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15 Minutes with Supa Hot Crew's MrRalleZ - 2014 EU LCS Week 4 Postgame Interview

During W4D2 of the EU LCS, our writer, Adel Chouadria, had a few minutes to catch up with Supa Hot Crew's MrRalleZ, who had just come off of a win versus Gambit Gaming! The Danish AD Carry took the time to answer my questions, which revolved around their Week 4 performance, mindset within the team, and leaving school to pursue his progaming career.

Leaguepedia: Coming into this game, what was the mindset of the team given that yesterday Millenium went pretty hard at you guys? [Millenium won with 28 kills and only 6 deaths, with Creaton even going 14-0]

MrRalleZ: Well we talked about a few things after the game against Millenium and we came to the conclusion that there are some things that we need to step up, like being more focused while practicing and be a little bit more concentrated on getting objectives instead of just going for kills 24/7. So, going into this game we wanted to have a strong 2v2 so we could get wards out and force Mimer to proxy toplane, which was kinda the reason why he became so strong. There was definitely a few things we had to step up on and that's kind of what we showed against Gambit.

Gambit Gaming Logo.png
Now today against Gambit, what was your preparation centered around going into this game?

We spent two or more hours discussing the picks and bans and came up with the best bans we could possibly get. After that it was pretty much just getting some early aggression because we feel like that's where we kind of have to win the game because in bot lane they play really really passive and Diamond[prox] is always covering so they can freeze the lane. Alex [Ich] is trying to farm and that's kinda the only lane we're able to gank so if you get a stronger 2v2 mid then we will be able to snowball a little bit early game.

What was the team's reaction when Impaler was able to get his

That's definitely something that we really wanted to have on our team, but actually the last two games Vi was still open but we went for
because of the lack of mobility on the enemy team, for example
. We've been preparing to play
but Alistar counters Wukong by knocking him away, and there was pretty much only one jungle left which was Vi so we were forced to play Vi.

Going into this game, you had Mimer proxy but in the meantime you had that
lane that you guys managed. Can you tell me a little bit about that matchup?

Well the matchup is pretty much about Lucian/Thresh going really aggressive early and trying to get a lead from there on. That's why we got ahead early as well, but because of the pressure from the jungle
we couldn't really keep pressuring them to get a cs lead or get a kill so that's why we just focused a lot on just getting cs and playing passively and just letting the team carry.

I noticed that you rushed Bloodthirster first as opposed to Trinity Force. What led you to make that decision?

At this point I don't really feel like triforce is that good anymore and it's really really... it costs so much gold and it's not really that efficient, so I feel like getting the Bloodthirster will make my laning phase better and will also improve the damage of my spells a lot more and that's also the reason I went for a Last Whisper afterwards, and then I can got the Trinity Force later if that's what I feel like.

Migxa and MrRalleZ duo queued for two weeks, leading to RalleZ's inclusion in the squad.
When you first joined Supa Hot Crew, they had to get used to you, but it seems like your synergy with your fellow bot laner, Migxa, grew pretty quickly. Can you explain the process going into that?

Actually before I joined Supa Hot Crew, me and Migxa had been playing quite a lot together because he had a little bit of trouble with Haydal, so he either solo queued or duo queued with me, so we actually duo queued for around two weeks or something together before I actually joined. Since the first time we played I said he was really good because we share the same way of playing and have the same playstyle so it wasn't actually really that hard to join Supa Hot Crew.

SUPA HOT CREWlogo square.png
Going into the future, Supa Hot Crew is actually resurging in the rankings after a 1-3 start. What are the spirits like amongst the team?

Well our spirit is actually pretty good, we expected super week to go 0-4 so it wasn't really as bad. We expected it because of a lack of practice; we pretty much had three days in which we could prepare with our jungler Impaler before going into the LCS qualifier, and then we pretty much had no time to practice before the LCS because we had to go immediately. We knew we would have a rough start and we had to build up from that so the spirit amongst the team is really good.

What closing thoughts do you have about your first four weeks of LCS - the journey for yourself going from school to professional gaming?

It has been one hell of an experience. From being in school to suddenly leaving school to just be a competitive player is something I've always been dreaming of and it has definitely been pretty rough as well because my parents had to adapt that I would not be at home every single week, and it's hard for them to see that this is something that you can live off and this is something a lot of young people dream of. So, it was definitely more hard on them than it was on me, but yeah it's been one hell of an experience so far.

Do you have any shoutouts, anyone in particular?

I wanna give a shoutout to my team and CM Storm, our sponsor. Sascha [Sascha Ackermann, CEO], Michai [Michael Schorr] our manager, Sebastian, and I wanna give a shout out to one of my best friends, Simon.

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Written by Adel Chouadria - @hypealgerian
Edited by Jordan Spence (@SanctifiedLoL) and Alex Kirilov (@ROCCATMatteo)

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