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Xpecial S4.jpg
Background Information
Name: Alex Chu
Country: United States USA
Birthday: August 12, 1992 (1992-08-12) (age 22)
Team: Team Liquid
Role: Support
End of Contract: 2015-10-07
League Information
Most Played:
Peak League: ChallengerTier.png Challenger I (NA)
Nicknames: Radish, Hamster, Xthreshial
Alternate IDs: Xpecíal (EUW)
Liquid Xpecial (NA)
Social Media Links
Livestream: Twitch.TV
Facebook: Facebook Fanpage
Reddit: Xpecial's Reddit Account
Team History
??? 2010 - ??? 2010
??? 2010 - Apr 2011
Defy All Odds
Apr 2011 - May 2014
Team SoloMid
May 2014 - Jan 2015
Team Curse
Jan 2015 - Present
Team Liquid
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Alex "Xpecial" Chu is the Support for Team Liquid.

Current Statistics

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Xpecial hails from Temple City, California in the USA. He began his pro gaming career in many different MMOs including DotA; as that lost popularity he switched to League of Legends. He is currently playing support for Team Liquid's bottom lane.

League of Legends Career

In May 2013, during Season 3, Xpecial was selected to join the North American All-Star team in Shanghai, along with scarra, Doublelift, Saintvicious, and teammate Dyrus. Along with Doublelift, Xpecial received second place in the Bottom Lane Skill Competition, losing in the finals to Pray and MadLife of Korea. In the main event, the North American team finished in the top four by winning against Europe 2-0 and losing to both China and Korea 0-2.

On March 23, 2014, Xpecial was awarded the Week 9 MVP for having the highest KDA of the week, 11.5, in two games against Dignitas and XDG Gaming. This was his first Week MVP award and the fifth for Team SoloMid.

On April 27, 2014, Xpecial announced on his stream that he was being benched from Team SoloMid's main roster.[1]

On May 4th, Xpecial announced that he had been released by Team SoloMid and was joining Team Curse.[2] The details surrounding the quick benching and subsequent release were unknown for some time, with neither party divulging any details until Xpecial announced via his stream that the release had not be performance related but rather due to his "passive-aggressive attitude." Months later, Xpecial retracted his statement, saying that he did not consider himself to be passive-aggressive but instead trying to be critical without being rude.

Xpecial remained close to his old Team SoloMid lane partner, WildTurtle, hugging him after Team SoloMid and Team Curse's World's match.


  • He was originally the mid laner for Defy All Odds[3] before joining Team SoloMid as their replacement for Feedfest.
  • Was the quietest member of Team SoloMid. TheOddOne and Chaox repeatedly referred to Xpecial as Hamster.
  • Despite filling his team's role as Support, he is a very skilled Solo Queue AP player, and has even outlaned Reginald on several occasions.
  • Can box better than former AD carry Chaox. [4]
  • Played three toplane practice games against Dyrus at IGN Proleague Season 4 - Las Vegas and won all of them.
  • Parents own a vegetarian restaurant
  • Played AP
    a lot while moving up through the solo queue ladder.
  • His rune pages on his North American account "Xpecial" are all named after Taylor Swift songs.
  • His LoL community involvement includes making champion guides and mentoring up-and-coming Support players.
  • Is considered the best Support in North America by Counter Logic Gaming's AD Carry Doublelift.
  • Some times streams in a hamster onesie.
  • One of five players to have qualified for first 3 World Championships, along with Dyrus, Reginald, TheOddOne and, YellOwStaR.
  • First player to reach 1000 career assists in LCS during the Summer of 2014, playing as Thresh versus LMQ
  • One of nine players who have qualified for 3 World Championships, along with XPeke, SOAZ, Nyph, Cyanide, TheOddOne, Candy Panda, Reginald and Watch
  • Holds record for most assists in EU/NA LCS currently.
  • He thinks girls are cool and likes girls.


Date Event Result
2015-04-18 2015 NA LCS Spring Bronze.png Team Liquid
3 : 2
Team Impulse

Date Event Result
2014-08-31 2014 NA LCS Summer Playoffs Copper.png Team Curse
2 : 3
2014-04-20 2014 NA LCS Spring Playoffs Silver.png Team SoloMid
0 : 3
Cloud 9

Date Event Result
2012-12-16 SoloMid Series - Finals Copper.png Team SoloMid
0 : 3
Team FeaR
2012-12-09 SoloMid Series - Week 6 Gold.png Team SoloMid
2 : 1
Team Curse
2012-10-28 SoloMid Series - Week 2 Gold.png Team SoloMid
2 : 0
Orbit Gaming
2012-10-21 SoloMid Series - Week 1 Gold.png Team SoloMid
2 : 1
Orbit Gaming
2012-09-23 Solomid NA Invitational 10 Silver.png Team SoloMid
0 : 2
Monomaniac Ferus
2012-09-10 Solomid NA Invitational 8 Gold.png Team SoloMid
W : FF
Team Curse
2012-09-02 Season Two North American Regional Finals Gold.png Team SoloMid
2 : 0
Team Dignitas
2012-08-19 Solomid NA Invitational 7 Silver.png Team SoloMid
1 : 2
Team Curse
2012-08-12 IPL Face Off: San Francisco Showdown Gold.png Team SoloMid
3 : 0
Team Curse
2012-08-08 Solomid NA Invitational 6 Gold.png Team SoloMid
2 : 0
mTw North America
2012-08-05 MLG Summer Arena Silver.png Team SoloMid
0 : 2
Azubu Blaze
2012-07-29 Solomid NA Invitational 5 Bronze.png Team SoloMid
1 : 2
mTw North America
2012-07-17 Elite of Europe Copper.png Team SoloMid
1 : 2
Moscow Five
2012-07-08 Solomid NA Invitational 4 Bronze.png Team SoloMid
0 : 2
mTw North America
2012-06-17 GIGABYTE Esports LAN Gold.png Team SoloMid
2 : 0
CLG Black
2012-06-03 Reign of Gaming International Invitational Gold.png Team SoloMid
2 : 1
Epik Gamer
2012-05-28 Solomid NA Tournament Circuit Gold.png Team SoloMid
4 : 2
2012-04-08 IGN Proleague Season 4 - Las Vegas Gold.png Team SoloMid
2 : 0
Counter Logic Gaming
2012-04-01 Leaguecraft ggClassic Gold.png Team SoloMid
2 : 0
2012-03-16 Fatal1ty Gaming Gear League of Legends Tournament Gold.png Team SoloMid
2 : 1
Just Your Average Joes
2012-01-22 IEM Season VI - Global Challenge Kiev Silver.png Team SoloMid
1 : 2
Moscow Five


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