2013 The Legends Circuit/Summer/Qualifiers/Singapore

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TCL 2013 Summer Singapore Qualifier
TLC Summer logo.jpg
Tournament Information
FormatRound robin
Location & Dates
Event TypeOnline
CountrySingapore Singapore
Start Date2013-09-21
End Date2013-09-22

The Legends Circuit will feature 8 of Singapore's best teams battling in a seven week season. The Top 2 teams will represent Malaysia in 2013 The Legends Circuit Summer Championship.



  • First Stage
    • Single Elimination
    • Best of 2
      • If there is a 1:1 tie, it will be decided with Deciding Points (the Higher the better) = Total Score/Match Time
      • Total Score: (Kill + Assist) - Death.
        • Each Kill = 3 points
        • Each Death = 2 points
        • Each Assist = 1 points
    • Top 16 teams receives a spots for the second round
  • Second Stage

Qualifying Teams

Place Qualification Team
Qualified.png Q TLC 2013 Summer SG InsidiousGaminglogo std.png Insidious Gaming Exile
Logo std.png 420Yolo
Ssentinelslogo std.png Singapore Sentinels
Insidious Gaming Rebirthlogo std.png Insidious Gaming Rebirth
Bf.Nublogo std.png Bf.Nub
InsidiousGaminglogo std.png Insidious Gaming Legends
Team Infinitylogo std.png Team Infinity


  • Group A
  • Group B
  • Group C
  • Group D
  • Group E
  • Group F
  • Group G
  • Group H
  Quarterfinals Semifinals Finals
 Singapore Insidious Gaming Exile
 Singapore Carte Bleu
 Singapore BoBoWarrior
 Singapore BoBoWarrior
 Singapore Insidious Gaming Exile Q
 Singapore Quantum Gaming Q
 Singapore The LOsers
 Singapore Quantum Gaming
  Quarterfinals Semifinals Finals
 Singapore Team Infinity
 Singapore Dhoby Ghaut 5
 Singapore Dhoby Ghaut 5
 Singapore TnO*Emerald
 Singapore Team Infinity Q
 Singapore Fluffy Unicorns Q
 Singapore Fluffy Unicorns
 Singapore Symphonia
 Singapore Symphonia
 Singapore STaITA
  Quarterfinals Semifinals Finals
 Singapore Insidious Gaming Legends
 Singapore Chocolate ToastedMuffins
 Singapore Grim Nigh Damnation
 Singapore Grim Nigh Damnation
 Singapore Insidious Gaming Legends Q
 Singapore Team Infinity.Beta Q
 Singapore Kiyomi Balls
 Singapore Team Infinity.Beta
  Quarterfinals Semifinals Finals
 Singapore 420Yolo
 Singapore ForFeit Already
 Singapore ForFeit Already
 Singapore Tokxic
 Singapore 420Yolo Q
 Singapore DNB Q
 Singapore DNB
 Singapore e3e
 Singapore e3e
 Singapore HeartCore
  Quarterfinals Semifinals Finals
 Singapore Singapore Sentinels
 Singapore Penta Boner 0
 Singapore Reborn Gaming SG
 Singapore Reborn Gaming SG
 Singapore Singapore Sentinels Q
 Singapore Grim Nigh Redemption Q
 Singapore Anxiety Maniac
 Singapore Grim Nigh Redemption
  Quarterfinals Semifinals Finals
 Singapore {Bf.Nub} LoL
 Singapore Master Of Shadows
 Singapore Master Of Shadows
 Singapore Axis Gamers
 Singapore {Bf.Nub} LoL Q
 Singapore SweetTreats Q
 Singapore Lumiere
 Singapore SweetTreats
 Singapore SweetTreats
 Singapore Team Hail ZhuHui
  Quarterfinals Semifinals Finals
 Singapore Insidious Gaming Rebirth
 Singapore Tactics
 Singapore Tactics
 Singapore Satisfaction Gaming
 Singapore Insidious Gaming Rebirth Q
 Singapore Art of Gaming Q
 Singapore Storm
 Singapore Art of Gaming
  Quarterfinals Semifinals Finals
 Singapore Ascension
 Singapore Ascension
 Singapore Mystide
 Singapore OblivionGaming Q
 Singapore OblivionGaming
 Singapore Team LOULAI
 Singapore Team Insignia
 Singapore Team Insignia

Second Stage

Group A

Group A
1. InsidiousGaminglogo std.png Insidious Gaming Exile 3-0
2. Logo std.png 420Yolo 2-1
3. Grim Nigh Redemptionlogo std.png Grim Nigh Redemption 1-2
4. Logo std.png Fluffy Unicorns 0-3
Group A Matches
iSE InsidiousGaminglogo std.png 1 0 Grim Nigh Redemptionlogo std.png GNR
FLUF Logo std.png 0 1 Logo std.png 420Y
FLUF Logo std.png 0 1 InsidiousGaminglogo std.png iSE
420Y Logo std.png 1 0 Grim Nigh Redemptionlogo std.png GNR
iSE InsidiousGaminglogo std.png 1 0 Logo std.png 420Y
GNR Grim Nigh Redemptionlogo std.png 1 0 Logo std.png FLUF

Group B

Group B
1. Ssentinelslogo std.png Singapore Sentinels 3-0
2. WORLD SERIESlogo std.png WORLD SERIES 2-1
3. Logo std.png OblivionGaming 1-2
4. Logo std.png Art of Gaming 0-3
Group B Matches
SGS Ssentinelslogo std.png 1 0 Logo std.png ART
OBLI Logo std.png 0 1 WORLD SERIESlogo std.png WSS
OBLI Logo std.png 0 1 Ssentinelslogo std.png SGS
WSS WORLD SERIESlogo std.png 1 0 Logo std.png ART
SGS Ssentinelslogo std.png 1 0 WORLD SERIESlogo std.png WSS
ART  Logo std.png 0 1 Logo std.png OBLI

Group C

Group C
1. Insidious Gaming Rebirthlogo std.png Insidious Gaming Rebirth 3-0
2. Bf.Nublogo std.png Bf.Nub 2-1
3. Logo std.png DNB 1-2
4. Team Infinitylogo std.png Team Infinity.Beta 0-3
Group A Matches
iSR Insidious Gaming Rebirthlogo std.png 1 0 Team Infinitylogo std.png TIF.Beta
DNB Logo std.png 0 1 Bf.Nublogo std.png BFN
DNB Logo std.png 0 1 Insidious Gaming Rebirthlogo std.png iSR
BFN Bf.Nublogo std.png 1 0 Team Infinitylogo std.png TIF.Beta
iSR Insidious Gaming Rebirthlogo std.png 1 0 Bf.Nublogo std.png BFN
TIF.Beta Team Infinitylogo std.png 0 1 Logo std.png DNB

Group D

Group D
1. InsidiousGaminglogo std.png Insidious Gaming Legends 3-0
2. Team Infinitylogo std.png Team Infinity 2-1
3. Logo std.png Quantum Gaming 1-2
4. Logo std.png SweetTreats 0-3
Group B Matches
iSL InsidiousGaminglogo std.png 1 0 Logo std.png SWEE
QUAN Logo std.png 0 1 Team Infinitylogo std.png TIF
QUAN Logo std.png 0 1 InsidiousGaminglogo std.png iSL
TIF Team Infinitylogo std.png 1 0 Logo std.png SWEE
iSL InsidiousGaminglogo std.png 1 0 Team Infinitylogo std.png TIF
SWEE Logo std.png 0 1 Logo std.png QUAN

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