100 Thieves

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100 Thieves
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Team Information
Location: United States USA
Region: News Label - North America.png North America
Owner(s): Matthew "Nadeshot" Haag
Head Coach: Neil "pr0lly" Hammad
Other Teams In Organization
Active LoL Teams 100 Thieves Academy
Other Wikis: Call of Duty
Created: 2017-11-20
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Current Roster
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100 Thieves is an American esports organization affiliated with the NBA team Cleveland Cavaliers.


Owned by former Call of Duty professional player Matthew "Nadeshot" Haag, 100 Thieves was formed in April 2016. The organization entered League of Legends in November 2017, when they joined the NA LCS for the 2018 season as the Cleveland Cavaliers' entry into esports.


  • 2017

Player Roster


R C ID Name Role Contract Ends Joined
Current Official Residency South Korea Ssumday Kim Chan-ho (김찬호) 01 Top 2018-11-19 2017-11-22
Current Official Residency USA Meteos William Hartman 02 Jungle 2018-11-19 2017-11-22
Current Official Residency South Korea Ryu Yoo Sang-wook (유상욱) 03 Mid 2018-11-19 2017-11-22
Current Official Residency China Cody Sun Cody Sun 04 AD 2019-11-18 2017-12-15
Current Official Residency USA aphromoo Zaqueri Black 05 Support 2018-11-19 2017-12-04



C ID Name Position
USA Nadeshot Matthew Haag Founder & Owner
USA pr0lly Neil Hammad 11 Head Coach
USA Reinfcmnt Matthew Edwards Performance Coach

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