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The following chart shows up to the most recent 200 games available. Unlike the Match History tab, scoreboards are not required to be present on the wiki for games to show up here. Click toggles to show-hide games based on the side that this team was on or result.



DateEventRoundTeam 1Team 2SideResultScore
2013,3,25,02,00We Will Do It Ourselves CupGrand FinalsCurse Academylogo std.pngCurse Academy1TrickPoniesLogo std.png1 Trick PoniesSeriesLoss2 - 0
2013,3,25,00,00We Will Do It Ourselves CupLR41TrickPoniesLogo std.png1 Trick PoniesVelocity eSportsLogo std.pngVelocity eSportsSeriesWin2 - 1
2013,3,24,21,30We Will Do It Ourselves CupWR41TrickPoniesLogo std.png1 Trick PoniesCurse Academylogo std.pngCurse AcademySeriesLoss1 - 2
2013,3,23,21,30We Will Do It Ourselves CupWR21TrickPoniesLogo std.png1 Trick PoniesLogo std.pngTeam LoL Cave NASeriesWin2 - 1
2013,3,23,19,00We Will Do It Ourselves CupWR11TrickPoniesLogo std.png1 Trick PoniesAzure CatsLogo std.pngAzure CatsSeriesWin2 - 0
2013,3,19,01,30We Will Do It Ourselves CupGroup A1TrickPoniesLogo std.png1 Trick PoniesLogo std.pngWAVBBlueWin1 - 0
2013,3,19,00,00We Will Do It Ourselves CupGroup A1TrickPoniesLogo std.png1 Trick PoniesPulse Esports std.pngPulse EsportsBlueWin1 - 0