2012 MLG Pro Circuit/Spring/Picks and Bans

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  • All matches are Best of Three.
  • Double Elimination.
  • Finals is two set Best of Three. Winner bracket had one set lead.
  • Teams will be seeded based on the Season Two Challenger Circuit Standings. Ties will be broken randomly. Teams with no Circuit Points will be seeded randomly.
  • The higher seeded Team must choose to be Team 1 or Team 2 for Games 1 & 3. The lower seeded Team must choose to be Team 1 or Team 2 for Game 2. The highest seed is 1.

Winner's Bracket

Winner's Round 1

Winner's Round 2

Winner's Round 3

Winner's Round 4

Loser's Bracket

Loser's Round 2

Loser's Round 3

Loser's Round 4

Loser's Round 5

Loser's Round 6

Final Bracket

Winner's Bracket Final

Loser's Bracket Semifinal

Loser's Bracket Final

Grand Final

First Set

Second Set