2019 cvMax-Griffin Dispute

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This page lists events, articles, and community discussion relating to the alleged manipulation of Kanavi by Griffin manager Cho Gyu-nam (along with other organizational issues), and head coach cvMax's resulting departure from Griffin.

Timeline of Events[edit]

Preceding Events[edit]

Relevant Events[edit]

  • September (approx.), according to cvMax, Kanavi is manipulated by Cho Gyu-nam into taking a longer and worse-payed permanent contract with JD Gaming so that Griffin will receive a higher transfer fee.[3]
  • September 25, cvMax leaves Griffin.[4] This results in a fan reaction of shock and dismay, especially as Griffin are preparing to participate in Worlds 2019.
  • October 14, Viper and Sword give interviews criticizing cvMax.[5][6] In response to Viper's in particular, cvMax explains the events surrounding his departure from Griffin, including the alleged manipulation of Kanavi.[7][8] Fans are angered at Cho Gyu-nam and Griffin.
  • October 17, parent company of Griffin issues a statement announcing an internal review of events, and that Cho Gyu-nam will be dismissed if he is found to have committed the alleged offences. The statement also issues an apology to cvMax.[9][10]
  • October 23, Kanavi's loan to JD Gaming ends.[11]
  • November 4, cvMax joins DragonX.[12][13]
  • November 11, Cho Gyu-nam officially resigns.[14]
  • November 19, Cho Gyu-nam and cvMax are both suspended indefinitely from all Riot competitions as a result of the dispute. Griffin is fined 100,000,000 won.[15]
  • November 27, cvMax's suspension is postponed. Kanavi becomes a free agent.[16]
  • November 28, Kanavi joins JD Gaming on a permanent basis.[17]

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