African Esports League Season 1

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African Esports League Season 1
African Esports League Season 1.png
Tournament Information
FormatGroup Stage
Location & Dates
Event TypeOnline
CountryTunisia Tunisia
Start Date2019-10-12
End Date2020-02-16
Streams Twitch
ScheduleSpoiler-Free Schedule
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The African Esports League Season 1 ("AEL") is the first season of the African League of Legends tournament organized by the Tunisian organization AEL MENA



  • Best of One
  • Double Round Robin
  • Top 8 teams advance to the playoffs
  • Bottom 8 teams are eliminated


Show RostersHide Rosters
1 Rival Esports Academy disbanded prior to Round 7. Their spot and scores were transferred to 52Dive.
2 Anubis Gaming disbanded prior to Round 7. Their spot and scores was transferred to Brain Drain.
3 MYIDOL Esports rebranded to Divine Vendetta prior to Round 7.
4 Trident.GG renamed to Feel our Skill in Round 5 after the roster left its organization.
5 Flamers Gaming Team disbanded prior to Round 8. Their spot and scores were transferred to Kamikaze Esports.
6 Northern Lions Esports disbanded prior to Round 8. Their spot and scores were transferred to Invoker Gaming.
7 Klick N Kill disbanded prior to Round 8. Their spot and scores were transferred to Knights of Bizertin Rise .
8 Rival Esports disbanded prior to Round 7. Their spot and scores were transferred to Infinity E-sports .
9 Infinity E-sports disbanded prior to Round 8. Their spot and scores were transferred to Kraljevina Srbija Esports Academy.
10 SPL Gaming Academy renamed to Simplicity Gaming in Round 4.
11 The Black Lotus dropped out of the tournament in Round 12. Their spot was given to NRaven Esports.
12 Espada Gaming disbanded prior to Round 7. Their spot and scores were transferred to The Moonlight Six.
13 NASR eSports and The Moonlight Six dropped out of the tournament in Round 11 before getting replaced by Team WW3 and Shadow Of Death respectively.
14 In round 14, 52Dive dropped out of the tournament and gave their spot to Knights of Bizertin Rise Black. Knights of Bizertin Rise renamed to Knights of Bizertin Rise Yellow in consequence.
15 Brain Drain disbanded prior to Round 16, they were replaced by Extreme Gaming.
16 Invoker Gaming disbanded prior to Round 16, they were replaced by Viking E-sports.
17 Osh-Tekk Warriors left the tournament prior to Round 16, they were replaced by JSK Esports.


African Esports League Season 1 Standings
1Feel our Skilllogo std.pngFeel our Skill14 - 193%10W
2EGZ eSportslogo std.pngEGZ eSports13 - 287%1L
3Divine Vendettalogo std.pngDivine Vendetta11 - 473%4W
3Logo std.pngTeam WW311 - 473%3W
5Kraljevina Srbija Esportslogo std.pngKraljevina Srbija Esports9 - 660%2L
6Knights of Bizertin Riselogo std.pngKnights of Bizertin Rise Yellow8 - 562%1W
7Knights of Bizertin Riselogo std.pngKnights of Bizertin Rise Black9 - 756%3L
8Simplicity Gaminglogo std.pngSimplicity Gaming8 - 753%1L
9NRaven Esportslogo std.pngNRaven Esports6 - 843%1W
10Kraljevina Srbija Esportslogo std.pngKraljevina Srbija Esports Academy7 - 1041%1W
11Royalty Esportslogo std.pngRoyalty Esports6 - 940%1L
12JSK Esportslogo std.pngJSK Esports6 - 1038%2W
13Shadow Of Deathlogo std.pngShadow Of Death4 - 1225%1W
14Extreme Gaminglogo std.pngExtreme Gaming3 - 1220%3L
14Kamikaze Esportslogo std.pngKamikaze Esports3 - 1220%8L
14Vikings E-sports (European Team)logo std.pngVikings E-sports3 - 1220%11L

Match Schedule[edit]

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Round 1
Sat 12 OctSat 12 OctSat 12 Oct - Sun 13 Oct2019,10,12,14,00 - 2019,10,12,18,00
Sat 2019-10-12
Sat 2019-10-12
Sat 2019-10-12
EGEspada Gaminglogo std.png01Northern Lions Esportslogo std.pngNLE
Sun 2019-10-13
OTWOsh-Tekk Warriorslogo std.png10Rival Esports Academylogo std.pngRVL.A
FGTFlamers Gaming Teamlogo std.png10Rival Esportslogo std.pngRVL
KnKKlick n Killlogo std.png10Kraljevina Srbija Esportslogo std.pngKS
TGGTrident.GGlogo std.png10Royalty Esportslogo std.pngRYL
Round 2
Sun 13 OctSun 13 OctSun 13 Oct - Mon 14 Oct2019,10,13,14,00 - 2019,10,13,16,30
Sun 2019-10-13
Sun 2019-10-13
Sun 2019-10-13
RVL.ARival Esports Academylogo std.png10Royalty Esportslogo std.pngRYL
Mon 2019-10-14
OTWOsh-Tekk Warriorslogo std.png10Rival Esportslogo std.pngRVL
NASRNASR eSportslogo std.png10Kraljevina Srbija Esportslogo std.pngKS
SPL.ASPL Gaminglogo std.png01Trident.GGlogo std.pngTGG
Round 3
Sat 19 OctSat 19 OctSat 19 Oct - Sun 20 Oct2019,10,19,14,00 - 2019,10,19,17,00
Sat 2019-10-19
Sat 2019-10-19
Sat 2019-10-19
EGZEGZ eSportslogo std.png10Anubis Gaminglogo std.pngANB
Sun 2019-10-20
OTWOsh-Tekk Warriorslogo std.png10MYIDOL Esportslogo std.pngMYI
KSKraljevina Srbija Esportslogo std.png10Flamers Gaming Teamlogo std.pngFGT
KnKKlick n Killlogo std.png01NASR eSportslogo std.pngNASR
Round 4
Sun 20 OctSun 20 OctSun 20 Oct - Mon 21 Oct2019,10,20,14,00 - 2019,10,20,17,00
Sun 2019-10-20
Sun 2019-10-20
Sun 2019-10-20
SPLSimplicity Gaminglogo std.png10Rival Esports Academylogo std.pngRVL.A
Mon 2019-10-21
KnKKlick n Killlogo std.png10Flamers Gaming Teamlogo std.pngFGT
TGGTrident.GGlogo std.png10Northern Lions Esportslogo std.pngNLE
KSKraljevina Srbija Esportslogo std.png01Osh-Tekk Warriorslogo std.pngOTW
Round 5
Sat 26 OctSat 26 OctSat 26 Oct - Sun 27 Oct2019,10,26,14,00 - 2019,10,26,17,00
Sat 2019-10-26
Sat 2019-10-26
Sat 2019-10-26
SPLSimplicity Gaminglogo std.png01MYIDOL Esportslogo std.pngMYI
Sun 2019-10-27
RVLRival Esportslogo std.png01The Black Lotuslogo std.pngTBL
FoSFeel our Skilllogo std.png10Anubis Gaminglogo std.pngANB
RVL.ARival Esports Academylogo std.png01Northern Lions Esportslogo std.pngNLE
Round 6
Sun 27 OctSun 27 OctMon 28 Oct2019,10,27,15,00 - 2019,10,27,18,00
Sun 2019-10-27
Sun 2019-10-27
Mon 2019-10-28
RVL.ARival Esports Academylogo std.png10Anubis Gaminglogo std.pngANB
SPLSimplicity Gaminglogo std.png10Royalty Esportslogo std.pngRYL
MYIMYIDOL Esportslogo std.png10The Black Lotuslogo std.pngTBL
EGEspada Gaminglogo std.png01Klick n Killlogo std.pngKnK
Round 7
Sun 24 Nov - Sat 14 DecSun 24 Nov - Sat 14 DecMon 25 Nov - Sun 15 Dec2019,11,24,15,00 - 2019,12,14,17,00
Sun 2019-11-24
Sun 2019-11-24
Mon 2019-11-25
SPLSimplicity Gaminglogo std.pngFFWNorthern Lions Esportslogo std.pngNLE
Sat 2019-12-14
Sat 2019-12-14
Sun 2019-12-15
EGZEGZ eSportslogo std.png10Feel our Skilllogo std.pngFoS
BDBrain Drainlogo std.png10Northern Lions Esportslogo std.pngNLE
TMSThe Moonlight Sixlogo std.png10Flamers Gaming Teamlogo std.pngFGT
Round 8
Sun 15 DecSun 15 DecMon 16 Dec2019,12,15,16,00 - 2019,12,15,17,00
Sun 2019-12-15
Sun 2019-12-15
Mon 2019-12-16
INFInfinity E-sports (North African Team)logo std.png01Royalty Esportslogo std.pngRYL
FoSFeel our Skilllogo std.png10The Black Lotuslogo std.pngTBL
Round 9
Sat 21 DecSat 21 DecSun 22 Dec2019,12,21,15,00 - 2019,12,21,18,00
Sat 2019-12-21
Sat 2019-12-21
Sun 2019-12-22
TMSThe Moonlight Sixlogo std.png10NASR eSportslogo std.pngNASR
52D52Divelogo std.png10The Black Lotuslogo std.pngTBL
KS.AKraljevina Srbija Esportslogo std.png10Divine Vendettalogo std.pngDVT
SPLSimplicity Gaminglogo std.png10Osh-Tekk Warriorslogo std.pngOTW
Round 10
Sun 22 DecSun 22 DecMon 23 Dec2019,12,22,15,00 - 2019,12,22,18,00
Sun 2019-12-22
Sun 2019-12-22
Mon 2019-12-23
EGZEGZ eSportslogo std.png10The Moonlight Sixlogo std.pngTMS
OTWOsh-Tekk Warriorslogo std.png01Simplicity Gaminglogo std.pngSPL
RYLRoyalty Esportslogo std.png01Kraljevina Srbija Esportslogo std.pngKS
Round 11
Sat 28 DecSat 28 DecSun 29 Dec2019,12,28,15,00 - 2019,12,28,18,00
Sat 2019-12-28
Sat 2019-12-28
Sun 2019-12-29
SPLSimplicity Gaminglogo std.pngWFFThe Moonlight Sixlogo std.pngTMS
EGZEGZ eSportslogo std.pngWFFNASR eSportslogo std.pngNASR
52D52Divelogo std.png10Kamikaze Esportslogo std.pngKMZ
KBRKnights of Bizertin Riselogo std.png10Invoker Gaminglogo std.pngIVK
Round 12
Sat 11 JanSat 11 JanSun 12 Jan2020,1,11,15,00 - 2020,1,11,20,00
Sat 2020-01-11
Sat 2020-01-11
Sun 2020-01-12
EGZEGZ eSportslogo std.png10Simplicity Gaminglogo std.pngSPL
BDBrain Drainlogo std.png01Divine Vendettalogo std.pngDVT
WW3Logo std.png10Invoker Gaminglogo std.pngIVK
KSKraljevina Srbija Esportslogo std.png10NRaven Esportslogo std.pngNRE
SODShadow Of Deathlogo std.png10Osh-Tekk Warriorslogo std.pngOTW
KBRKnights of Bizertin Riselogo std.png10Kraljevina Srbija Esportslogo std.pngKS.A
TMSThe Moonlight Sixlogo std.pngFFWKraljevina Srbija Esportslogo std.pngKS.A
Round 13
Sun 12 JanSun 12 JanMon 13 Jan2020,1,12,15,00 - 2020,1,12,18,00
Sun 2020-01-12
Sun 2020-01-12
Mon 2020-01-13
BDBrain Drainlogo std.png01Kamikaze Esportslogo std.pngKMZ
DVTDivine Vendettalogo std.png1052Divelogo std.png52D
EGZEGZ eSportslogo std.png10Invoker Gaminglogo std.pngIVK
KSKraljevina Srbija Esportslogo std.png10Kraljevina Srbija Esportslogo std.pngKS.A
WW3Logo std.png10Simplicity Gaminglogo std.pngSPL
SODShadow Of Deathlogo std.png01NRaven Esportslogo std.pngNRE
OTWOsh-Tekk Warriorslogo std.png01Royalty Esportslogo std.pngRYL
Round 15
Sun 19 JanSun 19 JanMon 20 Jan2020,1,19,15,00 - 2020,1,19,17,00
Sun 2020-01-19
Sun 2020-01-19
Mon 2020-01-20
SODShadow Of Deathlogo std.png01Knights of Bizertin Riselogo std.pngKBR.B
NRENRaven Esportslogo std.png10Brain Drainlogo std.pngBD
SPLSimplicity Gaminglogo std.png10Kamikaze Esportslogo std.pngKMZ
KS.AKraljevina Srbija Esportslogo std.png01EGZ eSportslogo std.pngEGZ
KSKraljevina Srbija Esportslogo std.png10Invoker Gaminglogo std.pngIVK
Round 17
Sun 26 JanSun 26 JanMon 27 Jan2020,1,26,15,00 - 2020,1,26,18,00
Sun 2020-01-26
Sun 2020-01-26
Mon 2020-01-27
KBR.BKnights of Bizertin Riselogo std.png10Knights of Bizertin Riselogo std.pngKBR.Y
KSKraljevina Srbija Esportslogo std.png10Extreme Gaminglogo std.pngETG
DVTDivine Vendettalogo std.png10Logo std.pngWW3
SODShadow Of Deathlogo std.png01Feel our Skilllogo std.pngFoS
EGZEGZ eSportslogo std.png10Kamikaze Esportslogo std.pngKMZ
KS.AKraljevina Srbija Esportslogo std.png10JSK Esportslogo std.pngJSK
FoSFeel our Skilllogo std.png10JSK Esportslogo std.pngJSK
Round 19
Sun 2 FebSun 2 FebMon 3 Feb2020,2,02,15,00 - 2020,2,02,18,00
Sun 2020-02-02
Sun 2020-02-02
Mon 2020-02-03
KBR.BKnights of Bizertin Riselogo std.png01Logo std.pngWW3
ETGExtreme Gaminglogo std.png10Royalty Esportslogo std.pngRYL
DVTDivine Vendettalogo std.png10Vikings E-sports (European Team)logo std.pngVKG
EGZEGZ eSportslogo std.png10Knights of Bizertin Riselogo std.pngKBR.Y
WW3Logo std.png10JSK Esportslogo std.pngJSK
NRENRaven Esportslogo std.png01Simplicity Gaminglogo std.pngSPL
FoSFeel our Skilllogo std.png10Kamikaze Esportslogo std.pngKMZ
Round 20
Sat 8 FebSat 8 FebSun 9 Feb2020,2,08,15,00 - 2020,2,08,19,00
Sat 2020-02-08
Sat 2020-02-08
Sun 2020-02-09
ETGExtreme Gaminglogo std.png01Kraljevina Srbija Esportslogo std.pngKS.A
KBR.BKnights of Bizertin Riselogo std.png01Kraljevina Srbija Esportslogo std.pngKS
DVTDivine Vendettalogo std.png10Kamikaze Esportslogo std.pngKMZ
EGZEGZ eSportslogo std.png10JSK Esportslogo std.pngJSK
FoSFeel our Skilllogo std.png10Logo std.pngWW3
WW3Logo std.png10NRaven Esportslogo std.pngNRE
Round 21
Sun 9 FebSun 9 FebMon 10 Feb2020,2,09,15,00 - 2020,2,09,18,00
Sun 2020-02-09
Sun 2020-02-09
Mon 2020-02-10
WW3Logo std.png10Extreme Gaminglogo std.pngETG
DVTDivine Vendettalogo std.png10Knights of Bizertin Riselogo std.pngKBR.Y
EGZEGZ eSportslogo std.png10Kraljevina Srbija Esportslogo std.pngKS
FoSFeel our Skilllogo std.png10Kraljevina Srbija Esportslogo std.pngKS.A
VKGVikings E-sports (European Team)logo std.png01NRaven Esportslogo std.pngNRE
RYLRoyalty Esportslogo std.png10Shadow Of Deathlogo std.pngSOD
KMZKamikaze Esportslogo std.png01JSK Esportslogo std.pngJSK
Round 22
Sat 15 Feb - Sun 16 FebSat 15 Feb - Sun 16 FebSun 16 Feb - Mon 17 Feb2020,2,15,15,00 - 2020,2,16,19,00
Sat 2020-02-15
Sat 2020-02-15
Sun 2020-02-16
ETGExtreme Gaminglogo std.png01Shadow Of Deathlogo std.pngSOD
DVTDivine Vendettalogo std.png10Kraljevina Srbija Esportslogo std.pngKS
EGZEGZ eSportslogo std.png01Royalty Esportslogo std.pngRYL
VKGVikings E-sports (European Team)logo std.png01JSK Esportslogo std.pngJSK
KMZKamikaze Esportslogo std.png01Logo std.pngWW3
KS.AKraljevina Srbija Esportslogo std.png10Simplicity Gaminglogo std.pngSPL
FoSFeel our Skilllogo std.png10Knights of Bizertin Riselogo std.pngKBR.Y
Sun 2020-02-16
Sun 2020-02-16
Mon 2020-02-17
RYLRoyalty Esportslogo std.png01Knights of Bizertin Riselogo std.pngKBR.Y


Round 1
1Trident.GGlogo std.png1-01-0
1Osh-Tekk Warriorslogo std.png1-01-0
1Flamers Gaming Teamlogo std.png1-01-0
1Klick n Killlogo std.png1-01-0
1Northern Lions Esportslogo std.png1-01-0
6MYIDOL Esportslogo std.png0-00-0
6EGZ eSportslogo std.png0-00-0
6Anubis Gaminglogo std.png0-00-0
6The Black Lotuslogo std.png0-00-0
6SPL Gaminglogo std.png0-00-0
6NASR eSportslogo std.png0-00-0
12Rival Esports Academylogo std.png0-10-1
12Kraljevina Srbija Esportslogo std.png0-10-1
12Rival Esportslogo std.png0-10-1
12Royalty Esportslogo std.png0-10-1
12Espada Gaminglogo std.png0-10-1
Round 2
1Trident.GGlogo std.png1-02-0
1Osh-Tekk Warriorslogo std.png1-02-0
32Flamers Gaming Teamlogo std.png0-01-0
32Klick n Killlogo std.png0-01-0
33NASR eSportslogo std.png1-01-0
32Northern Lions Esportslogo std.png0-01-0
75Rival Esports Academylogo std.png1-01-1
82MYIDOL Esportslogo std.png0-00-0
82EGZ eSportslogo std.png0-00-0
82Anubis Gaminglogo std.png0-00-0
82The Black Lotuslogo std.png0-00-0
12Espada Gaminglogo std.png0-00-1
126SPL Gaminglogo std.png0-10-1
142Kraljevina Srbija Esportslogo std.png0-10-2
142Rival Esportslogo std.png0-10-2
142Royalty Esportslogo std.png0-10-2
Round 3
1Osh-Tekk Warriorslogo std.png1-03-0
21Trident.GGlogo std.png0-02-0
21NASR eSportslogo std.png1-02-0
44EGZ eSportslogo std.png1-01-0
41Northern Lions Esportslogo std.png0-01-0
63Flamers Gaming Teamlogo std.png0-11-1
61Rival Esports Academylogo std.png0-01-1
63Klick n Killlogo std.png0-11-1
91The Black Lotuslogo std.png0-00-0
104Kraljevina Srbija Esportslogo std.png1-01-2
113MYIDOL Esportslogo std.png0-10-1
113Anubis Gaminglogo std.png0-10-1
111Espada Gaminglogo std.png0-00-1
111Simplicity Gaminglogo std.png0-00-1
151Rival Esportslogo std.png0-00-2
151Royalty Esportslogo std.png0-00-2
Round 4
1Osh-Tekk Warriorslogo std.png1-04-0
2Trident.GGlogo std.png1-03-0
31NASR eSportslogo std.png0-02-0
42Klick n Killlogo std.png1-02-1
51EGZ eSportslogo std.png0-01-0
65Simplicity Gaminglogo std.png1-01-1
62Northern Lions Esportslogo std.png0-11-1
81The Black Lotuslogo std.png0-00-0
93Flamers Gaming Teamlogo std.png0-11-2
93Rival Esports Academylogo std.png0-11-2
11MYIDOL Esportslogo std.png0-00-1
11Anubis Gaminglogo std.png0-00-1
11Espada Gaminglogo std.png0-00-1
144Kraljevina Srbija Esportslogo std.png0-11-3
15Rival Esportslogo std.png0-00-2
15Royalty Esportslogo std.png0-00-2
Round 5
11Feel our Skilllogo std.png1-04-0
1Osh-Tekk Warriorslogo std.png0-04-0
3NASR eSportslogo std.png0-02-0
4Klick n Killlogo std.png0-02-1
42Northern Lions Esportslogo std.png1-02-1
61EGZ eSportslogo std.png0-01-0
62The Black Lotuslogo std.png1-01-0
83MYIDOL Esportslogo std.png1-01-1
9Flamers Gaming Teamlogo std.png0-01-2
93Simplicity Gaminglogo std.png0-11-2
11Espada Gaminglogo std.png0-00-1
123Rival Esports Academylogo std.png0-11-3
122Kraljevina Srbija Esportslogo std.png0-01-3
143Anubis Gaminglogo std.png0-10-2
141Royalty Esportslogo std.png0-00-2
161Rival Esportslogo std.png0-10-3
Round 6
1Feel our Skilllogo std.png0-04-0
1Osh-Tekk Warriorslogo std.png0-04-0
31Klick n Killlogo std.png1-03-1
41NASR eSportslogo std.png0-02-0
53MYIDOL Esportslogo std.png1-02-1
51Northern Lions Esportslogo std.png0-02-1
71EGZ eSportslogo std.png0-01-0
81Simplicity Gaminglogo std.png1-02-2
93The Black Lotuslogo std.png0-11-1
102Rival Esports Academylogo std.png1-02-3
112Flamers Gaming Teamlogo std.png0-01-2
12Kraljevina Srbija Esportslogo std.png0-01-3
132Espada Gaminglogo std.png0-10-2
14Anubis Gaminglogo std.png0-10-3
142Infinity E-sports (North African Team)logo std.png0-00-3
14Royalty Esportslogo std.png0-10-3
Round 7
1Osh-Tekk Warriorslogo std.png0-04-0
21Feel our Skilllogo std.png0-14-1
3Knights of Bizertin Riselogo std.png0-03-1
43EGZ eSportslogo std.png1-02-0
4NASR eSportslogo std.png0-02-0
61Northern Lions Esportslogo std.png1-13-2
72Divine Vendettalogo std.png0-02-1
81The Black Lotuslogo std.png0-01-1
9152Divelogo std.png0-02-3
91Simplicity Gaminglogo std.png0-12-3
112The Moonlight Sixlogo std.png1-01-2
122Brain Drainlogo std.png1-01-3
121Flamers Gaming Teamlogo std.png0-11-3
12Kraljevina Srbija Esportslogo std.png0-01-3
151Infinity E-sports (North African Team)logo std.png0-00-3
151Royalty Esportslogo std.png0-00-3
Round 8
11Feel our Skilllogo std.png1-05-1
21Osh-Tekk Warriorslogo std.png0-04-0
3Knights of Bizertin Riselogo std.png0-03-1
4EGZ eSportslogo std.png0-02-0
4NASR eSportslogo std.png0-02-0
6Invoker Gaminglogo std.png0-03-2
7Divine Vendettalogo std.png0-02-1
8152Divelogo std.png0-02-3
81Simplicity Gaminglogo std.png0-02-3
102The Black Lotuslogo std.png0-11-2
101The Moonlight Sixlogo std.png0-01-2
12Brain Drainlogo std.png0-01-3
12Kamikaze Esportslogo std.png0-01-3
12Kraljevina Srbija Esportslogo std.png0-01-3
123Royalty Esportslogo std.png1-01-3
161Infinity E-sports (North African Team)logo std.png0-10-4
Round 9
1Feel our Skilllogo std.png0-05-1
2Osh-Tekk Warriorslogo std.png0-14-1
3Knights of Bizertin Riselogo std.png0-03-1
4EGZ eSportslogo std.png0-02-0
51Invoker Gaminglogo std.png0-03-2
62NASR eSportslogo std.png0-12-1
7152Divelogo std.png1-03-3
71Simplicity Gaminglogo std.png1-03-3
92Divine Vendettalogo std.png0-12-2
91The Moonlight Sixlogo std.png1-02-2
111Brain Drainlogo std.png0-01-3
111Kamikaze Esportslogo std.png0-01-3
111Kraljevina Srbija Esportslogo std.png0-01-3
111The Black Lotuslogo std.png0-11-3
111Royalty Esportslogo std.png0-01-3
16Kraljevina Srbija Esportslogo std.png1-01-4
Round 10
1Feel our Skilllogo std.png0-05-1
22EGZ eSportslogo std.png1-03-0
31Osh-Tekk Warriorslogo std.png0-14-2
41Knights of Bizertin Riselogo std.png0-03-1
52Simplicity Gaminglogo std.png1-04-3
61Invoker Gaminglogo std.png0-03-2
71NASR eSportslogo std.png0-02-1
8152Divelogo std.png0-03-3
9Divine Vendettalogo std.png0-02-2
101Kraljevina Srbija Esportslogo std.png1-02-3
101The Moonlight Sixlogo std.png0-12-3
121Brain Drainlogo std.png0-01-3
121Kamikaze Esportslogo std.png0-01-3
121NRaven Esportslogo std.png0-01-3
151Kraljevina Srbija Esportslogo std.png0-01-4
154Royalty Esportslogo std.png0-11-4
Round 11
1Feel our Skilllogo std.png0-05-1
2EGZ eSportslogo std.png1-04-0
31Knights of Bizertin Riselogo std.png1-04-1
41Simplicity Gaminglogo std.png1-05-3
52Osh-Tekk Warriorslogo std.png0-04-2
6252Divelogo std.png1-04-3
71Invoker Gaminglogo std.png0-13-3
81Divine Vendettalogo std.png0-02-2
81NASR eSportslogo std.png0-12-2
10Kraljevina Srbija Esportslogo std.png0-02-3
111The Moonlight Sixlogo std.png0-12-4
12Brain Drainlogo std.png0-01-3
12NRaven Esportslogo std.png0-01-3
142Kamikaze Esportslogo std.png0-11-4
141Kraljevina Srbija Esportslogo std.png0-01-4
141Royalty Esportslogo std.png0-01-4
Round 12
11EGZ eSportslogo std.png1-05-0
21Feel our Skilllogo std.png0-05-1
21Knights of Bizertin Riselogo std.png1-05-1
4Simplicity Gaminglogo std.png0-15-4
5Osh-Tekk Warriorslogo std.png0-14-3
5152Divelogo std.png0-04-3
71Divine Vendettalogo std.png1-03-2
71Logo std.png1-03-2
91Kraljevina Srbija Esportslogo std.png1-03-3
103Invoker Gaminglogo std.png0-13-4
11The Moonlight Sixlogo std.png1-13-5
122Kraljevina Srbija Esportslogo std.png1-12-5
131Brain Drainlogo std.png0-11-4
131Kamikaze Esportslogo std.png0-01-4
131NRaven Esportslogo std.png0-11-4
131Royalty Esportslogo std.png0-01-4
Round 13
1EGZ eSportslogo std.png1-06-0
2Feel our Skilllogo std.png0-05-1
2Knights of Bizertin Riselogo std.png0-05-1
43Divine Vendettalogo std.png1-04-2
43Logo std.png1-04-2
63Kraljevina Srbija Esportslogo std.png1-04-3
73Simplicity Gaminglogo std.png0-15-5
83Osh-Tekk Warriorslogo std.png0-14-4
8352Divelogo std.png0-14-4
10Invoker Gaminglogo std.png0-13-5
112Kamikaze Esportslogo std.png1-02-4
112NRaven Esportslogo std.png1-02-4
112Royalty Esportslogo std.png1-02-4
143Shadow Of Deathlogo std.png0-1