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Archive:Global Contract Database/JPN/Current

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Link to GCD

League Team Official Summoner Name Legal First Name Legal Family Name End Date (Month, Day, Year) Team Contact Information
LJL DetonatioN FocusMe Ceros Kyohei Yoshida 2019/11/20 DFM ml-lol@team-detonation.net
LJL DetonatioN FocusMe Evi Shunsuke Murase 2019/11/20
LJL DetonatioN FocusMe Yutapon Yuta Sugiura 2019/11/20
LJL DetonatioN FocusMe Gaeng Gwangyu Yang 2019/11/20
LJL DetonatioN FocusMe Steal Geonyeong Mun 2019/11/20
LJL DetonatioN FocusMe Kazu Kazuta Suzuki 2019/11/20
LJL DetonatioN FocusMe Ramune Osamu Ozawa 2019/11/20
LJL Burning Core Broooock Akihiro Hosogoe 2019/11/30 BC burningcore.jp@gmail.com
LJL Burning Core Flaw Keito Gokan 2019/12/24
LJL Burning Core Roki Hiroki Yokoo 2020/06/05
LJL Burning Core RayFarky Nanto Shinohara 2019/11/15
LJL Burning Core Akabuff Ryouta Sakura 2020/11/16
LJL Burning Core 34 Donghun Kim 2020/11/30
LJL Burning Core Yuhi Yuhi Nakanishi 2019/11/30
LJL Burning Core Once Seyeong Jang 2019/11/30
LJL Burning Core Medic Jiho Kim 2019/10/31
LJL Unsold Stuff Gaming apaMen Ryo Odagiri 2019/11/30 USG lolmg@unsoldstuff.com
LJL Unsold Stuff Gaming Tussle Moonyong Lee 2020/11/30
LJL Unsold Stuff Gaming Dasher Deok-beom Kim 2019/11/30
LJL Unsold Stuff Gaming Keymaker Hiroto Ito 2019/11/30
LJL Unsold Stuff Gaming Enty Ryosei Tanioka 2019/11/30
LJL Unsold Stuff Gaming Arumik Naoya Kimura 2019/11/30
LJL Unsold Stuff Gaming Rahui Pyo Kokwang 2019/11/30
LJL Unsold Stuff Gaming Haretti Souta Nakamura 2019/11/19
LJL Unsold Stuff Gaming Pooh Norimitsu Hosogai 2019/11/19
LJL Unsold Stuff Gaming Tele Keihiro Tokuyama 2019/11/19
LJL V3 Esports Recap Norifumi Yamazaki 2019/11/30 V3 v3esportsjp.lol@gmail.com
LJL V3 Esports Paz Shiro Sasaki 2020/111/16
LJL V3 Esports Ace Kotoji Mugita 2019/11/30
LJL V3 Esports viviD Kihoon Han 2019/11/20
LJL V3 Esports Neo Won Munji 2019/11/20
LJL V3 Esports HW4NG Youngsik Hwang 2019/11/30
LJL V3 Esports Baby Dongwoo Kim 2019/9/30
LJL V3 Esports Yutorimoyashi Yuta Noguchi 2019/11/30
LJL V3 Esports Son Jaeseok Son 2019/10/22
LJL Crest Gaming Act Nap Masato Ono 2019/11/20 CGA info@crestgaming.com
LJL Crest Gaming Act hachamecha Dai Takai 2019/11/20
LJL Crest Gaming Act Luna Gyu Sang Lee 2019/12/31
LJL Crest Gaming Act Art Hun Cho Joung 2019/11/20
LJL Crest Gaming Act Grendel Shintaro Kanako 2019/11/20
LJL Crest Gaming Act Qoo Shogo Fukuda 2019/11/20
LJL Crest Gaming Act Alps Tatsuya Suzuki 2019/11/20
LJL Crest Gaming Act atyamomo Akihiro Suzuki 2019/11/20
LJL Crest Gaming Act Yoshi Masanobu Otanni 2019/11/20
LJL Crest Gaming Act Nemoh Keisuke Korezawa 2019/11/20
LJL Axiz uinyan Takashi Inoue 2019/11/19 AXZ axiz-info@ntv.co.jp
LJL Axiz Gariaru Yoshimasa Sato 2019/11/19
LJL Axiz Day1 Wataru Shimizu 2019/11/19
LJL Axiz Jerophilip Jaepil Ha 2019/11/30
LJL Axiz Ping9 Jae-Keon Ryu 2019/11/30
LJL Axiz Lago Tae-Woonn Lee 2019/11/19
LJL Axiz Smile Jonghu Won 2019/11/19
LJL Axiz Yunika Reo Komoda 2019/11/19
LJL Sengoku Gaming Maple Street Wyllie Ainslie 2019/11/30 SG info@sengokugaming.com
LJL Sengoku Gaming OdduGi Gwangho Song 2019/11/30
LJL Sengoku Gaming Raina Shin Okubo 2019/11/30
LJL Sengoku Gaming Taka Takahiro Iwata 2019/11/30
LJL Sengoku Gaming Blank Sungu Kang 2019/11/18
LJL Sengoku Gaming DonShu Daiki Yoshimura 2019/11/18
LJL Sengoku Gaming Eugeo Takehiko Katsuki 2019/11/18
LJL Sengoku Gaming PoohManDu Jeong-Hyeon Lee 2019/11/18
LJL Sengoku Gaming Mortify Shigenobu Matsuo 2019/11/18
LJL Rascal Jester Alleycat Massaki Yamaguchi 2019/11/18 RJ info@rascaljester.com
LJL Rascal Jester Wyvern Jonggyoon Lee 2019/11/18
LJL Rascal Jester scottlyk Yasuhiro Konaka 2019/11/18
LJL Rascal Jester Lillbelt Yoshiaki Koka 2019/11/18
LJL Rascal Jester 1onz Tahmid Rahman 2019/11/18
LJL Rascal Jester Ninja Noh Geo Woo 2019/11/18
LJL Rascal Jester Cogcog Ryohei Matsuda 2019/11/18
LJL Rascal Jester Zerost Shotaro Ikeda 2019/11/18