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Unicorns Of Love
LOCATION: Germany Germany
COACHES: Fabian "Sheepy" Mallant
MANAGERS: Romain "Khagneur" Bigeard
NEEDforSEAT Twitch eNgage
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CREATED: August 15, 2013(2013-08-15)

Unicorns of Love is one of the LCS teams in Europe. Known for their off meta picks and dramatic play style, they have risen quickly since they emerged in 2014, becoming one of the outstanding teams in the EU. A popular and increasingly beloved team, their unpredictable style makes it hard for enemy teams to prepare against them, but it also leads to inconsistent results from the Unicorns of Love.


Season 4
Unicorns of Love won several Go4LoL tournaments in early 2014 on the EU West server. As the year progressed, they started to play in more prominent challenger events and do well, taking third place in the Summer Black Monster Cup. They participated in the first Spring Series #1 play-in but were eliminated by EYES ON U in the second round.

On May 15th, PowerOfEvil joined the team as the new midlaner, replacing Xodiaz, and the team qualified for the Summer Series #1 of the EUCS, though they lost to Ninjas in Pyjamas 2-0 in the quarterfinals.

Another quarterfinal finish in Summer Series #2 qualified UoL for the Summer Playoffs.

With Gilius now subbing for Dan, the playoffs went particularly well, despite the Unicorns of Love losing to H2k-Gaming in the semifinal. The team went on to beat Ninjas in Pyjamas in the 3rd place match, securing themselves a spot at the Spring Promotion Tournament. At this point, Gilius was made a full member of the UoL roster.[1]

With the Promotion Tournament came a chance for the Unicorns of Love to qualify for the 2015 LCS Spring Split. The Promotion Tournament was a huge success, with the team beating Millenium 3-2 in their promotion matchup. This meant that they would be playing in the LCS the following season.

Pre-Season 5

On September 24th, it was announced that Gilius had been replaced by Kikis.[2]

Unicorns of Love were the European team fan-voted to IEM San Jose.[3] With a roster of Vizicsacsi, Kikis, PowerOfEvil, Vardags, and Hylissang at the tournament, they surprised audiences by making it to the semifinals after defeating Lyon Gaming 2-0 and then Team SoloMid (using the same lineup that later won TSM the IEM World Championship) 2-0 by pulling off Twisted Fate in the jungle to earn a spot in the finals against Cloud9, who bested them 3-0.

Season 5

In their LCS debut in the 2015 LCS Spring Split, the Unicorns displayed crowd-winning and effective performances to become the second team after Cloud9 to reach an LCS final in their rookie split (not counting the founding members of LCS). In the regular season, they were involved in the best game of either LCS to that point, beating Fnatic after saving their own Nexus at the last moment twice, and eventually finished fourth in the standings to make the playoffs. They beat Gambit Gaming 3-1 in the quarters, capped off by picking
for the deciding fourth game (the first time he had been picked in the European LCS all split). They followed it up with an upset of top seed SK Gaming 3-2 after a Game 5 that stretched over 50 minutes and included a crucial Baron steal from PowerOfEvil and scrappy defense to overcome a 7-kill deficit (and a gold deficit to match) to get to the late game, which their composition was designed for.

Season 6
The team started their Spring Split with Vizicsacsi, Diamondprox, Fox, Steelback and Hylissang on the roster and they ended Week 2 with a 3-1 standing. For Week 3, the team had to bring in Djoko (Millenium's Jungler) to sub in for Diamondprox who had to deal with some visa issues. For Week 4, the team brought in Rudy to replace Djoko, to replace Diamondprox. Rudy played until Week 6 then he was replaced by loulex for Weeks 7-9. Unicorns of Love ended the regular split at 5th place with a 10-8 standing. They went on to playoffs, with loulex still the starting Jungler for the team, and finished 5th-6th after losing to Origen (0-3).

After the Spring Split, the Unicorns made an announcement that they are releasing Diamondprox, since his visa issue is something the team/organization cannot help him with. This was then followed by the departure of Steelback, loulex and Fox to pursue other opportunities. On May 19th, the team announced that Move, Exileh and Veritas will join the team as starting Jungler, Mid Laner and AD Carry respectively for the Summer Split.

In Summer, the team finished at 6th in the round robin stage and 4th in the playoffs, beating GIANTS! Gaming (3-1) in the quarterfinals but losing to G2 Esports (1-3) in the semifinals and H2k-Gaming (1-3) in the 3rd place match. The team, however, still qualified to the Regional Qualifiers as they have earned enough points from both split. In said tournament, they beat both GIANTS! Gaming (3-0) and Fnatic (3-0), but lost to Splyce (2-3), losing their chance to make it to the 2016 World Championship.

With the same roster, the team head on to IEM XI Oakland as replacement for Splyce who turned down the invitation. At IEM, the team beat Brazilian team INTZ e-Sports (2-0) and Team SoloMid (2-1). In the Finals, they faced Flash Wolves whom they beat with a 3-2 victory, winning the event and qualifying for the IEM XI World Championship.

In the off season, however, the Unicorns made some changes in their roster. They released starting Jungler Move and replace it with Xerxe. Days after Move's release, the team announced the departure of Veritas who will be replaced by Samux for the 2017 EU LCS Spring.


  • January 4th, Samux joins. Veritas leaves.[1]
  • January 29th, Lagardère Sports signs with Unicorns of Love.[2]

Player Roster

ID Name Contract
TopLaner Icon.png Hungary Vizicsacsi Tamás Kiss 11/20/2017
Jungler Icon.png Romania Xerxe Andrei Dragomir 11/20/2017
MidLane Icon.png Germany Exileh Fabian Schubert 11/20/2017
ADCarry Icon.png Spain Samux Samuel Fernández Fort 11/20/2017
Support Icon.png Bulgaria Hylissang Zdravets Galabov 11/20/2017

ID Name
Support Icon.png Bulgaria Uby Aleksander Iliev Galabov
Support Icon.png France AudreyLaSapa Audrey Coent

ID Name Next Team
ADCarry Icon.png South Korea Veritas Kim Kyoung-min
CJ Entus
Jungler Icon.png South Korea Move Kang Min-su
Dark Passage
TopLaner Icon.png Poland Kubon Jakub Turewicz
ADCarry Icon.png Poland Tuki Łukasz Kulpa
MidLane Icon.png Sweden Fox Hampus Myhre
Schalke 04
Jungler Icon.png France loulex Jean-Victor Burgevin
Schalke 04
ADCarry Icon.png France Steelback Pierre Medjaldi
Jungler Icon.png Russia Diamondprox Danil Reshetnikov
Gambit Gaming
Jungler Icon.png Sweden Rudy Rudy Beltran
Jungler Icon.png Switzerland Airwaks Karim Benghalia
ADCarry Icon.png Sweden Vardags Pontus Dahlblom
SK Gaming
MidLane Icon.png Germany PowerOfEvil Tristan Schrage
Jungler Icon.png South Korea H0R0 Cho Jae-hwan
SubIcon.png France Eika Jérémy Valdenaire
Jungler Icon.png Germany Gilius Berk Demir
Jungler Icon.png Poland Kikis Mateusz Szkudlarek
Jungler Icon.png Germany Gilius Berk Demir
MidLane Icon.png Hungary Xodiaz Tóth Viktor
MidLane Icon.png Poland TakeFun Rafał Górniak
Reason Gaming
Jungler Icon.png United Kingdom Dan Daniel Hockley

ID Name Role Replacing Tournament
France Djoko Charly Guillard Jungler Russia diamondprox 2016 EU LCS Spring Week 3
Germany Gilius Berk Demir Jungle
IEM X San Jose
Sweden Fox Hampus Myhre Mid
France Steelback Pierre Medjaldi ADC


ID Name Position
Germany UOLdad Jos Mallant CEO
Germany Sheepy Fabian Mallant Coach
France Khagneur Romain Bigeard Team Manager

Team Achievements

2017 Tournaments
Date Place Event Result Winnings
2017-04-23 EU LCS.png A22nd 2017 EU LCS Spring Playoffs 1 : 3
G2 Esports
$ 50,000
2017-04-02 EU LCS.png A11st 2017 EU LCS Spring Split - Group B 11 - 2 Group Stage/Round Robin (W/L)
2017-02-25 Esltumbnail.png A55 - 6th IEM XI World Championship 0 : 2
G2 Esports
$ 7,000

2016 Tournaments
Date Place Event Result Winnings
2016-11-20 Esltumbnail.png A11st IEM Season XI - Oakland 3 : 2
Flash Wolves
$ 50,000
2016-09-05 EU LCS.png I1NQ 2016 EU LCS Regional Qualifiers 2 : 3
2016-08-27 EU LCS.png A44th 2016 EU LCS Summer Playoffs 1 : 3
$ 10,000
2016-07-31 EU LCS.png A66th 2016 EU LCS Summer Split 6-5-7 Group Stage/Round Robin (W/T/L)
2016-04-03 EU LCS.png A55 - 6th 2015 EULCS Spring Playoffs 0 : 3
2016-03-18 EU LCS.png A55th 2015 EULCS Spring Split 10 - 8 Group Stage/Round Robin (W/L)

2015 Tournaments
Date Place Event Result Winnings
2015-11-21 Esltumbnail.png A55 - 6th IEM X San Jose 0 : 2
Counter Logic Gaming
$ 2,000
2015-08-31 EU LCS.png I1NQ 2015 EU LCS Regional Qualifiers 0 : 3
2015-08-22 EU LCS.png A44th 2015 EU LCS Summer Playoffs 0 : 3
40 CP
2014-07-24 EU LCS.png A44th 2015 EU LCS Summer Split 9 : 9 Group Stage/Round Robin (W/L)
2015-04-19 EU LCS.png A22nd 2015 EU LCS Spring Playoffs 2 : 3
70 CP
2015-03-27 EU LCS.png A55th 2015 EU LCS Spring Split 9 : 9 Group Stage/Round Robin (W/L)

2014 Tournaments
Date Place Event Result Winnings
2014-12-07 Esltumbnail.png A22nd IEM Season IX - San Jose 0 : 3
$ 11,000
2014-09-11 EU LCS.png I1Q 2015 EU LCS Spring Promotion 3 : 2
2014-09-04 BMCup Small.png A22nd 2014 Black Monster Cup EU Summer 1 : 2
SK Gaming Prime
€ 3,500
2014-08-07 CS EU logo.png A33rd 2014 EU Challenger Series Summer Playoffs 3 : 0
Ninjas in Pyjamas
$ 8,000
2014-07-11 CS EU logo.png A55 - 8th 2014 EU Challenger Series Summer #2 0 : 2
Ninjas in Pyjamas
$ 1,250
2014-05-30 CS EU logo.png A55 - 8th 2014 EU Challenger Series Summer #1 0 : 2
Ninjas in Pyjamas
$ 1,250
2014-04-30 Go4LoL.png A11st ESL Go4LoL 2014 March 2 : 0
PENTA Sports
€ 500
2014-04-28 Challenger FaceOff.png A33 - 4th Challenger FaceOff 0 : 2
$ 350
2014-04-24 Challenger FaceOff.png A11st Challenger FaceOff Challenge #3 3 : 2
$ 200
2014-04-21 Insomnia Logo.png A11st Insomnia51 Spring 2014 3 : 2
Reign eSports
£ 2,500
2014-04-06 Go4LoL.png A11st ESL Go4LoL 2014 April 1 : 0
A for Aria
€ 300
2014-03-23 Go4LoL.png A11st ESL Go4LoL 2014 March 1 : 0
Ripuli Rambot
€ 300
2014-02-26 Go4LoL.png A11st Go4LoL EU West Monthly Final January 2014 2 : 0
€ 500
2014-02-23 Go4LoL.png A11st ESL Go4LoL 2014 February 1 : 0
PENTA Sports
€ 300
2014-02-16 Go4LoL.png A22nd ESL Go4LoL 2014 February 0 : 1
€ 150
2014-01-26 Go4LoL.png A22nd Go4LoL EU West #178 0 : 1
TKT LF Sponsors
€ 150
2014-01-19 Go4LoL.png A22nd Go4LoL EU West #177 0 : 1
PENTA Sports
€ 150


Other Contents


  • 2016 EU LCS Summer
  • 2016 EU LCS Spring (W7-Playoffs)
  • 2016 EU LCS Spring (W4-W6)
  • 2016 EU LCS Spring (W3)
  • 2016 EU LCS Spring (W1-W2)
  • 2015 EU LCS Summer
  • 2015 EU LCS Spring


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