All-Star 2018 Las Vegas

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All-Star Las Vegas 2018
All-Star 2018 logo.png
Tournament Information
OrganizerRiot Games
Location & Dates
Event TypeOffline
CountryUnited States United States
LocationEsports Arena Las Vegas
Start Date2018-12-06
End Date2018-12-08
Stream(s)English Twitch
ScheduleLink (Spoiler-Free)
All-Star Las Vegas 2018 is the sixth international All-Star event and the third that will be hosted in North America.



Prize Pool

PlacementIcon1.png 1LoL European Championshiplogo std.png Caps
PlacementIcon2.png 2OPL Allstarslogo std.png Pabu
PlacementIcon3.png 3-4LoL Pro Leaguelogo std.png Uzi
LoL Pro Leaguelogo std.png Rookie
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5-8LJL Allstarslogo std.png Evi
LMS Allstarslogo std.png Maple
LCK Allstarslogo std.png Faker
LCK Allstarslogo std.png Bang
9-16LoL Continental Leaguelogo std.png Diamondprox
LCK Allstarslogo std.png Peanut
LoL Pro Leaguelogo std.png Mlxg
Vietnam Championship Serieslogo std.png Zeros
LoL European Championshiplogo std.png Jiizuke
NA LCS Allstarslogo std.png Doublelift
Liga Latinoamerica Nortelogo std.png Seiya
OPL Allstarslogo std.png Triple
17-32LoL European Championshiplogo std.png Broxah
Garena Premier Leaguelogo std.png G4
Brazillogo std.png Rakin
Turkeylogo std.png Dumbledoge
Liga Latinoamerica Nortelogo std.png Arce
NA LCS Allstarslogo std.png Licorice
Turkeylogo std.png Broken Blade
LJL Allstarslogo std.png Ceros
Vietnam Championship Serieslogo std.png Artifact
Garena Premier Leaguelogo std.png Rockky
Brazillogo std.png brTT
Copa Latinoamerica Surlogo std.png Tierwulf
LoL Continental Leaguelogo std.png Kira
Copa Latinoamerica Surlogo std.png Plugo
NA LCS Allstarslogo std.png Sneaky
LMS Allstarslogo std.png Westdoor
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LoL Pro Leaguelogo std.pngLPL Allstars
Player Method Events
China Uzi Fan Vote #1 1v1, RR, 2v2, ProNB, URF, ParT
China Mlxg Fan Vote #2 1v1, RR, ProT
South Korea Rookie Invited Pro 1v1, RR, 2v2, ProT, ParT, ParNB
China GodLike Invited RR
China JieZou Invited RR
China Guan Zong Invited 2v2
China Luo Yun-Xi Invited 2v2
China Ning Invited ProT
China Zhou Shu-Yi Invited URF
China Candice Invited ParT
China Sao Nan Invited ParT
China Fireloli Invited ParNB
NA LCS Allstarslogo std.pngNA LCS Allstars
Player Method Events
United States Doublelift Fan Vote #1 1v1, RR, 2v2, ProT
United States Sneaky Fan Vote #2 1v1, RR, ProT, URF, ParNB
Canada Licorice Invited Pro 1v1, RR, 2v2, ProNB, ParT
United States imaqtpie Invited RR
United States Nightblue3 Invited RR
United States Voyboy Invited 2v2
Canada Shiphtur Invited 2v2
United States Hai Invited URF
United States Bunny FuFuu Invited ParT
United States luxxbunny Invited ParNB
LCK Allstarslogo std.pngLCK Allstars
Player Method Events
South Korea Faker Fan Vote #1 1v1, RR, 2v2, ProNB
South Korea Bang Fan Vote #2 1v1, RR, ProT, URF
South Korea Peanut Invited Pro 1v1, RR, ProT, ParNB
South Korea MadLife Invited RR
South Korea Watch Invited RR
South Korea Cpt Jack Invited 2v2
South Korea Shy Invited URF
South Korea Bitdory Invited ParNB
LEC Allstarslogo std.pngLEC Allstars
Player Method Events
Denmark Caps Fan Vote #1 1v1, RR, 2v2, ParNB
Denmark Broxah Fan Vote #3 1v1, RR, URF, ParT
Italy Jiizuke Invited Pro 1v1, RR, ProNB, ProT
Germany NoWay Invited RR
Denmark Wickd Invited RR
France GoB Invited URF
Spain Alexelcapo Invited 2v2
Denmark Gripex Invited ParT
Copa Latinoamerica Surlogo std.pngCLS Allstars
Player Method Events
Chile Plugo Fan Vote #1 1v1, URF, ParT
Chile Tierwulf Fan Vote #2 1v1, 2v2, ProNB
Chile Caprimint Invited 2v2
Uruguay Careta Invited
Chile Lía Waifu Invited
Argentina Suga Invited
Chile Lastpick Invited ParT, ParNB
Vietnam Championship Serieslogo std.pngVCS Allstars
Player Method Events
Vietnam Zeros Fan Vote #1 1v1, 2v2, ProNB, ProT
Vietnam Artifact Fan Vote #2 1v1, ProT, URF, ParT
Vietnam QTV Invited 2v2
Vietnam MisThy Invited ParT
Vietnam BaRoiBeo Invited
Vietnam PewPew Invited
Brazillogo std.pngCBLOL Allstars
Player Method Events
Brazil brTT Fan Vote #1 1v1, 2v2, ProT
Brazil Rakin Fan Vote #2 1v1, ProNB, ParT
Brazil YoDa Invited 2v2
Brazil Jukes Invited ParT
Liga Latinoamerica Nortelogo std.pngLLN Allstars
Player Method Events
Mexico Seiya Fan Vote #1 1v1, 2v2, ProNB
Peru Arce Fan Vote #2 1v1, ParT, ParNB
Mexico ReubenMaster Invited 2v2
Colombia Ness Invited ParT
LMS Allstarslogo std.pngLMS Allstars
Player Method Events
Taiwan Maple Fan Vote #1 1v1, 2v2, ProNB
Taiwan Westdoor Fan Vote #2 1v1, ProT, ParT, ParNB
Taiwan NL Invited 2v2
Taiwan BeBe Invited ParT
OPL Allstarslogo std.pngOPL Allstars
Player Method Events
Australia Triple Fan Vote #2 1v1, 2v2
Australia Pabu Fan Vote #3 1v1, ProT
Australia Midbeast Invited 2v2
Australia Ash on LoL Invited
Turkeylogo std.pngTCL Allstars
Player Method Events
Germany Broken Blade Fan Vote #2 1v1, ProNB, ProT
Turkey Dumbledoge Fan Vote #3 1v1, 2v2, ParT
Turkey Immortoru Invited 2v2
Cyprus KFCEatbox Invited ParT
LoL Continental Leaguelogo std.pngLCL Allstars
Player Method Events
Ukraine Kira Fan Vote #1 1v1, ProT
Russia Diamondprox Fan Vote #2 1v1, 2v2, ProT
Russia FlashInTheNight Invited 2v2
LJL Allstarslogo std.pngLJL Allstars
Player Method Events
Japan Evi Fan Vote #1 1v1, ProT
Japan Ceros Fan Vote #2 1v1, 2v2, ProT
Japan Sutanmi Invited 2v2
SEA Tourlogo std.pngSEA Tour Allstars
Player Method Events
Thailand G4 Fan Vote #1 1v1, 2v2, ProT
Thailand Rockky Fan Vote #2 1v1, ProT
Philippines Riku Invited 2v2
  • Event Key:
    • 1v1 = 1v1 Tournament
    • RR = Regional Rivalry Show Matches
    • EvW = East vs West All-Star Showdown
    • 2v2 = Charity 2v2 Tournament
    • ProNB = Pro Nexus Blitz
    • ProT = Pro Tandem
    • URF = ARURF
    • ParT = Partner Tandem
    • ParNB = Partner Nexus Blitz



Eye - Show All.pngTeamsRolesChampsEye - Show All.pngTeamsRolesChampsEye - Show All.pngTeamsRolesChamps

1v1 Tournament

Round 3
Round 4
Round 5
1 Arce retires due to family issues. Maple advances in his place.

Charity 2v2 Tournament

For pairings, please see the event page.

Regional Rivalry Show Matches

NA vs EU
China vs Korea
For rosters, please see the event page.

East vs West All-Star Showdown

East vs West
For rosters, please see the event page.

Mixed-Team Alternate Game Modes

Pro Nexus Blitz

Pro Nexus Blitz

Pro Tandem

Pro Tandem



Partner Tandem

Partner Tandem

Partner Nexus Blitz

Partner Nexus Blitz
For rosters, please see the event page.


  • Day 1
  • Day 2
  • Day 3
Game Schedule
NA-EU1 - 02018,12,07,00,002018,12,07,00,0016:0001:0009:001Reddit
Blitz1 - 02018,12,07,02,152018,12,07,02,1518:1503:1511:151Reddit
Tandem0 - 12018,12,07,03,002018,12,07,03,0019:0004:0012:001Reddit
URF1 - 02018,12,07,04,002018,12,07,04,0020:0005:0013:001Reddit
1v1 R11v1 R1TBD2018,12,07,05,002018,12,07,05,0021:0006:0014:001-
Game Schedule
Tandem1 - 02018,12,08,01,302018,12,08,01,3017:3002:3010:301Reddit
1v1 R11v1 R1TBD2018,12,08,02,302018,12,08,02,3018:3003:3011:301-
Blitz0 - 12018,12,08,03,452018,12,08,03,4519:4504:4512:451-
1v1 R21v1 R2TBD2018,12,08,04,302018,12,08,04,3020:3005:3013:301-
Game Schedule
E v W2 - 12018,12,09,00,002018,12,09,00,0016:0001:0009:00123Reddit
1v1 QF1v1 QFTBD2018,12,09,03,002018,12,09,03,0019:0004:0012:001Reddit
1v1 SF1v1 SFTBD2018,12,09,03,452018,12,09,03,4519:4504:4512:451Reddit
1 - 02018,12,09,04,152018,12,09,04,1520:1505:1513:151Reddit
1v1 F1v1 FTBD2018,12,09,05,152018,12,09,05,1521:1506:1514:15123Reddit

Player Distribution




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Riot Portals

While multiple sites' portals are listed, each page has arrows to the left and right of the rosters that can be used to scroll back and forth and view all participants.

Viewership Statistics

Data sourced from Esports Charts. Please note that frequently Chinese viewership numbers are inflated from actual values.

Peak Viewership
Total 32 106 923
Without Chinese Viewers 562 087
English Streams 212 627
Russian Streams 4 689
Chinese Streams 31 758 626
Twitch.TV Streams 313 108
Total Time Watched 274 446 417 Hours
Avg Concurrent Viewers 13 552 909


  1. lolesports' Tweet
  2. Rekkles' Tweet
  3. Broxah's Tweet
  4. LoLespor's Tweet (Turkish)
  5. Zeitnot's Tweet (Turkish)
  6. Shernfire's Tweet
  7. Pabu's Tweet
  8. lolesportsla's Tweet