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Archive:Global Contract Database/CN/2018-08-29

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Last updated before this (date in UTC): 2018-08-28
Is this version different from previous? No
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League Team Official Summoner Name Legal First Name Legal Family Name End Date (Month, Day, Year) Team Contact Information
LPL Edward Gaming Ray JIWON JEON 16 November, 2020 EDG 200530050@qq.com
LPL Edward Gaming Haro WENLIN CHEN 18 November, 2019
LPL Edward Gaming Scout YECHAN LEE 19 November, 2018
LPL Edward Gaming iBoy XIANZHAO HU 16 November, 2020
LPL Edward Gaming Hope JIE WANG 16 November, 2020
LPL Edward Gaming Meiko YE TIAN 16 November, 2020
LPL Edward Gaming Clearlove Kai Ming 20 November, 2018
LPL JD Gaming Zoom Xingran Zhang 13 November, 2020 JD Gaming 619918294@qq.com
LPL JD Gaming Yagao Qi Zeng 6 November, 2020
LPL JD Gaming LvMao Minghao Zuo 15 May, 2021
LPL JD Gaming Clid Taemin Kim 19 November, 2018
LPL JD Gaming LokeN Dongwook Lee 19 November, 2018
LPL JD Gaming xiaohan Han Pan 19 November, 2020
RD Tenglee Liang 19 November, 2020
LPL Topsports Gaming Xubin Qingbin Xu 19 November, 2019 Topsports Gaming guohao@2144.cn
LPL Topsports Gaming Lies Haotian Guo 18 November, 2019
LPL Topsports Gaming Xx Yulong Xiong 16 November, 2020
LPL Topsports Gaming Karin Soojong Jeong 16 November, 2020
LPL Topsports Gaming Ggoong Byeongjun Yu 19 November, 2018
LPL Topsports Gaming Corn Wen Lei 19 November, 2018
LPL Topsports Gaming QiuQiu Ming Zhang 18 November, 2019
LPL Topsports Gaming Cat Yao Wu 16 November, 2019
LPL Topsports Gaming Fage Zeen Li 16 November, 2020
LPL Topsports Gaming MaRin Gyeonghwan Jang 19 November, 2018
LPL Invictus Gaming Baolan Liuyi Wang 19 November, 2018 Invictus Gaming vk@igaming.com.cn
LPL Invictus Gaming West Long Chen 18 November, 2019
LPL Invictus Gaming Rookie Uijin Song 19 November, 2018
LPL Invictus Gaming Duke Hoseong Lee 19 November, 2018
LPL Invictus Gaming TheShy Seunglok Kang 18 November, 2019
LPL Invictus Gaming JackeyLove Wenbo Yu 18 November, 2019
LPL Invictus Gaming Ning Zhenning Gao 19 November, 2018
LPL LGDGaming Pyl Bo Chen 19 November, 2018 LGDGaming hubiao@vpgame.cn
LPL LGDGaming ReGank YONGHUN SONG 16 November, 2021
LPL LGDGaming Eimy Dan Xie 18 November, 2019
LPL LGDGaming Jinoo Jinwoo Lim 18 November, 2019
LPL LGDGaming Fdy Dingyuan Fu 16 November, 2020
LPL LGDGaming Yuuki Haoming Hu 16 November, 2020
LPL LGDGaming 1ntruder Sheng Tang 20 November, 2018
LPL LGDGaming Newt JIN KIM 16 November, 2021
LPL LGDGaming y4 Nongmo Wang 19 November, 2019
LPL Team WE 957 Changyu Ke 18 November, 2019 Team WE 19612018@qq.com
LPL Team WE Condi Renjie Xiang 18 November, 2019
LPL Team WE xiye Hanwei Su 18 November, 2019
LPL Team WE Mystic Seongjun Jin 19 November, 2018
LPL Team WE Ben Donghyun Nam 19 November, 2018
LPL Team WE GENTLE Xijian Yao 16 November, 2021
LPL Team WE imp Seungbin Goo 18 November, 2019
LPL Team WE Pepper ZHIWEI HU 19 November, 2019
LPL Team WE 694 Xin He 16 November, 2020
LPL Team WE Missing YUNFENG LOU 15 November, 2021
LPL Royal Never Giveup Ming Senming Shi Royal Never Giveup 893092277@qq.com
LPL Royal Never Giveup Uzi Zihao Jian
LPL Royal Never Giveup Xiaohu Yuanhao Li
LPL Royal Never Giveup Mlxg Shiyu Liu
LPL Royal Never Giveup Letme Junze Yan
LPL Royal Never Giveup Karsa Haohsuan Hung
LPL Royal Never Giveup Able Zhichun Dai
LPL Royal Never Giveup Zz1tai Zhihao Liu
LPL FunPlus Phoenix Xinyi Ping Chang 19 November, 2019 FunPlus Phoenix yan.yang@funplus.com
LPL FunPlus Phoenix Gimgoon Heasaem Kim 19 November, 2018
LPL FunPlus Phoenix Bing Jingwei Feng 18 November, 2019
LPL FunPlus Phoenix Crisp Qingsong Liu 18 November, 2019
LPL FunPlus Phoenix lwx Weixiang Lin 19 November, 2018
LPL FunPlus Phoenix Cool Jiajun Yu 20 November, 2018
LPL FunPlus Phoenix Alex YuMing Chen 17 November, 2020
LPL BiliBiliGaming AmazingJ Waiho Shek 19 November, 2018 BiliBiliGaming lairongrong@bilibili.com
LPL BiliBiliGaming M1anhua Jiahao Chen 18 November, 2019
LPL BiliBiliGaming Athena Hawoon Kang 19 November, 2018
LPL BiliBiliGaming Jinjiao Jinshan Xie 16 November, 2020
LPL BiliBiliGaming Road Hankil Yoon 18 November, 2019
LPL BiliBiliGaming Mole Haoyan Li 19 November, 2018
LPL BiliBiliGaming Chieftain Jaeyeop Lee 19 November, 2018
LPL VICIGAMING Aodi Aodi Zhao 14 November, 2021 VICIGAMING gaojun@vicigaming.com
LPL VICIGAMING Easyhoon Jihoon Lee 19 November, 2018
LPL VICIGAMING Caveman Deliang Duan 16 November, 2020
LPL VICIGAMING Snow Haoshun Wu 16 November, 2020
LPL VICIGAMING Swift Dahun Baek 19 November, 2018
LPL VICIGAMING FireRain Huawoo Choo 17 November, 2020
LPL VICIGAMING Yueguan Hui Fu 17 November, 2020
LPL Suning Gaming XiaoAL Zhenying Xie 16 November, 2020 Suning Gaming tbearelvis@163.com
LPL Suning Gaming Proud JEONG JAE LEE 16 November, 2020
LPL Suning Gaming Fury Jinyong Lee 19 November, 2018
LPL Suning Gaming Yoon Byungyoon Kim 19 November, 2018
LPL Suning Gaming Tian Tianliang Gao 19 November, 2018
LPL Suning Gaming fenfen Chen Huang 19 November, 2018
LPL Suning Gaming H4cker Zhihao Yang 18 November, 2019
LPL Suning Gaming Brain Yi Wang 18 November, 2019
LPL Snake Flandre Xuanjun Li 16 November, 2020 Snake 136410726@qq.com
LPL Snake SofM Quangduy Le 18 November, 2019
LPL Snake Guoguo Junli Zeng 19 November, 2018
LPL Snake kRYST4L Fan Yang 16 November, 2020
LPL Snake Hudie Yanzhu Liu 16 November, 2020
LPL Snake Gyu Yixiong Gong 19 November, 2019
LPL Snake Maestro Jianxin Hu 17 November, 2020
LPL Snake Light Guangyu Wang 17 November, 2020
LPL OHMYGOD Casual Wenbo Zhang 15 November, 2021 OHMYGOD lixiaominghd@omg-esc.com
LPL OHMYGOD Xiyang Bin Hu 18 November, 2019
LPL OHMYGOD Jiekou Zixiang Hu 16 November, 2020
LPL OHMYGOD World6 Yutian Chen 19 November, 2018
LPL OHMYGOD XuanXuanPi Xiaoxuan Pi 18 November, 2018
LPL OHMYGOD icon Tianyu Xie 15 November, 2021
LPL OHMYGOD Five Shiyu Liu 18 November, 2019
LPL OHMYGOD Mountain Zhaohong Xue 16 November, 2020
LPL OHMYGOD Chelly Yuzhou Li 20 December, 2018
LPL RogueWarriors Mouse Yuhao Chen 19 November, 2018 RogueWarriors 619971921@qq.com
LPL RogueWarriors Flawless Yeonjoon Seong 19 November, 2018
LPL RogueWarriors Doinb Taesang Kim 16 November, 2020
LPL RogueWarriors Smlz Jin Han 19 November, 2018
LPL RogueWarriors Killua Danyang Liu 18 November, 2019
LPL RogueWarriors Soso lin Liu 16 November, 2020
LPL RogueWarriors Holder JAECHEOL BAE 16 November, 2020