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Tricked eSport
Tricked logo.png
Team Information
Location: Denmark Denmark
Number of Players: 5
Team Staff
Managers: Mike "MikeyR" Røntved
ROCCAT Unicorn Screen Printing
Føniks Computer
Social Media Links
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Created: 2012-MM-DD Organization
2013-02-15 LoL Division
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Tricked eSport is a Danish based electronic sports club.



  • January 31st, Tricked eSport reforms. FindFinn, Broxah, Casadar, Cr1tbud, and Fittle join.
  • October 27th, Roster is announced. Top - Atom, Jungle - Taikki, Mid - GodBro, AD - Reje and Support - Fittle.[4]
  • December 28th, Taikki leaves.[5]

Player Roster

ID Name Role
Denmark SezzeR Jonatan Villebro Jungle
Denmark Reje Viktor Eriksen AD
Denmark Fittle Anders Wind Support

ID Name Role Next Team
Denmark GodBro Dan Van Vo Mid
CREW eSports
Denmark Atom Peter Thomsen Top
Team Aurora
Finland Taikki Arttu Sirkka Jungle
Team Forge
Denmark FindFinn Lucas Paradecka Top
Denmark Broxah Mads Brock Jungle
Denmark Casadar Mikkel Lund-Madsen Mid
Denmark Cr1tbud Victor Etlar Eriksen AD
Denmark Homer Dennis Simonsen Top
Sweden Mowarth Tobias Sjunnesson Jungle
Sweden Tiridus Johan Sjunnesson Mid
Serbia Sa1na Milos Sainovic AD
Denmark Fittle Anders Wind Support
Denmark Niko3333 Nikolas Madsen Support Retired.png Retired
Poland Babunia Bartosz Dzikowski Top
Dark Passage White
Denmark Trashy Jonas K. Andersen Jungle
Reason Gaming
Denmark Krislund Kristoffer Pedersen AD
Reason Gaming
Denmark Nisbeth Nicolai Nisbeth Support
Sweden Doris Mattias Frisk Top
Sweden ZiViZ Erik Lövgren Mid
Denmark Pholusx Jesper Petersen Top
Denmark Niels HD Jesper Svenningsen AD
CJ Gaming
Denmark EloKratz Jakob Jull Support
Denmark mik0w Mikkel Jensen Mid
Vengeance eSports
Denmark Jesiz Jesse Le Mid
Intellectual Playground
Denmark nesrilaS Rasmus Zülow Pedersen Top
Denmark Hjorth Marc Hjorth Nebelung Laustsen Mid
Intellectual Playground
Denmark RICENUDL Michael Hoang Support
Denmark Vezarn Malik Skaarup Top


ID Name Position
Denmark Physical Morten Jensen Owner
Denmark MikeyR Mike Røntved Manager

ID Name Position Next Team
Denmark Phake Frederik Knudsen General Manager
Reason Gaming

Team Achievements

2017 Tournaments
Date Place Event Result Winnings
2017-01-14 CS EU logo.png I1NQ 2017 EUCS Spring Qualifiers 3 - 2 Group Stage/Round Robin (W/L)

2016 Tournaments
Date Place Event Result Winnings
2016-05-27 CS EU logo.png A44th 2016 EUCS Summer Split 2-3-0 Group Stage/Round Robin (W/L)
2016-03-24 A11st Ragnarok 2016 0 : 3
Riddle eSports
€ 5,000 + CS Qualifier Spot

2013 Tournaments
Date Place Event Result Winnings
2013-11-29 DH-star.png A55 - 8th DreamHack Winter 2013 0 : 3 Group Stage/Round Robin (W/L) kr 10,000
2013-06-01 Scan logo.png A33 - 4th SCAN & NVIDIA EUW Invitational 1 : 2
Eternity Gaming
£ 400
2013-05-13 A33rd The Blast #5 0 : 1
Team Cursive
kr. 1,225
2013-05-10 A11st League of Legends Liga Season 2 2 : 0
Viborg Vipers
kr. 2,000
2013-02-17 A11st HKLAN 2013 2 : 0
No Focus
kr. 4,500

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