team SoloMid
2013-03-16 2013 MLG Winter Championship Summer Promotion Qualifier SF.png Team Dignitas Dignitaslogo std.png 0 : 2 C9logo std.png Cloud 9
Date Event Result
2012-11-11 SoloMid Series Week 3 Silver.png Pulse Esports Pulse Esports std.png 2 : 3 Clglogo std.png CLG Prime






    • Popularized the CC-heavy  Ashe/ Zyra botlane together with LemonNation during the Season 3 LCS Summer Split.