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2014 LNL Winter Qualifiers/Team Rosters

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Taiwanese Teams

AHQLogo std.pngahq e-Sports Club

ID Name Role

Prydz  Chen Kuang-Feng (???)  Top

Naz  Chen Tien-Chih (???)  Jungle

westdoor  Liu Shu-Wei (???)  Mid

MrAlbis  Kang Chia-Wei (???)  Mid/AD

GreenTea  Sa Shang-Ching (???)  Support

GarnetDevil  Lai Yi-Meng (???)  Sub/AD/Jungle

GIA (Taiwanese Team)logo std.pngGIA

ID Name Role

Blue??  ???  Top

WD AMoonLight  ???  Mid/Jungle

BCT_Eelrice  ???  Jungle

LIFE  ???  Mid

KaSmRiApSeD  ???  Mid

???????  ???  AD

BCT_Rival  ???  Support

Hong Kong Attitude Magelogo std.pngHK Attitude Mage

ID Name Role

Oz  ???  Top

????????  ???  Top/AD

SoCool  ???  Jungle

ShaSha  ???  Mid

Max  Yang Chia-Chuan  Mid

Atu  Liang Chang-Wei (???)  Support

Derek  Derek Cheung (???)  Sub/AD

Hong Kong Attitude Priestlogo std.pngHK Attitude Priest

ID Name Role

BoBo  ???  Top

BayBay  ???  Jungle

GLong  ???  Mid

Yoooo  ???  AD

HoHotDoG  ???  Support

Tpa std.pngTaipei Assassins

ID Name Role

Achie  Chen Chen-Chi (???)  Top

Sarsky  Allen Lo (???)  Jungle

Morning  Chen Kuan-Ting (???)  Mid

DinTer  Xue Hong-Wei (???)  AD/Jungle

bebe  Cheng Bo-Wei (???)  AD

Jay  Li Chieh (??)  Support

Lilballz  Alex Sung (???)  Sub/Jungle

TaipeiSnipersLogo std.pngTaipei Snipers

ID Name Role

Zonda  Lyu Jhong-Da (???)  Top

OhReaL  Chou Chun-An (???)  Jungle

NeXAbc  Chiu Po-Chieh (???)  Mid

GoDJJ  Wang Yong-Jie (???)  AD

MiSTakE  Chen Hui-Chung (???)  Support

Ozonelogo std.pngTeam Ozone Taiwan

ID Name Role

NwSunday  ???  Top

CiCi  ???  Jungle

Heroyuan  ??  Mid

Unlimited  ???  AD

Zero  ???  Support

Sisterlogo std.png就說姊姊好可愛

ID Name Role

ZoDiacDayD  ???  Top

? BuF  ???  Jungle/Top

????  ???  Jungle/Top/AD

Vêigar  ???  Mid

Pandora_?  ???  AD

Baron  ???  Support

DinoMolly  ???  Sub/Support

Hong Kong Teams


ID Name Role

228  Alex Cheung(???)  Top

BlacKat  ???  Top

PeehSmite  Man Kin Yeung(???)  Jungle

Wish  Michael Lau(???)  Mid

GodKwai  Wo Kwai Cheung(???)  Mid

Licken  Tsz Long Leung(???)  AD

MyDog II  ???  Support

Energy Pacemakerlogo std.pngEP.Fearless

ID Name Role

CMK  ???  Top

ioCarry  ???  Jungle

ChiCKeN  ???  Mid

holyFish  ???  AD

SyNYSica  ???  Support

Hong Kong Attitudelogo std.pngHong Kong Attitude

ID Name Role

MyticQ  ???  Top

Fai  Cheng Hiu Fai (???)  Jungle

PaSa  ???  Mid

Wind  Lee Chi Wa (李志華)  AD

Nogod  ???  AD

MadOwl  ???  Support

??????  ???  Sub/Top

YouCantStopMelogo std.pngYouCantStopMe

ID Name Role

?J?  ???  Top

????  ???  Jungle

KaSplAn_hin  ???  Mid

Stonylol  ???  AD

Avril.Panny  ???  Support