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Archive:Global Contract Database/LAN/2018-11-27

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Last updated before this (date in UTC): 2018-11-26
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League Team Official Summoner Name Legal First Name Legal Family Name End Date (Month, Day, Year) Team Contact Information
LLN Infinity Esports Soren Carlos Ibarra November 19, 2020 INF
Infinity Esports Relic José Pombo November 19, 2020
Infinity Esports SolidSnake Diego Vallejo November 19, 2020
Infinity Esports Cotopaco Sergio Silva November 19, 2020
Infinity Esports Renyu Renato Gallegos November 19, 2020
Infinity Esports Arce Diego Arce November 19, 2020
LLN Pixel Esports Club Manu Manuel Alberto Villa Viera November 19, 2018 PIX
Pixel Esports Club Snok Roberto Benjamin Coello Gómez November 19, 2018
LLN Predators Esports Mantarraya Juan Ignacio Abdon November 18, 2018 PDS
Predators Esports Baula Alejandro Serrano Rodríguez November 19, 2018
Predators Esports Enatsu Gonzalo Esteban Peredo Álvarez November 18, 2018
LLN Rainbow7 Jirall Daniel Del Castillo Diaz November 19, 2018 R7
Rainbow7 Whitelotus Matias Musso November 19, 2018
Rainbow7 Genthix Mariano Polonsky November 19, 2018
Rainbow7 MarioMe Mario Alberto Reyes Martinez November 19, 2018
Rainbow7 Yeti Rodrigo Del Castillo Diaz November 19, 2018
LLN 6Sense Shakeit Kevin Carmona Mora November 19, 2018 6SN
6Sense Wishmaster Carlos Iván Carranza Vargas November 19, 2018