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Last updated before this (date in UTC): 2020-02-17
Is this version different from previous? Yes
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League TEAM Summoner Name Full Name Contract End Date (DD/MM/YY) Team Manager Email Tricode
VCS FTV ESPORTS Kuroko Trần Tuấn Anh 01/11/2020 FTV
VCS FTV ESPORTS Tiger Trần Dần 01/11/2020
VCS FTV ESPORTS Victory Nguyễn Quốc Thắng 01/11/2020
VCS FTV ESPORTS Rika Vũ Tuấn Mạnh 01/11/2020
VCS FTV ESPORTS Potm Văn Hữu Bảo 01/11/2020
VCS FTV ESPORTS Police Huỳnh Thiếc Tuấn 01/11/2020
VCS FTV ESPORTS Tô Hoàng Dũng (Manager) 01/11/2020
VCS FTV ESPORTS Trương Hữu Lợi (Coach) 01/11/2020
VCS FTV ESPORTS Đặng Thanh Trà (Coach) 01/11/2020
VCS DASHING BUFFALO Naul Võ Thành Luân 14/11/2021 DBL
VCS DASHING BUFFALO Hai Lê Hoàng Hải 14/11/2021
VCS DASHING BUFFALO Pun Nguyễn Đăng Khoa 10/05/2020
VCS DASHING BUFFALO Meliodas Hoàng Tiến Nhật 15/11/2020
VCS DASHING BUFFALO Bigkoro Đặng Ngọc Tài 14/11/2021
VCS DASHING BUFFALO DK Nguyễn Đăng Khoa 20/11/2022
VCS DASHING BUFFALO Hasmed Lâm Huỳnh Gia Huy 01/05/2022
VCS DASHING BUFFALO Grandon Nguyễn Vũ Đôn (Manager)
VCS DASHING BUFFALO Fenry Trần Vinh (Coach)
VCS GAM ESPORTS Kiaya Trần Duy Sang 02/05/2022 GAM
VCS GAM ESPORTS Blazes Đỗ Đình Sang 16/11/2020
VCS GAM ESPORTS Slay Nguyễn Ngọc Hùng 02/05/2022
VCS GAM ESPORTS Palette Nguyễn Hải Trung 15/11/2021
VCS GAM ESPORTS Levi Đỗ Duy Khánh 15/11/2021
VCS GAM ESPORTS Hieu3 Ngô Minh Hiếu 02/05/2022
VCS GAM ESPORTS Zeros Phạm Minh Lộc 02/05/2022
VCS GAM ESPORTS Easylove Hứa Thành An 16/11/2020
VCS GAM ESPORTS Dia1 Lê Phú Quý 16/11/2020
VCS GAM ESPORTS Yuna Huỳnh Văn Tân (Coach) 16/11/2020
VCS GAM ESPORTS Tinikun Dương Nguyễn Duy Thanh 16/11/2020
VCS GAM ESPORTS Iris Hồ Minh Triệu 16/11/2020
VCS GAM ESPORTS Arik Nguyễn Trần Sơn (Manager) 16/11/2020
VCS CERBERUS ESPORTS LL Ngô Minh Quân 31/10/2023 CES
VCS CERBERUS ESPORTS Artemis Trần Quốc Hưng 05/11/2021
VCS CERBERUS ESPORTS yT Bùi Thế Vinh 06/12/2021
VCS CERBERUS ESPORTS Yado Đoàn Minh Trung 31/10/2021
VCS CERBERUS ESPORTS Ronop Lê Thiên Hàn 06/11/2020
VCS CERBERUS ESPORTS Zeldris Huỳnh Công Phương 31/10/2021
VCS CERBERUS ESPORTS Xuhao Bùi Hoàng Sơn Vương 14/11/2021
VCS CERBERUS ESPORTS Archie Trần Minh Nhựt (Coach)
VCS CERBERUS ESPORTS Icarus Lee In-Cheol (Coach)
VCS CERBERUS ESPORTS Nguyễn Thu Ngọc (Manager)
VCS LOWKEY ESPORTS DNK Đỗ Ngọc Khải 04/05/2020 LK
VCS LOWKEY ESPORTS Coated Đinh Văn Tráng 04/05/2020
VCS LOWKEY ESPORTS Venus Bùi Quốc Hoàng 04/05/2020
VCS LOWKEY ESPORTS Celebrity Nguyễn Phước Long Hiệp 04/05/2020
VCS LOWKEY ESPORTS Artifact Nguyễn Văn Hậu 04/05/2020
VCS LOWKEY ESPORTS Hani Nguyễn Tấn Phát 04/05/2020
VCS LOWKEY ESPORTS Yin Văn Phúc An Khang 04/05/2020
VCS LOWKEY ESPORTS Nixwater Mai Nhật Tân (Coach)
VCS EVOS ESPORTS Divkid Võ Thanh Tùng 31/11/2020 EVS
VCS EVOS ESPORTS But1 Lê Nguyễn Tuấn Anh 02/05/2022
VCS EVOS ESPORTS Hiro Trần Lê Trung Hậu 15/11/2021
VCS EVOS ESPORTS Coyote Phạm Quốc Bình 01/06/2022
VCS EVOS ESPORTS Harbinger Đoàn Nguyễn Dương 15/11/2021
VCS EVOS ESPORTS Pake Huỳnh Thanh Hoàng 15/11/2021
VCS EVOS ESPORTS Sorn Nguyễn Minh Hào 03/05/2021
VCS EVOS ESPORTS Bie Trần Đức Hiếu 03/05/2021
VCS EVOS ESPORTS Ngô Mạnh Quyền (Coach) 01/06/2021
VCS EVOS ESPORTS Trương Vĩnh Thanh (Manager) 31/12/2020
VCS Team Flash FL
VCS Team Flash Yijin Nguyễn Lê Hải Đăng 25/11/2020
VCS Team Flash Slayder Nguyễn Linh Vương 25/11/2020
VCS Team Flash CBL Nguyễn Võ Thành Luân 25/11/2020
VCS Team Flash Kati Đặng Thanh Phê 25/11/2020
VCS Team Flash Stark Phan Công Minh 25/11/2020
VCS Team Flash Yoshino Lê Trung Kiên 25/11/2020
VCS Team Flash Sergh Liêu Nam Lộc (Coach)
VCS VGaming Adonis Y1 Trần Gia Huy 02/05/2022 VGA
VCS VGaming Adonis Hype Nguyễn Trọng Nhân 02/05/2022
VCS VGaming Adonis BioB Nguyễn Lâm Việt Sinh 02/05/2022
VCS VGaming Adonis Suffer Trần Như Sơn 02/05/2022
VCS VGaming Adonis Django Huỳnh Tấn Danh 02/05/2022
VCS VGaming Adonis PHT Phạm Hoàng Thành 02/05/2022
VCS VGaming Adonis CHP Chung Hiệp Phát 02/05/2022
VCS VGaming Adonis Vit Lê Hoài An 02/05/2022
VCS VGaming Adonis Scary Nguyễn Hải Hà 02/05/2022
VCS VGaming Adonis Trada Vũ Hoàng Sơn (Manager)
VCS VGaming Adonis Hope Phạm Trung Hiếu (Coach)
VCS VGaming Adonis Eric Đặng Hoàng Đức (Manager)
VCS VGaming Adonis Trần Minh Phăng (Manager)