2013 JCG Premier League/Season IV

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JCG Premier League 2013 Season 4
Japan Competitive Gaming.png
Tournament Information
OrganizerJapan Competitive Gaming
FormatGroups + Playoffs
Prize PoolNone
Location & Dates
Event TypeOnline
CountryJapan Japan
Start Date2013-11-10
End Date2013-12-29
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  • Fourth of Four Seasons.
  • Round Robin matches.
  • 8 teams separated into two groups.
  • Top 2 teams from each groups go to Semifinals, which decide the Champions of the Season.
  • All 4 Season Champions go to the Finals.

Prize Pool[edit]

PlacementIcon1.png 1FinalsDetonatioN Gaminglogo std.pngDetonatioN FM
PlacementIcon2.png 2JCG 2014Ozone Rampagelogo std.pngOzone Rampage
PlacementIcon3.png 3JCG 2014Logo std.pngIkdYsak
4JCG 2014Logo std.pngAF1A
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5-8Logo std.pngTIME OF CLOCK
PeachServer Allstarslogo std.pngPeachServer Allstars
Logo std.pngVeck
Logo std.pngコミュ障
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Group Stage[edit]

Group A
1. Ozone Rampagelogo std.pngOzone Rampage 3-0
2. Logo std.pngIkdYsak 2-1
3. Logo std.pngTIME OF CLOCK 1-2
4. Logo std.pngVeck 0-3
Group A Matches
Oz RPGOzone Rampagelogo std.png 1 0 Logo std.pngIKDY
Oz RPGOzone Rampagelogo std.png 1 0 Logo std.pngTOC
Oz RPGOzone Rampagelogo std.png W Logo std.pngVECK
IKDYLogo std.png 1 0 Logo std.pngTOC
IKDYLogo std.png W Logo std.pngVECK
TOCLogo std.png W Logo std.pngVECK
Group B
1. DetonatioN Gaminglogo std.pngDetonatioN FocusMe 2-1
1. Logo std.pngAllForOne Assault 2-1
3. PeachServer Allstarslogo std.pngPeachServer Allstars 2-1
4. Logo std.pngコミュ障 0-3
Group B Matches
AF1ALogo std.png 0 1 DetonatioN Gaminglogo std.pngDFM
AF1ALogo std.png 1 0 PeachServer Allstarslogo std.pngPA
AF1ALogo std.png W Logo std.pngコミュ障
DFMDetonatioN Gaminglogo std.png 0 1 PeachServer Allstarslogo std.pngPA
DFMDetonatioN Gaminglogo std.png W Logo std.pngコミュ障
PAPeachServer Allstarslogo std.png W Logo std.pngコミュ障
Tiebreaker Matches
PAPeachServer Allstarslogo std.png 0 1 Logo std.pngAF1A
DFMDetonatioN Gaminglogo std.png 0 1 PeachServer Allstarslogo std.pngPA
DFMDetonatioN Gaminglogo std.png 1 0 Logo std.pngAF1A


Round 1
Round 2

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