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Team has disbanded.
AlienTech eSports
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Disbanded2017-01 LoL Division
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AlienTech eSports is a Portuguese team.


2016 Season[edit]

AlienTech eSports qualifies for 2017 EUCS Spring Qualifiers after beating K1ck Black 2-1 in the semifinals of 2017 EUCS Spring Open Qualifier.


  • 2016
  • 2017

Player Roster[edit]


C ID Name Role Next Team
FearlessS Miguel Santos 11Top K1ck Blacklogo std.pngK1CK eSports Club
ReAt1vo Oleg Ralchenko (Олег Ралченко) 12Jungle K1ck Blacklogo std.pngK1CK eSports Club
Aziado Tiago Rodrigues 13Mid K1ck Blacklogo std.pngK1CK eSports Club
AlternativeX João Parada 14Bot K1ck Blacklogo std.pngK1CK eSports Club
Slayer Nuno Moutinho 15Support K1ck Blacklogo std.pngK1CK eSports Club
Crusher Gonçalo Brandão 12Jungle Coachlogo std.pngCoach
define Alexandre Vieira 11Top For The Win Esportslogo std 2.pngFor The Win Esports



C ID Name Position Next Team
Crusher Gonçalo Brandão 80Head Coach K1ck Blacklogo std.pngK1CK eSports Club


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Minimum place

AlienTech eSports Tournament Results - Show Prize as (LocalUSDEuros)
DatePlPrizeEventLast ResultRoster
2017-05-01NQ EUCS 2017 Summer Open Qualifiers
FF : WTeam Hereticslogo std.pngTH
2017-01-14NQ EUCS 2017 Spring Qualifiers
2 - 3Blanklogo std.pngRR
 FearlessS,  ReAt1vo,  Aziado,  AlternativeX,  Slayer
2016-12-20Q EUCS 2017 Spring Open Qualifiers
0 : 2EURONICS Gaminglogo std.pngESG
 FearlessS,  ReAt1vo,  Aziado,  AlternativeX,  Slayer
2016-12-052 LPLOL 2016 Grand Final
1 : 3K1ck Blacklogo std.pngK1CK
 FearlessS,  Crusher,  Aziado,  AlternativeX,  Slayer
2016-11-203€600$ 635.26€600 LPLOL 2016 Split 2 Playoff
1 : 2For The Win Esportslogo std 2.pngFTW
 FearlessS,  Crusher,  Aziado,  AlternativeX,  Slayer
2016-11-052 LPLOL 2016 Split 2
6-0-1Blanklogo std.pngRR
 FearlessS,  Crusher,  Aziado,  AlternativeX,  Slayer
2016-09-112€750€750€750 LG Major's Esports Portugal League
0 : 2K1ck Blacklogo std.pngK1CK
 FearlessS,  Crusher,  Aziado,  AlternativeX,  Släyer
2016-07-145 - 8 DreamHack Valencia 2016
0 : 2Valencia CF eSportslogo std.pngVCF
 define,  Crusher,  Aziado,  AlternativeX,  Slayer
2016-07-023€600$ 668.34€600 LPLOL 2016 Split 1 Playoff
0 : 2For The Win Esportslogo std 2.pngFTW
 define,  Crusher,  Aziado,  AlternativeX,  Slayer
2016-06-252 LPLOL 2016 Split 1
5-2-0Blanklogo std.pngRR
 define,  Crusher,  Aziado,  AlternativeX,  Slayer
Total Prize:USD 0 • EUR 1,950

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