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ahq eSports Club
Ahq eSports Clublogo square.png
Team Information
Org LocationTaiwan Taiwan
Head CoachTsai "GreenTea" Shang-Ching
SponsorShin Kong Life
Shin Kong Security
BenQ ZOWIE Taiwan
CreatedSeptember 21, 2012
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Current Roster
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ahq eSports Club is an esports organization based in Taiwan. Their League of Legends team was formed in September 2012.


Formation of ahq e-Sports Club[edit]

In September 2012, after Corsair failed to travel to Season 2 World Championship, ahq force to merged both Corsair and SSWIE and renames to ahq e-Sports Club. UDJ, ArTie, Prydz, Mralbis from Corsair and GreenTea from SSWIE are the first line-up of ahq.

Pre-Season 3[edit]

In 2013, the captain UDJ retires and GarnetDevil joins. ahq e-Sports Club has been invited to join Garena Premier League 2013 Spring Season to face 2 of the famous team in Taiwan and Southeast Asia, Taipei Assassins and Singapore Sentinels. In March, 2 of the famous players, westdoor and Lantyr force to join ahq and become the main players of ahq. However, ahq still cannot beat TPA and SGS. They finish GPL Spring Season in 3rd place.

Dominance in GPL[edit]

In GPL Summer, ahq become stronger, beating TPA and SGS time after time and winning GPL Summer with a 24-4 record. They make it to the GPL Finals to face the winner of Spring Season, Taipei Assassins. At the same time, ahq also join TeSL and face the other strong team in Taiwan, Taipei Snipers. ahq finish the tournament in 2nd place.

Although ahq have high hopes to go to Season 3 World Championship, they are beaten by the TeSL team Gamania Bears and end their summer, though they do still beat TPA in 2013 GPL Finals.

Pre-Season 4[edit]

After Season 3, ahq acquire Naz from Wayi Spider while Lantyr move to ahq Fighter, ahq does a great job in 2014 LNL Winter, they win 20 matches and only loses 1 game. However, it is not that successfully for ahq in 2014 GPL Winter, they lose to Taipei Snipers and only get the 3rd place.

Season 4[edit]

Ahq had a successful run in 2014 GPL Spring group stages, where they achieved a record of 9 wins and 1 loss. In the playoffs, they dominated the Singapore Sentinels 3-0 before dispatching the Saigon Jokers 3-1 in Quarterfinals and Semifinals, respectively. In the finals, however they lost to Taipei Assassins 2-3, and ended playoffs in 2nd place.

2014 GPL Summer, starting in June of 2014, featured another successful run in the group stages by Ahq, achieving a record of 8 wins and 2 losses. In the playoffs, they won 3-0 against Bangkok Titans in Quarterfinals, won 3-1 of Logitech G Fighter (Full Louis got disqualified from GPL this season due to using players who are not having 17 full years, SofM and Jeff. Logitech G Fighter replaced them to play Semi-Finals.) in Semifinals, mirroring their performance earlier in the year. Unfortunately, they would go on to lose to the Taipei Assassins 0-3 in the Finals, achieving another 2nd place record in the playoffs.

While they are unable to become the champions of 2014 GPL Summer, their dominating performance in the 2014 Season Garena Regional Finals where they emerged as the #1 Seed in the Taiwan and SEA region by beating the Saigon Fantastic Five in the finals, allowed them to participate in the 2014 Season World Championship

Seeded into Group A of the 2014 Season World Championship in Taiwan, they play against EDward Gaming, Samsung White and Dark Passage. Their 3 wins and 3 loss record allowed them to bring their playoff dreams to a tiebreaker against EDward Gaming , whom Ahq unfortunately lost to.

Pre-Season 5[edit]

After a dissappointing run in the 2014 Season World Championship, ahq acquire Mountain and OhReaL from Logitech Snipers, Ziv from HK Attitude Mage, MrAlbis from Logitech G Fighter, while Naz and GarnetDevil leave. Prydz also becomes the analyst.

The new roster played and qualified for IEM Season IX - Taipei in IEM Season IX - Taipei Qualifiers, where they won 2-0 against the Logitech Snipers, 2-0 against Hong Kong Esports, and 2-1 against the Yoe Flash Wolves in the winner's bracket finals. At IEM Season IX - Taipei, Ahq would recieve a quarterfinal bye for winning the winner's breacket finals, but would then be defeated 0-2 against the Yoe Flash Wolves.

Season 5[edit]

Season 5 marked the start of the LoL Master Series, a new league exclusive to teams from Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Macao. ahq were invited to its qualifiers, where they went 3-0 in their group to earn a berth in the regular season. They finished in fourth place in the round robin, with a 13-8 record, but went on to win the playoffs with 3-0 victories over Hong Kong Esports and Taipei Assassins followed by a 3-1 finals victory over Flash Wolves.

Due to their spring split victory, ahq were invited to play at the Mid-Season Invitational. Finishing 3-2 in the group stage, ahq advanced to the bracket but were knocked out immediately by eventual tournament winners EDG.

After the Mid-Season Invitational, ahq went on to sweep their way through the Summer Season, with a win-tie-loss record of 11-3-0. Placed directly into the finals of the gauntlet-style playoffs, they once again won the season, this time beating Hong Kong Esports 3-0 and automatically qualifying for the 2015 Season World Championship.

At Worlds, ahq were seeded into Group B, along with Fnatic, Invictus Gaming, and Cloud9 and went 3-3, advancing to the playoffs after a tiebreaker victory over Cloud9 (giving the North American team their fourth loss in a row that day). Their World Championship run ended in the quarterfinals, where they were drawn against tournament favorites SK Telecom, earning a top 8 finish.

Season 6[edit]

During the 2016 Spring Season ahq was consistently the top team of the League, ending in first place with an impressive 11-3-0 record. However, their domestic dominance came to a sudden halt in the Playoffs Finals, where they lost 0-3 against the Flash Wolves.

ahq struggled during the whole Summer Season, without being able to take a single Best-of-2 series victory against the other two top teams, Flash Wolves and the newly formed J Team. They placed third in the end and qualified for the Summer Playoffs; their Playoffs run ended in the Semifinals match against the Flash Wolves, losing 2-3 in close fashion. Their Summer Split ranking granted ahq a spot in the Regional gauntlet, through which they qualified to the 2016 Season World Championship by beating Machi E-Sports in the Finals 3-0.

ahq were then seeded into Worlds Group C, alongside EDward Gaming, H2K, and INTZ. After going 2-1 in Week 1, the Taiwanese team failed to repeat their success during Week 2, mostly due to H2k's resurgence, as they ended in third place with a 3-3 score.


  • 2012
  • 2013
  • 2014
  • 2015
  • 2016
  • 2017
  • 2018
  • 2019
  • 2020
  • April (approx.), Albis (Jungle to Support) changes position.
    Mountain moves to starting roster.
    GreenTea moves to substitute.
  • May (approx.), MiSTakE (Coach) leaves.
  • August 5, Taiwan Mobile sponsors the team.[12]
  • November 6,
    Chawy joins.
  • November 10,
    RD, and
    Tuna join as substitutes.
  • January (approx.), GreenTea (Sub/Sup to Analyst) changes position.
    RD moves to substitute.
  • January 9, Chawy's suspension ends.
  • April 30, Chawy's residency changes from SEA to TW.
  • June 8, Ziv replaces AN as captain.[15]
  • July 1,
    Chawy becomes active.
  • October 31, Backstairs (Coach) leaves.[17]
  • November 1, NeXAbc (Coach) joins.[18]
  • December 15,
    RD leaves.[19]
  • December 19,
    BayBay leaves.[20]
  • January 11, Albis changes residency from LMS to PCS. Apex changes residency from LMS to PCS. Doggo changes residency from LMS to PCS. GreenTea changes residency from LMS to PCS. HuSha changes residency from LMS to PCS. Husky changes residency from LMS to PCS. Kongyue changes residency from LMS to PCS. Leaky changes residency from LMS to PCS. Uniboy changes residency from LMS to PCS. Wako changes residency from LMS to PCS. Ysera changes residency from LMS to PCS. Zero changes residency from LMS to PCS. Ziv changes residency from LMS to PCS.
  • January 17,
    Ziv's contract is updated in the GCD, expiring on 20 November 2020.
    Ysera, and GreenTea (Head Coach)'s contracts are updated in the GCD, expiring on 16 November 2020.
    Apex and
    Husky's contracts are updated in the GCD, expiring on 15 November 2021.[62]
  • February 4,
    HuSha is moved to substitute in the GCD.[63]
  • June 10, VaGo (Analyst) joins.
    Husky and
    HuSha leave.[64]
  • June 21,
    Leaky moves to starting roster.

Player Roster[edit]


R C ID Name Role Contract Ends Joined
Leaky Chang Tsu-Chia (張祖嘉) 2Top 2020-11-16 2019-12-04
Ziv Chen Yi (陳奕) 3Top 2020-11-16 2014-10-07
Kongyue Hsiao Jen-Tso (蕭任佐) 4Jungle 2020-11-16 2019-12-04
Apex Hsieh Chia-Wei (謝家維) 5Mid 2021-11-15 2019-06-03
Uniboy Chen Chang-Chu (陳昌駒) 6Mid 2020-11-16 2019-12-04
Wako Tsou Wei-Yang (鄒惟洋) 7Bot 2020-11-16 2017-11-26
Ysera Wang Tsung-Chih (汪宗志) 8Support 2020-11-16 2019-02-25
Doggo Chiu Tzu-Chuan (邱梓銓) 9Sub/Bot 2021-11-15 2019-12-08


R C ID Name Role Next Team Joined Left
Husky Huang Chin-Cheng (黃錦誠) 13Mid None 2019-12-082019-12-08 2020-06-102020-06-10
HuSha Huang Zi-Wei (黃梓維) 22Sub/Jun None 2019-06-262019-06-26 2020-06-102020-06-10
Alex Chen Yu-Ming (陳煜明) 12Jungle None 2019-01-132019-01-13 2019-12-082019-12-08
Rainbow Kim Soo-gi (김수기) 13Mid Santos e-Sportslogo std.pngSantos e-Sports 2018-12-262018-12-26 2019-11-012019-11-01
An Chou Chun-An (周俊諳) 14Bot Retiredlogo std.pngRetired 2014-10-262014-10-26 2019-09-302019-09-30
Crank Zheng Da-Cheng (郑达诚) 23Sub/Mid None 2019-03-192019-03-19 2019-06-032019-06-03
Kino Wu Hsin-Jung (吳欣榮) 15Support Ahq Fighterlogo std.pngahq Fighter 2018-07-112018-07-11 2019-05-292019-05-29
Baby Kim Dong-woo (김동우) 12Jungle V3 Esportslogo std.pngV3 Esports 2018-12-262018-12-26 2019-03-132019-03-13
Westdoor Liu Shu-Wei (劉書瑋) 12Jungle Casterlogo std.pngStreamer 2013-03-012013-03-01 2019-01-072019-01-07
Albis Kang Chia-Wei (康家維) 15Support Casterlogo std.pngStreamer 2012-05-042012-05-04 2019-01-072019-01-07
Taizan Lin Ching-Chia (林敬家) 12Jungle Alpha Esportslogo std.pngAlpha Esports 2018-05-282018-05-28 2018-12-262018-12-26
Atlen Sung Ya-Lun (宋亞倫) 14Bot G-Rexlogo std.pngG-Rex 2018-08-052018-08-05 2018-12-262018-12-26
Nestea Hsu Bao-Yuan (許寶遠) 12Jungle J Teamlogo std.pngJ Team 2018-03-062018-03-06 2018-09-302018-09-30
Tuna Hsiao Yu-Wei (蕭鈺維) 15Support SuperEsportslogo std.pngSuperEsports 2017-11-262017-11-26 2018-07-182018-07-18
M1ssion Chen Hsiao-Hsien (陳孝銜) 13Mid Machi Esportslogo std.pngMachi Esports 2018-01-132018-01-13 2018-05-282018-05-28
Mountain Xue Zhao-Hong (薛兆鴻) 12Jungle Oh My Godlogo std.pngOh My God 2014-10-262014-10-26 2018-05-222018-05-22
LBB Liu Ping-Hsin (劉秉鑫) 14Bot Afro Beastlogo std.pngAfro Beast 2017-05-082017-05-08 2018-03-062018-03-06
Chawy Wong Xing Lei (王心磊) 13Mid Hong Kong Attitudelogo std.pngHong Kong Attitude 2015-11-062015-11-06 2017-11-192017-11-19
TunaFish Hsiao Yu-Wei (蕭鈺維) 25Sub/Sup Ahq Fighterlogo std.pngahq Fighter 2015-11-102015-11-10 2017-05-252017-05-25
BayBay Wang You-Chun (王佑軍) 22Sub/Jun Royal Never Give Uplogo std.pngRoyal Never Give Up 2015-11-102015-11-10 2016-12-192016-12-19
RD Liang Teng-Li (梁騰勵) 24Sub/Bot Legend Dragonlogo std.pngLegend Dragon 2015-11-102015-11-10 2016-12-152016-12-15
GreenTea Tsai Shang-Ching (蔡尚精) 25Sub/Sup Analystlogo std.pngAnalyst 2012-09-212012-09-21 2016-01-112016-01-??
Trickz Chen Han (陳翰) 14Bot Log Slogo std.pngLogitech G Snipers 2014-10-072014-10-07 2014-10-262014-10-26
HoHotDoG Ko Kai-Sheng (柯凱盛) 15Support Log Slogo std.pngLogitech G Snipers 2014-10-072014-10-07 2014-10-262014-10-26
Prydz Chen Kuang-Feng (陳廣峰) 11Top Analystlogo std.pngAnalyst 2012-09-212012-09-21 2014-10-072014-10-07
Naz Chen Tien-Chih (陳添志) 12Jungle Log Slogo std.pngLogitech G Snipers 2013-09-012013-09-01 2014-10-072014-10-07
GarnetDevil Lai Yi-Meng (賴翊銘) 14Bot Retiredlogo std.pngRetired 2012-12-242012-12-24 2014-10-072014-10-07
Lantyr Zhang Huai-Cang (張淮蒼) 12Jungle Ahq Fighterlogo std.pngahq Fighter 2013-03-012013-03-01 2013-09-012013-09-01
ArTie Chang Che-Ming (張哲明) 23Sub/Mid PaPaKanKanPaPalogo std.pngPaPaKanKanPaPa 2012-09-212012-09-21 2013-04-152013-04-15
UDJ Yang Shu-Wei (楊書瑋) 11Top Casterlogo std.pngCaster 2012-09-212012-09-21 2012-12-242012-12-24
IamDevil Zhang Zhe-Ming (張哲明) 26 None 2012-05-042012-05-04 2012-09-212012-09-21
LeMei Peng Si-Wei (彭絲煒) 26 None 2012-05-042012-05-04 2012-09-212012-09-21
os4 Zhang Zhe-Wei (張哲偉) 11Top None 2012-05-042012-05-04 2012-09-212012-09-21
Perfume Huang Yu-Sheng (黃鈺勝) 15Support None 2012-05-042012-05-04 2012-09-212012-09-21

Player League Participation[edit]

Playoff games are NOT included, but regular-season tiebreaker games ARE.


ZivAHQLogo std.pngAHQLogo std.pngAHQLogo std.pngAHQLogo std.pngAHQLogo std.pngAHQLogo std.pngAHQLogo std.pngAHQLogo std.pngAHQLogo std.pngAHQLogo std.png296
WakoEXtreme Gamerslogo std.pngEXtreme Gamerslogo std.pngEXtreme Gamerslogo std.png
Wayispiderlogo std.png
Wayispiderlogo std.pngAHQLogo std.pngAHQLogo std.pngAHQLogo std.pngAHQLogo std.png238
AnAHQLogo std.pngAHQLogo std.pngAHQLogo std.pngAHQLogo std.pngAHQLogo std.pngAHQLogo std.pngAHQLogo std.pngAHQLogo std.pngAHQLogo std.png226
ApexMachi Esportslogo std.pngMachi Esportslogo std.pngMachi Esportslogo std.pngMachi Esportslogo std.pngMachi Esportslogo std.pngMachi Esportslogo std.pngMachi Esportslogo std.pngAHQLogo std.png215
AlbisAHQLogo std.pngAHQLogo std.pngAHQLogo std.pngAHQLogo std.pngAHQLogo std.pngAHQLogo std.pngAHQLogo std.pngAHQLogo std.png206
M1ssionMidnight Sun Esportslogo std.pngMidnight Sun Esportslogo std.pngMidnight Sun Esportslogo std.pngFireballlogo std.pngHong Kong Attitudelogo std.pngAHQLogo std.pngMachi Esportslogo std.pngHong Kong Attitudelogo std.pngHong Kong Attitudelogo std.png204
MountainAHQLogo std.pngAHQLogo std.pngAHQLogo std.pngAHQLogo std.pngAHQLogo std.pngAHQLogo std.pngAHQLogo std.pngG-Rexlogo std.png170
YseraLog Slogo std.pngLog Slogo std.pngJ Teamlogo std.pngJ Teamlogo std.pngAHQLogo std.pngAHQLogo std.png167
TaizanMachi Esportslogo std.pngMachi Esportslogo std.pngMachi Esportslogo std.pngMachi Esportslogo std.pngMachi Esportslogo std.pngAHQLogo std.pngAlpha Esportslogo std.png139
ChawyTpa std.pngTpa std.pngAHQLogo std.pngAHQLogo std.pngAHQLogo std.pngHong Kong Attitudelogo std.png127
WestdoorAHQLogo std.pngAHQLogo std.pngAHQLogo std.pngAHQLogo std.pngAHQLogo std.pngAHQLogo std.pngAHQLogo std.png124
AlexJ Teamlogo std.pngJ Teamlogo std.pngAHQLogo std.pngAHQLogo std.png96
GreenieEXtreme Gamerslogo std.pngEXtreme Gamerslogo std.pngEXtreme Gamerslogo std.pngAHQLogo std.pngAHQLogo std.png89
BaybayAHQLogo std.pngG-Rexlogo std.pngG-Rexlogo std.png56
RainbowTeam Afrologo std.pngAHQLogo std.png56
RDLog Slogo std.pngLog Slogo std.pngAHQLogo std.pngAHQLogo std.png50
NesteaHong Kong Esportslogo std.pngAHQLogo std.png35
GreenTeaAHQLogo std.pngAHQLogo std.png22
TunaAHQLogo std.pngAHQLogo std.png20
KinoAHQLogo std.pngAHQLogo std.png18
RiverAHQLogo std.png5
HuShaAHQLogo std.png3


KongyueAHQLogo std.pngAHQLogo std.png25
UniboyAHQLogo std.pngAHQLogo std.png25
WakoAHQLogo std.pngAHQLogo std.png25
YseraAHQLogo std.pngAHQLogo std.png25
ZivAHQLogo std.pngAHQLogo std.png19
LeakyAHQLogo std.png6



C ID Name Position
Polo Wu Ching-Chen (吳敬晨) Director
Ivria Lin Ji-Yu (林季妤) Manager & Translator
GreenTea Tsai Shang-Ching (蔡尚精) 80Head Coach
Zero Chung Chen-Hua (鍾震華) 80Coach
VaGo (方穆清) Analyst
Albis Kang Chia-Wei (康家維) 80Streamer


C ID Name Role Next Team
Westdoor Liu Shu-Wei (劉書瑋) 80Streamer None
Luke Huang Pin-Hao (黃品豪) Manager None
Zero Chung Chen-Hua (鍾震華) 80Analyst AHQLogo std.pngCoach
Domo Kung Yu-Te (龔育德) 80Head Coach Welogo std.pngTeam WE
NeXAbc Chiu Po-Chieh (邱柏傑) 80Strategic Coach None
Hulk Hulk Wen Leader & Manager None
GreenTea Tsai Shang-Ching (蔡尚精) 80Coach MAD Teamlogo std.pngMAD Team
Backstairs Chen Yan-Fu (陳彥甫) 80Coach J Teamlogo std.pngJ Team
MiSTakE Chen Hui-Chung (陳彙中) 80Consultant Machi Esportslogo std.pngMachi Esports
Prydz Chen Kuang-Feng (陳廣峰) 80Analyst DetonatioN Gaminglogo std.pngDetonatioN FocusMe


This table shows up to the 10 most recent results. For complete results, click here.

Minimum place

ahq eSports Club Tournament Results - Show Prize as (LocalUSDEuros)
DatePlPrizeEventLast ResultRoster
2020-08-012 PCS 2020 Summer
14 - 4Blanklogo std.pngRR
 Ziv,  Leaky,  Kongyue,  Uniboy,  Wako,  Ysera,  GreenTea,  Zero
2020-05-023$10,000$ 10,000€ 9,108.13 PCS 2020 Spring Playoffs
2 : 3Talon Esportslogo std.pngTLN
 Ziv,  Kongyue,  Uniboy,  Apex,  Wako,  Ysera,  GreenTea,  Zero
2020-04-052 PCS 2020 Spring
14 - 4Blanklogo std.pngRR
 Ziv,  Kongyue,  Uniboy,  Wako,  Ysera,  GreenTea,  Zero
2019-10-2013 - 16$27,812.50$ 27,812.5€ 24,617.68 Worlds 2019
0 - 6Blanklogo std.pngRR
 Ziv,  Alex,  Rainbow,  Apex,  Wako,  Ysera,  NeXAbc
2019-08-312NT$600,000$ 19,380.24€ 17,388.72 LMS 2019 Summer Playoffs
1 : 3J Teamlogo std.pngJT
 Ziv,  Alex,  Apex,  Wako,  Ysera,  NeXAbc
2019-08-042 LMS 2019 Summer
7 - 5Blanklogo std.pngRR
 Ziv,  Alex,  HuSha,  Apex,  Wako,  Ysera,  NeXAbc
2019-04-133NT$400,000NT$400,000NT$400,000 LMS 2019 Spring Playoffs
2 : 3Yoe Flash Wolveslogo std.pngFW
 Ziv,  Alex,  Rainbow,  An,  Wako,  Ysera,  NeXAbc
2019-03-314 LMS 2019 Spring
8 - 6Blanklogo std.pngRR
 Ziv,  Baby,  Alex,  Rainbow,  Wako,  An,  Kino,  Ysera,  NeXAbc
2018-09-05Q LMS 2019 Spring Promotion
3 : 1Kowloon Esportslogo std.pngKE
 Ziv,  Taizan,  Wako,  An,  Kino
2018-08-178NT$50,000NT$50,000NT$50,000 LMS 2018 Summer
3 - 11Blanklogo std.pngRR
 Ziv,  Westdoor,  Taizan,  Nestea,  Wako,  An,  Albis,  Tuna,  Kino,  Domo
Total Prize:USD 37,813 • TWD 1,050,000




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