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Background Information
Name: Joedat Esfahani
Country of Birth: United States USA
Birthday: December 15, 1994 (1994-12-15) (age 22)
League Information
Peak League: ChallengerTier.png Challenger I (NA)
Alternate IDs: Voyboy CARRY, CLG Voyman (KR), Nihilmatic, Yung Doughboy, 50 Shades of Eyy
Social Media Links
link=Twitch.tv FacebookIcon.png TwitterIcon.png YoutubeIcon.png RedditIcon.png
Team History
Nov 2010 - Sept 2011
Rock Solid
Sept 2011 - May 2012
Team Dignitas
May 2012 - Oct 2012
CLG Prime
Nov 2012 - Nov 2014
Team Curse
Mar 2016 - Present
Luminosity Gaming
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Overview   Champion Statistics    

Joedat "Voyboy" Esfahani is a high elo player, who previously played as for Luminosity Gaming.


Voyboy is from Berkeley, California in the USA. He originally became well known through his top tier Ezreal play and his role in popularizing Wriggle's Lantern outside of the jungle.


  • Won 1st place at his first LAN event as a substitute for Counter Logic Gaming.
  • Technically qualified for the Season 3 Championship Series twice, once with Counter Logic Gaming and once with Curse Gaming
  • Was ranked #1 on the Solo (5v5) Ladder on the North American Server in Season One.[1]
  • Known for his hyper-aggressive Top Lane play.
  • Known for his
    , and
    Lee Sin
    early in his career, and later as the top laner for Curse, known for his
  • MVP at IEM Season VI - World Championship [2]
  • During Season 2, Voyboy was the first player to reach 2000 ELO[3]
  • Scored 2300 on the SAT
  • Completed the International Baccalaureate (IB) Program while playing professionally. [4]
  • Because of his outstanding achievements and academic excellence, Voyboy was admitted to some of the most competitive universities, colleges, and scholarship programs in the United States. He's deferred enrollment to play competitive League of Legends, with the approval of his college.
  • Popularized toplane bruiser
  • Sees Top Lane as a live action game of chess in his head versus his opponent.
  • Known for saying "Cya nerds" after making a good play.
  • His family has ethnic roots from Iran.[5]
  • Was part of the Season 3 World Championship Analyst desk. lolesports article
  • Was the first player to play
    top during season 2, which later became popular during season 5.


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Date Event Result
2014-08-31 2014 NA LCS Summer Playoffs Copper.png
2 : 3

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