1907 Fenerbahçe Esports

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1907 Fenerbahçe Esports
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Team Information
Location: Turkey Turkey
Region: News Label - Turkey.png Turkey
Created: Sports Club 1907-03-03
LoL Division 2016-10-15
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1907 Fenerbahçe Esports is a Turkish team associated with the football club Fenerbahçe.



  • 2018
  • 2017
  • 2016
  • January 3rd, WaenA rejoins as a sub.[1]

Player Roster


R C ID Name Role Joined
Current Official Residency Turkey Thaldrin Berke Demir 01 Top 2016-11-23
Current Official Residency South Korea Chaser Lee Sang-hyun (이상현) 02 Jungle 2017-12-05
Current Official Residency South Korea Frozen Kim Tae-il (김태일) 03 Mid 2016-12-10
Current Official Residency Turkey padden Ege Acar Koparal 04 AD 2017-01-08
Current Official Residency Turkey Zergsting Onur Ünalan 05 Support 2017-11-23
Current Official Residency Turkey WaenA Bersan Aydın 08 Sub/Mid 2018-01-03

Formerly On Loan

ID Name Role Loaned From Duration
Current Official Residency South Korea Crash Lee Dong-woo (이동우) 02 Jungle Vicilogo std.png Vici Gaming 2017 Season World Championship


C ID Name Role Next Team Joined Left
Turkey JAPONE Bahadır Çolak 05 Support Dark Passagelogo std.png Dark Passage 2016-12-10 2017-11-29
Turkey WaenA Bersan Aydın 08 Sub/Mid 1907 Fenerbahçe Esportslogo std.png 1907 Fenerbahçe 2017-03-02 2017-11-29
South Korea Move Kang Min-su (강민수) 02 Jungle Machi E-Sportslogo std.png Machi E-Sports 2017-05-21 2017-11-22
Turkey Babafillo Anıl Şaşma 10 Sub/Support
2017-05-24 2017-??-??
Turkey un1tback İshak Yılmaz 10 Sub/Support ÇİLEKLERlogo std.png ÇİLEKLER 2016-12-10 2017-??-??
South Korea Reach Lee Joo-won (이주원) 02 Jungle M19logo std.png M19 2016-12-10 2017-05-18
Turkey Elysion Sergen Dikel 04 AD Retired.png Retired 2017-01-08 2017-03-02



C ID Name Position
Turkey nialya Emre Aksoy Manager
Turkey Pades Serdar Padeş Head Coach
Turkey Dr Frankenstein İbrahim Karaaslan Analyst


C ID Name Position Next Team
Germany MoSiTing Chris Würger Head Coach Team Kinguinlogo std.png Team Kinguin

Team Achievements

In Premier Tournaments
Date Place Event Result Winnings
2017-10-12 WCS logo small.png B414 - 16th 2017 Season World Championship 0 : 6 Blanklogo std.pngGroup Stage (W/L) $ 61,837
2017-08-19 TCL 2015 logo small.png A11st 2017 TCL Summer Playoffs 3 : 0 SuperMassive eSportslogo std.png SuperMassive eSports ₺ 125,000
2017-07-31 TCL 2015 logo small.png A11st 2017 TCL Summer Season 7-6-1 Blanklogo std.pngGroup Stage (W/L)
2017-04-09 TCL 2015 logo small.png A33 - 4th 2017 TCL Winter Playoffs 1 : 3 SuperMassive eSportslogo std.png SuperMassive eSports ₺ 20,000
2017-03-13 TCL 2015 logo small.png A55th 2017 TCL Winter Season 4-6-4 Blanklogo std.pngGroup Stage (W/L)

Highlight Videos


  • 2018

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