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vVv Gaming
VVv Gaming.png
Team Information
Location: North America North America
Number of Players: 5
Team Staff
Managers: Rob "RobZGod" Thompson
Social Media Links
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vVv Gaming (Vision. Valor. Victory.) is a Los Angeles based eSports organization founded in 2007 by Jerry “LordJerith" Prochazka. The organization began competing when it fielded its first Gears of War team: vVv Vision, which placed 1st at the Meadowlands, New Jersey Major League Gaming event in 2007. Since then, vVv Gaming has become one of the most accomplished console organizations in the World with dozens of Top 4 LAN finishes across multiple continents spanning over 20 titles. Consistently recognized as an organization that looks to develop aspiring talent, vVv Gaming recently returned to the League of Legends scene with the acquisition of Team VEX. The team is currently training to qualify for the LCS at a gaming house in Southern California.


Player Roster

ID Name Role
USA Pekin Woof Isaac Marconis Mid
China Tails Zing Jie AD
USA GauNty Andrew Bramlett Support

ID Name Role New Team
USA Get Snuggled Richard Pilkington Jungle
VwS Gaming
Mexico Cris Cristian Rosales Top
Curse Academy
Canada PorpoisePops Braeden Schwark Jungle
vVv Gaming Red
Canada CheesdBeluga Linden Schwark Mid
vVv Gaming Red
USA Godshu Alec Fichter Support
Canada RoshanNOW Thadeus Tang Support
Canada Long Le Long Le Jungle
Canada Bischu Aaron Kim Mid
FXOpen e-Sports
Canada Altec Johnny Ru AD
Curse Academy
Canada SKiLLY Edward Biak Mid
Canada Tsunamiie Brian Her Jungle
FXOpen e-Sports
USA tRiDream Kun Fang Top
Team Normal Stars



ID Name Position
USA RobZGod Rob Thompson President/Manager


ID Name Position Next Team
USA TheDynasty David Spitler Assistant Manager

Team Achievements

In Premier Tournaments
Date Place Event Result Winnings
2014-04-04 CS NA logo.png A55 - 6th 2014 NA Challenger Series Spring Playoffs 0 : 2
Curse Academy
$ 1,250
2014-03-29 CS NA logo.png A44th 2014 NA Challenger Series Spring #2 0 : 2
Curse Academy
$ 2,000
2013-12-13 Nacl small.png A55 - 6th North American Challenger League 0 : 2
Determined Gaming
$ 2,750
In Minor, Monthly, and Weekly Tournaments
Date Place Event Result Winnings
2014-01-04 A11st ROCCAT King of the Hill 2013 Week 5 2 : 0
Team Luck Sacks
$ 1,000
2013-11-22 A11st ROCCAT King of the Hill 2013 Week 4 2 : 1
Quantic Gaming
$ 1,000
2013-11-16 A11st Go4LoL Monthly Final September 2013 1 : 0
Nothing 2 Prove
$ 500
2012-06-29 A11st LANcouver 2012 2 : 1
Vancouver Dream Team

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