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Player has retired.
AL Angush.jpg
Background Information
NameAurimas Gedvilas
Country of Birth
BirthdayAugust 8, 1993 (age 27)
Top Laner
Favorite Champs

Soloqueue IDsM Angüsh, Crs Angush, AL Angush
Social Media & Links
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Infobox Twitchlogo std.png
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Team History
??? ???? - ??? ????Logo std.pngnGa-Gaming
??? ???? - ??? ????Logo std.pngTeam LeiSuRe
??? ???? - ??? ????Logo std.pngLeethuanyan
Dec 2011 - Jan 2012Mistrallogo std.pngTeam Mistral
Jan 2012 - Apr 2012Absolute Legendslogo std.pngAbsolute Legends
??? 2012 - ??? 2012Logo std.pngTeam of DOOM
May 2012 - Jun 2012Logo std.pngTeamless
Jun 2012 - Dec 2012Team Curselogo std.pngTeam Curse Europe
Dec 2012 - Apr 2013Milllogo std.pngMillenium

Aurimas "Angush" Gedvilas is a retired League of Legends esports player, previously top laner for Millenium.



  • Angush was removed from Absolute Legends LoL Team because he "became increasingly disrespectful towards every other person in the team" [5]
  • Known for his peculiar bruiser Akali pick, which involves Trinity Force and other such items.
  • Known for his aggressive laning style, tending to either dramatically win or terribly lose his lanes.

Tournament Results[edit]

This table shows up to the 10 most recent results. For complete results, click here.

Minimum place

Angush Tournament Results
DatePlEventLast ResultRoster
2017-09-177 - 8 GameOn 2017
0 : 1GameplayDNAlogo std.pngDNA
Logo std.pngCONS Angush,  Alunir,  Justas,  Delumo,  Desra
2015-02-04NQ EUCS 2015 Spring Qualifier
FF : WOrigenlogo std.pngOG
Logo std.png5 SI Angush,  Mistér,  Arnaxas,  Upsas,  Xavieles
2013-03-085 - 6 IEM Season 7 World Championship
0 : 2CJElogo std.pngCJF
Milllogo std.pngMIL Angush,  ImSoFresh,  Tabzz,  Creaton,  FatMamma
2013-02-023 - 4 IEM Global Challenge Sao Paulo
1 : 2AnexisLogo std.pngAnexis
Milllogo std.pngMIL Angush,  ImSoFresh,  Tabzz,  Creaton,  FatMamma
2013-01-27NQ EU LCS 2013 Spring Offline Qualifiers
0 : 2Mymlogo std.pngMYM
Milllogo std.pngMIL Angush,  ImSoFresh,  Tabzz,  Creaton,  Haydal
2013-01-05Q EU LCS 2013 Spring Ranked 5s Qualifiers
2 : 0Dragonbornlogo std.pngDB
Milllogo std.pngMIL Angush,  ImSoFresh,  Tabzz,  Creaton,  Haydal
2012-12-271 All or Nothing 9
2 : 0Mymlogo std.pngMYM
Milllogo std.pngMIL Angush,  ImSoFresh,  Tabzz,  Creaton
2012-12-155 - 6 IEM Season 7 Cologne
1 - 2Blanklogo std.pngRR
Milllogo std.pngMIL Angush,  ImSoFresh,  Tabzz,  Creaton,  Haydal
2012-12-102 The Siege
0 : 2Moscow Fivelogo std.pngM5
Team Curselogo std.pngCrs EU Angush,  Malunoo,  Extinkt,  Creaton,  Haydal,  SuperAZE
2012-12-019 - 12 IPL 5
1 : 2Team Curselogo std.pngCRS
Team Curselogo std.pngCrs EU Angush,  Malunoo,  extinkt,  Creaton,  Patoy




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