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Welcome to our GCD archive portal! Because Riot doesn't provide any history of the GCD, we started backing it up daily in February 2018. You can navigate to regions' overviews, which show their update history, or current pages, which mirrors the current state of the GCD.

Here is a link to the GCD.

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The following form takes advantage of the built-in Watchlist functionality of the wiki. If you edit the wiki & use your watchlist, the form will overwrite your watchlist! In order to sign up for email notifications, you need to be logged into the wiki; this can be done with your Twitch account. If you do edit the wiki / use your watchlist, and don't want to turn on email notifications for your watchlist, you can make a separate account just to watch these pages from.

We have a bot that updates all GCD pages just before midnight Pacific Time daily. If changes are made to any of the regions' current pages, you will receive an email notification about the change. If/when Riot changes the order of the regions' tabs (for example merging LAN and LAS), you may receive several false-positive emails. It's also possible (though unlikely) that the bot might miss a day. This is an unofficial third-party service that we provide but is not guaranteed.

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