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15 Minutes with SHC Moopz - 2014 EU LCS Week 1 Interview

Leaguepedia was on the scene to report on the European LCS Superweek. Our writer, Adel Chouadria, met with Supa Hot Crew's midlaner, Moopz. SHC had just won their first game in the LCS against Alliance and were on their way to a 1W-3L start.

The interview transcript that follows has three parts:

1. Early Days in League of Legends
2. Supa Hot Crew
3. Postgame after SHC's victory against Alliance

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Part One: Early Days

Leaguepedia: When did you start playing League? Do you remember which champion was released, or if it was in beta?

Moopz: I don't remember, but I remember
was really OP. It was early Season 1, I would say. Not in beta, at least.

What did you first think of the game when you first started playing it?

I played a bit of DOTA before. It was kind of the same, a bit easier. It had funny art too. It's really great to play LoL.

You said you played DotA a little bit and then transitioned into League. You said it was kind of easier. Now that you think of it, was it really easier?

I didn't really play much DOTA. When I check DOTA 2 now and compare it to LoL, League of Legends is definitely easier. DOTA 2 is more about individual skill; on that game, you can definitely carry games alone. On LoL, it's kind of hard to carry alone. Teamwork is way more important than individual skill.

Which champion did you use to climb the ranks in Season 1?

In Ranked, I had 500 games with
in Season 1. I reached Rank 1, but then Sion got permabanned in soloqueue and subsequently nerfed. Same with
, I had a lot of games with her in Season 1.

Moopz as a member of Team Sypher
I also noticed you liked control mages a whole lot. Did it stem from playing Morgana a whole lot and getting accustomed to her playstyle, or was it that you had an affinity to that type of champion to begin with?

On every MMO I played, I played mages. When I played her for the first time, I kinda liked her and I spammed games.

Afterwards, you obviously got into the LoL competitive scene. What was the first team that picked you up, and how did you get into that team?

In Season 1, I was highly ranked. I got rank 1, and then Sypher asked me to play with them. I got kind of famous with them. Let's say my professional career started there. It kind of snowballed from there.

What was the main difference between playing in soloqueue on your own, and playing with a team? What was the primary thing that you had to overcome?

When you play solo queue, you are relaxed. You don't really care if you fail, you just play. When you start playing in tournaments or even premades, you are automatically in tryhard mode. You communicate a lot, and you want to win 100%.

Going forward, what were the teams you got into that you won or participated in major events?

With Sypher, I participated in 3 IEMs. Before the LCS, it was the biggest event around. I didn't really do much teams besides Sypher. I went to Millenium, Mousesports, but nothing big. We played some offline tournaments, and that's it.

Moopz as a member of Mousesports

Mousesports, in 2012? [E.N.: He played with them briefly in 2012]

I played with them in 2013 actually. We played in the LCS qualifiers, with Dexter. We failed the LCS qualifiers against MYM, we lost 1-2. We kind of split: Dexter went to Lemondogs and did really great. I left when we split, just to find a new team.

And that team was Dexterisactuallyevil, on which you had, of course, Dexter among other teammates. What was the atmosphere back then, and what do you think of each player now?

I played with Dexter, Kikis, Foo Sharp and Elendil. I'm really good friends with Dexter, and I think he's a really good player. I played with Kikis a lot. He was with me in Sypher, definitely a really good person and a good player. For our botlane, it was kind of our weakest point in the team, and it kinda screwed us in the qualifiers.

Part Two: Supa Hot Crew

SUPA HOT CREWlogo square.png
Afterwards, you were invited into SK as a sub, but also went into SHC. How did SHC come into existence?

SHC was created back when Haydal and Kujaa were still playing with Eternity Gaming. I played with them for two days, we switched out Kujaa, and added Svenskeren and Fredy122. We played one month together, and we did pretty good in scrim and ladder matches. SK came to us, they took Fredy and Svenskeren, and they wanted to take me as well. They wanted us in the gaming house as soon as possible, but that was not possible for me so, I had to decline. We stopped playing for aweek. We were sad because we had to find new players. At that point, we realized there were some great players available. We took Mimer and k0u. We were doing fine, qualified for the LCS qualifiers. Then, we had to separate from K0u because he was too young, and we took in Impaler. We went into the LCS qualifier and as you know, lost to SK 2-3.

But now SHC is in the LCS because of the Lemondogs/Ninjas in Pyjamas drama, and here we are.

You told me you played with k0u, who is now jungling for Cloud 9. What would you say about him as a player?

K0u is definitely a very skilled player. He's probably the best jungler in the amateur scene alongside Amin, who is jungling for NiP right now. I think he's definitely a good player, but he isn't as serious-minded as most due to his young age. When we were playing with him, sometimes he was feeding on purpose in scrims, because he thought it was fun. But he is a good friend and a really good player.

At some point, you had Syrela who you qualified with to the LCS [Promotion Round Robin], but then you exchanged him for Mimer. How did that move come to be?

We were playing with Syrela, a French player I played with in Millenium alongside Haydal. We took k0u in the jungle and had to find another toplaner to replace Fredy122. There was literally noone else available. He did fine, but when the time came to play some Tier 1 teams, he was not up to the task. With the LCS Qualifiers so close, we decided to go with Mimer, as we wanted to have the best chance of qualifying.

SHC Impaler
Also, as far as adapting to Mimer and Impaler on the way to the online group stages, you guys pulled it off. How did you guys do in scrims?

I don't even know if we actually scrimmed before the qualifiers with Impaler. We just went in like “Okay, let's do it,” and it kind of went well. I think we went 3-2 in the online qualifiers. We beat KMT, lost to Copenhagen Wolves and to STO which was the 6th team. [Against STO], we played really bad, and we let
open. You can't let Kassadin open.

Between Impaler and k0u, can you tell me the main differences in jungling style?

K0u is the kind of jungler that makes plays like Kha'Zix, Olaf, really aggressive junglers. Impaler is more like a shotcaller; he likes to take engage junglers and call objectives.

At some point, you were in the qualifiers [E.N.: Promotion Tournament]. You guys were up 2-0 over SK Gaming. How did you approach those first two games as far as communication and gameplan?

In the Qualifiers, we were really confident. We thought we would 3-0 them, even before the first game. We wanted to focus on Jesiz, because he is kind of known to be the weak point of SK right now, and he choked pretty hard offline, at least in DreamHack. We picked
almost every game, because it was his best champion, and we wanted to deny it. The first two games went fine. The third game, we let
Dr. Mundo
open, and Shyvana solo-carried the game. From this first defeat, it snowballed mentally for us, and we lost all the [remaining] games.

Going into an offline setting, were people within the team high-strung?

I don't think anyone was nervous in the team, except maybe Impaler. It was his first big event. Everyone else had LCS Qualifiers in the past, so no one was nervous.

You guys were getting ready to get into Coke Zero. I think you had Amin scrimming with you. Out of the blue comes out the news that Lemondogs are no more. How did you prepare for it? Readjusting to Impaler... [among other things]

After we lost the qualifiers to SK, we kind of left Impaler. We didn't think he did that great in the Qualifiers. He did fine, but not great. So, we decided to play with Amin, who is a really good amateur jungler. When we heard that we had a new chance, we were not in bad terms with Impaler. We had just made a decision, and he understood that. When we asked him to play for us in the Relegations, he just accepted and was really motivated, and it paid off.

Part Three: Postgame

Alliancelogo square.png
Going into today's game [Week 1 Day 2], you faced a team that was quite hyped coming into the LCS. How did you prepare for it, and how did you feel up until the very beginning of the match?

We had to face Alliance, which is the most hyped team in EU right now. They're called the SuperTeam. They all have great individual players, but as we saw today their decision-making is really poor right now. We didn't really know what they were doing at times. Their moves were really weird, and we couldn't see what they wanted to do. We just won because we made better decisions, that's it.

As far as decisions are concerned, you actually made the right rotations. At some points, you made picks and snowballed them to oblivion. As Gragas, you landed clutch ults to disrupt their engage. What I want to know is: How did you approach that, and what do you think Alliance could have done better?

From my perspective, it was kind of tough early game. I got ganked by
, who made me use my flash, and I got zoned a lot in lane. Then, they dove me, and I got a kill on Shook. I was back in the game: took blue buff, started farming the jungle to get back. We had a better setup, because LeBlanc doesn't have waveclear at all and went two or three times top. Every time she did that, we took objectives – which is more important than a kill. We grouped mid, engaged with Gragas and
, and we snowballed it.

What runes and masteries did you pick as
when playing against such an aggressive trader that

Right now, a lot of AP midlaners have started using Ability power per level glyphs, because it scales really well into the lategame. When you build Athene's [Unholy] Grail, you get a lot of Ability Power and tankyness with just one finished item. However, since I was against LeBlanc, I decided to go for flat Magic Resist glyphs. LeBlanc is really good in lane against Gragas, so I decided to play it safe and take no risks.

How did you manage the realization that you had become a part of the LCS? Personally, and if you know about the team, them as well?

Personally, I tried to get into the LCS in three qualifiers, so I was ready to move on to Cologne and play. Migxa played in two qualifiers and was ready. Mimer had played in the LCS before with Ninjas in Pyjamas. The only problem was MrRalleZ, who was still in school, and he had to make a choice. But he's still young, he's 17, so he decided to give the LCS a chance for at least one year, and see how it goes.

Do you have anything to say to Supa Hot Crew's fans, and anyone else?

I would like to thank the people that are supporting us. For some reason, we're pretty hyped. I don't really know why, but there are a lot of people cheering for us, and I would like to thank them. I would say to everyone that Supa Hot Crew is now an organization. We decided to go with it and create our own brand. I would like to thank the people who are working behind it.

We would like to thank Moopz for giving us the time to do this interview, and we hope you enjoyed reading his insight! The LCS resumes on Thursday, January 23rd. Stay tuned for more interviews!

Written by Adel Chouadria - @HypeAlgerian
Edited by Alexander Kirilov - @ROCCATMatteo

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